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27 Feb 2019
21:34:33@alexgleason:matrix.orgAlex invited @voyager:t2bot.ioMatrix Traveler (bot).
28 Feb 2019
00:40:11@_slack_wagtailcms_U0ME9SGR1:matrix.orgthibaud joined the room.
00:40:11@_slack_wagtailcms_U0ME9SGR1:matrix.orgthibaud Yep! I did a good first draft about 2 months ago (https://github.com/springload/draftail/pull/182). It worked, but had the same shortcomings as images/embeds with regards to selections (not being able to select the block directly, thus having to have empty paragraph blocks always before and after it)
00:42:44@_slack_wagtailcms_U0ME9SGR1:matrix.orgthibaud It wouldn't really cut it so I had to scrap that plan and redo the same with an API that would support building those nicer selections, which is https://github.com/springload/draftail/pull/171
00:43:26@_slack_wagtailcms_U0ME9SGR1:matrix.orgthibaud For this particular problem I'm hoping to be able to reuse https://www.draft-js-plugins.com/plugin/focus, which is meant for exactly this: adding nice selection behavior to an otherwise custom block
00:45:53@_slack_wagtailcms_U0ME9SGR1:matrix.orgthibaud That new PR is coming along nicely, I just need to build more demos to make sure this new API can work for the other use cases we talked about
00:47:29@_slack_wagtailcms_U0ME9SGR1:matrix.orgthibaud I'm really hoping to wrap it up this weekend. Would have really wanted to get to it sooner but I've been kept away from the computer while we were moving houses lately πŸ˜‘
00:47:45@_slack_wagtailcms_U0ME9SGR1:matrix.orgthibaud Sorry for the near radio silence, it's been hectic
00:48:25@_slack_wagtailcms_U0ME9SGR1:matrix.orgthibaud Thanks coenvanderkamp for the nudge. Sorry to leave this unanswered, I've been really busy over the last few weeks :)
00:51:58@_slack_wagtailcms_U0ME9SGR1:matrix.orgthibaud If you're wanting to look at an actual issue of the editor within Wagtail, I think the best one would be https://github.com/wagtail/wagtail/issues/2674. It's not the most straightforward of problems, but it's a good dive into how the editor works
00:52:24@_slack_wagtailcms_U0ME9SGR1:matrix.orgthibaud (edited) ... editor works => ... editor works and how it's integrated in Wagtail
00:56:55@_slack_wagtailcms_U0ME9SGR1:matrix.orgthibaud Something more self-contained and simpler would be to do something directly on the Draftail repo, for example https://github.com/springload/draftail/issues/111
21:54:06@_slack_wagtailcms_U0ME9SGR1:matrix.orgthibaud changed their profile picture.
21:54:06@_slack_wagtailcms_U0ME9SGR1:matrix.orgthibaud great :) I'll add a few more notes to the issue to help you get started
21:55:08@_slack_wagtailcms_U0ME9SGR1:matrix.orgthibaud (edited) ... :) I'll add a few more notes to the issue to help you get started => ... :) I think the embed block editing might be easier to get started with (since the embed chooser just contains the embedded URL), and then the images
4 Mar 2019
11:06:07@_slack_wagtailcms_U0ME9SGR1:matrix.orgthibaud That looks quite cool! I hope we can make building these easier to build in the future, for now it's pretty rough indeed
5 Mar 2019
05:32:11@_slack_wagtailcms_U9BPTUQKT:matrix.orgRyan Verner joined the room.
05:32:11@_slack_wagtailcms_U9BPTUQKT:matrix.orgRyan Verner thibaud what's the best way to ensure Wagtail bumps Draftail to a newer release? I'm hoping Wagtail 2.5 will include the fixes you made I reported as it's impacting us (issue #179) which was fixed in v1.1.0, but package.json in Wagtail is still pointing towards v0.17.2...
08:15:05@_slack_wagtailcms_U0R212R3M:matrix.orgloicteixeira joined the room.
08:15:07@_slack_wagtailcms_U0R212R3M:matrix.orgloicteixeira I imagine we need this PR to be merged https://github.com/wagtail/wagtail/pull/5117. Thibaud seems to have done some extensive tests already (as always) but some more eyes on it would help too. It also seems that the snapshots needs to be updated.
08:16:30@_slack_wagtailcms_U0R212R3M:matrix.orgloicteixeira 2.5 RC might go out very soon though. Ping mattwestcott just so he's aware of this PR before doing so.
08:35:53@_slack_wagtailcms_U0LQA2BFT:matrix.orgmattwestcott joined the room.
08:35:53@_slack_wagtailcms_U0LQA2BFT:matrix.orgmattwestcott I am indeed aware πŸ™‚
09:06:19@_slack_wagtailcms_U0ME9SGR1:matrix.orgthibaud πŸ˜› timely question ryan.verner, I had just made the PR a few hours ago. Testing would definitely help, confirming the bug fixes and new feature are as intended, and there aren’t obvious regressions. API-wise it should be completely compatible
16:08:28@_slack_wagtailcms_U0ME9SGR1:matrix.orgthibaud (edited) ... make building these easier ... => ... make these types of widget easier ...
23:07:48@_slack_wagtailcms_U9BPTUQKT:matrix.orgRyan Verner ah, awesome, thanks all! in terms of testing, what's the highest value way for me to do that for you? I did test Draftail a few months back after you fixed that specific bug, but not it inside of Wagtail. When/if that PR is merged, I'll be happy to test our production codebase (which is a fairly customised multi-site Wagtail w/ some Draftail extensions) against master....
23:08:24@_slack_wagtailcms_U9BPTUQKT:matrix.orgRyan Verner (or would I be best trying that on the branch that PR is based off?)
6 Mar 2019
23:42:12@_slack_wagtailcms_U0ME9SGR1:matrix.orgthibaud Good question. I think both are helpful, if you're short on time I'd prioritise testing early outside of Wagtail, and late once it's merged / about to be merged.
23:43:49@_slack_wagtailcms_U0ME9SGR1:matrix.orgthibaud For the case of Draftail there isn't that much specific to how it's used within Wagtail, so usually the bugs are fairly consistent inside and outside Wagtail. And if that wasn't the case I'd most likely build new example(s) to test against
15 Mar 2019
14:50:18@_slack_wagtailcms_U0ME9SGR1:matrix.orgthibaud changed their profile picture.

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