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26 Nov 2019
17:47:51@jmd2925:matrix.org@jmd2925:matrix.org joined the room.
17:48:07@jmd2925:matrix.org@jmd2925:matrix.orgRedacted or Malformed Event
27 Nov 2019
02:10:18@MilkManzJourDaddy:matrix.orgMMJD-MxObanned@jmd2925:matrix.org@jmd2925:matrix.org (Troll. 😔).
1 Dec 2019
05:01:26@Adcock:matrix.org@Adcock:matrix.org left the room.
7 Dec 2019
22:23:32@array:matrix.orgarray joined the room.
23:49:02@m4trix73:matrix.orgm4trix73hi, sorry, been a while. How many peers do you guys get on average on GNUnet? i get about a max of 11.
14 Dec 2019
00:22:36@msavorritias:matrix.org@msavorritias:matrix.org joined the room.
22:24:38@sva:matrix.orgsva m4trix73: you already got reply via IRC, but just for the record, you were in the "old" GNUnet :) everyone, do not use the package of your distro but rather do follow the installation guide from the website to get the most recent version.
22:24:50@sva:matrix.orgsvaSupport in packaging is very appreciated - we are on it...
15 Dec 2019
07:04:16@array:matrix.orgarraythe website says planned for winter this year, Im too lazy to bother with manually compiling and installing it, so I'm really stocked about the actually up to date packges
07:04:35@array:matrix.orgarrayany ETA on that?
11:55:27@sva:matrix.orgsvaactually the install-guide is quite straight forward, shouldn't be too much of an issue. "winter" is a relative term, so far there hasnt even been snow in most places in mid-EU ;)
12:00:30@array:matrix.orgarrayNone for fedora though
12:02:29@array:matrix.orgarrayAlso any reason why this room is not bridged to the irc?
12:38:03@MilkManzJourDaddy:matrix.orgMMJD-MxO https://github.com/MilkManzJourDaddy/matrix-org/wiki/Before-Bridging-to-IRC
In reply to @array:matrix.org
Also any reason why this room is not bridged to the irc?
see backlog - we've been trying but the founders of this room didnt want to
13:48:58@sva:matrix.orgsvathere is another gnunet channel which was supposed to be bridged but at that time freenode had bugs. if those are solved, I am happy to restart this

Yeah, it's in the scrollback, or summarized in the link I just dropped above; and that needs more info' as it barely scratches the surface of the issue(s).

But PIA-freenode, LMFAO!!! The "King" IRCOp' sold it's "freedom" to Private Internet Access, and got assimilated as a paid PIA employee in the process.

15:26:55@sva:matrix.orgsvawhat is PIA? wnd who is an employee of it?

Oh, REALLY?!?! So yet another who has never bothered to look on the upper right hand corner of freenode.net to see the Private Internet Access link, nor read their
News Archive to learn about

PIA and freenode joining forces by christel on 2017-04-12
On a personal level, I have joined PIA as a full-time employee and I will be holding a dual role. I will continue to head up the freenode project…

LMFAO!!! Yeah no Conflict of Interest THERE! </sarcasm>

I bet you don't even know about the "Joe Job" Spam, yet another reason for "HELL NO IRC".

17 Dec 2019
19:29:52@sva:matrix.orgsvahm, i wonder if you will ever accept that IRC is a public medium and that its never been meant to be a private medium. Besides: I am also very unhappy with freenode as a server, but its "historical reasons" within the project and the whole GNU world. I personally moved all "my" projects away from freenode already a decade back. But anyhow. I'll stop with the OT now. was just replying to the question of array.
18 Dec 2019
10:58:24@max_sievers:matrix.orgMax joined the room.
11:12:32@max_sievers:matrix.orgMax changed their display name from max_sievers to Max.
19 Dec 2019
22:08:13@klaus:kde.orgklaus joined the room.
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21 Dec 2019
19:14:52@mariella:cybre.spacemariella joined the room.
25 Dec 2019
18:58:34@jurij:ru-matrix.orgjurij joined the room.
27 Dec 2019
20:16:50@cyril:openintents.modular.imcyril joined the room.

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