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31 Jul 2021
@_discord_312796155891286018:t2bot.iodressupgeekout (oh this is NetBSD btw of course) 19:38:11
@thedaemon:matrix.orgthedaemonChange the settings back and try that command?19:38:40
@thedaemon:matrix.orgthedaemonI have a pi 3 collecting dust19:39:01
@_discord_312796155891286018:t2bot.iodressupgeekout Yeah I'll do that once I'm done listening to this album :] 19:39:01
@thedaemon:matrix.orgthedaemonI'm learning how to set xdg-open via xdg-mime19:40:07
@thedaemon:matrix.orgthedaemon Hopefully I'll figure out how to get "xdg-open ." To use the correct file manager. Not sure what . Is associated with and I'm not even at my pc. 19:41:03
@_discord_312796155891286018:t2bot.iodressupgeekout hell yeah 19:41:06
@_discord_312796155891286018:t2bot.iodressupgeekout I swear I was able to set that appropriately, once... maybe I'm imaginging it 19:41:32
@thedaemon:matrix.orgthedaemonGot the pi as a music box or different use?19:41:44
@thedaemon:matrix.orgthedaemon I've done lots of things correctly that I've forgotten as well 😂 19:42:06
@_discord_312796155891286018:t2bot.iodressupgeekout I have an idea for a retro-styled UI, and this Pi will help drive it 19:43:22
@_discord_312796155891286018:t2bot.iodressupgeekout that's the idea so far 19:43:24
@_discord_312796155891286018:t2bot.iodressupgeekout been inspired recently by such things as the Commodore 64, TI-99/4A, ... you know, BASIC home computers 19:44:24
@thedaemon:matrix.orgthedaemon I do I do. 19:48:18
@_discord_312796155891286018:t2bot.iodressupgeekout they are before my time :P but I think they're neat 19:48:47
@thedaemon:matrix.orgthedaemon They were fun to learn on. 19:49:35
@_discord_312796155891286018:t2bot.iodressupgeekout I think the closest I ever got to that in practice, was learning to program my TI-83 graphing calculator 19:50:58
@_discord_312796155891286018:t2bot.iodressupgeekout ...which sadly was misplaced after an exam in college 20:05:48
@_discord_312796155891286018:t2bot.iodressupgeekout i went to the lost and found and they remembered receiving a calculator with my name on it -- but then they couldn't find it XD 20:05:52
@_discord_312796155891286018:t2bot.iodressupgeekout the lost and found lost my calculator :P 20:06:03
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1 Aug 2021

New post in Berkeley Software Distribution: Nouveau Drivers

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@_discord_352296431219900416:t2bot.ioWarFox I got one of the mini Commordore remakes just to play around with their emulation environment. Want the maxxi to come out in the US, I dont think it has yet (maxi has a full working keyboard) 07:16:07
@_discord_352296431219900416:t2bot.ioWarFox But you may want to check that out dressupgeekout 07:16:21
@_discord_352296431219900416:t2bot.ioWarFox You can compile code, put it on a USB, get into the basic mode and load and run it pretty similar to a real commodore64 07:16:48

New post in DragonFly BSD Digest: Lazy Reading for 2021/08/01

@thedaemon:matrix.orgthedaemon I bought a few C64s a few years ago to play with. The disk drives are very heavy and loud 😂 16:22:12
@_discord_312796155891286018:t2bot.iodressupgeekout That's right WarFox I've seen The 8-Bit Guy on YouTube take them for a spin , that sort of stuff is just very cool to me 17:06:45

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