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16 Jun 2021
@_discord_172758567592525824:t2bot.ioCapo#6530 Seems that building the plugin is enabled in CMakeLists 10:08:21
@_discord_172758567592525824:t2bot.ioCapo#6530 Tyddy Ner BSAs larger than 2GB are malformed, are they not

they should theoretically be supported but they probably aren't
@_discord_238026017250344960:t2bot.ioTyddy Ner Sorry for disturbing you with question which are almost the same, but what about ba2? 10:10:54
@_discord_172758567592525824:t2bot.ioCapo#6530 Fallout 4 files are not supported yet 10:11:03
@_discord_238026017250344960:t2bot.ioTyddy Ner 10:11:22
@_discord_172758567592525824:t2bot.ioCapo#6530 There's something in pending MRs that can load them but they're fairly useless with no texture streaming 10:11:43
@_discord_238026017250344960:t2bot.ioTyddy Ner ba2 files can be up to 4gb in size 10:12:11
@_discord_172758567592525824:t2bot.ioCapo#6530 they're a whole different beast anyway 10:12:45
@_discord_836878542225539074:t2bot.ioMzalchanf#4669 In vanilla Morrowind, I remember killing an NPC for a quest and clicking on him with the console open before leaving to finish the quest. Then after reporting his death, using resurrect so that he could be used in another quest. All this was done before the corpse vanished.

Does the same happen in OpenMW? I haven't been able to check.
@_discord_757470853859377242:t2bot.ioezze If it does not, it is a bug 12:28:13
@_discord_185760997859000320:t2bot.ioЕвгений вроде#7506 Are there any mod managers for open MW? I'm tired of nuking or searching for individual meshes to clean when i change the mod list 12:48:50
@_discord_172758567592525824:t2bot.ioCapo#6530 you can use mod organizer 2 with an openmw plugin AnyOldName3 wrote 12:49:46
@_discord_238026017250344960:t2bot.ioTyddy Ner Okay, I can confirm that Skyrim BSA format works perfectly with morrowind files 12:52:18
@_discord_178356627139854347:t2bot.ioCMAugust I've tried it with TR data, works well. 12:53:25
@_discord_214130708061487107:t2bot.ioSslaxx#0159 Skyrim LE BSA is known to work. Skyrim SE BA2, less so. 12:55:30
@_discord_172758567592525824:t2bot.ioCapo#6530 SslaxxSSE doesn't have BA2 12:58:33
@_discord_172758567592525824:t2bot.ioCapo#6530 it's a fallout 4 thing 12:58:38
@_discord_172758567592525824:t2bot.ioCapo#6530 SSE BSAs work 12:58:44
Download Morrowind_Kagrethzgar_Dzrengnthumz_0293.png
@_discord_836878542225539074:t2bot.ioMzalchanf#4669 Does OpenMW support this type of animation? 13:02:51
@_discord_777696186877870080_jvoisin:t2bot.iojvoisin#0000 it should 13:03:03
@_discord_836878542225539074:t2bot.ioMzalchanf#4669 But not the sitting on a chair or bench animation? 13:04:02
@_discord_777696186877870080_jvoisin:t2bot.iojvoisin#0000 iirc, there were some collisions issues in the past 13:04:22
@_discord_836878542225539074:t2bot.ioMzalchanf#4669 Yes NPCs float weirdly. I saw that on one of the 0.47 releases. 13:05:21
@_discord_836878542225539074:t2bot.ioMzalchanf#4669 * Yes NPCs float weirdly. I saw that on one of the 0.47 releases. 13:05:37
@_discord_127352532384088064:t2bot.iopsi29a#3708 OpenMW RC3 for MacOS: https://mega.nz/file/6NUWkBbC#TWK5Nui4YdHy25pZLl7xH4m6vuMr-2bt51woQj0jz3I 13:10:18
@_discord_127352532384088064:t2bot.iopsi29a#3708 waiting for RCs from Windows and Linux Generic 13:10:26
@_discord_185760997859000320:t2bot.ioЕвгений вроде#7506 Thanks, Capo, will try it 13:17:40
@_discord_127352532384088064:t2bot.iopsi29a#3708 This is based on latest openmw-47 branch: https://gitlab.com/OpenMW/openmw/-/commit/fa2e1f0e1fc04292268fedd1b16a8b8be93c5f63 13:17:50
@_discord_237712957604102144:t2bot.iojohnnyhostile Yep, it's queued to be added 🙂 And make sure you get NPC Schedule from my website (it's patched with fixes not on the nexus version) 13:24:19

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