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24 Sep 2023
@_discord_340949852525428747:t2bot.iognounc#0 .. for example 08:25:20
@_discord_340949852525428747:t2bot.iognounc#0 and then do you want to differentiate between 4 items of type ingredients, and 4 items of the same type that are ingredients? 08:26:59
@_discord_656242784050741248:t2bot.ioS3ctor I guess you would still have to hardcode logic for it, but you could do this:
    refId = getPotionQualityOrNone()
    count = 2,
    type  = openmw.types.potion,
    uniq = getPotionOutcome()
@_discord_656242784050741248:t2bot.ioS3ctor So then the main code can see if that field's there and do the thing if it is 08:28:14
@_discord_340949852525428747:t2bot.iognounc#0 yeah, i think what i'll do instead, is interface getting what ingredients are in the cube 08:28:32
@_discord_340949852525428747:t2bot.iognounc#0 and interface creating an item of supplied type 08:28:44
@_discord_340949852525428747:t2bot.iognounc#0 and let the mod author handle the logic however they see fit on their side 08:28:56
@_discord_340949852525428747:t2bot.iognounc#0 and maybe add an additional interface for adding a recipe to the recipe book (for reading) 08:29:24
@_discord_656242784050741248:t2bot.ioS3ctor Yeah, you know, that probably is saner for the interface 08:30:27
@_discord_656242784050741248:t2bot.ioS3ctor I guess my main point was reading the refId string to check if x is a potion is suboptimal 08:31:13
@_discord_340949852525428747:t2bot.iognounc#0 yep, could change that to is of type potion 08:31:40
@_discord_656242784050741248:t2bot.ioS3ctor There's too many weird ways you could make a cube recipe for it to be your problem, lol 08:31:42
@_discord_340949852525428747:t2bot.iognounc#0 was already checking refid for the quality suffix though, so i was in that state of mind 08:31:59
@_discord_340949852525428747:t2bot.iognounc#0 and everything else was a ref check too, since i cared about quality, or which ingredient it was 08:32:48
@_discord_340949852525428747:t2bot.iognounc#0 or which arrow 08:33:02
@_discord_bot:t2bot.ioDiscord Bridge invited @_discord_1148575114909200504:t2bot.iodimnest_86190#0.09:02:45
@_discord_1148575114909200504:t2bot.iodimnest_86190#0 joined the room.09:02:45
@_discord_1148575114909200504:t2bot.iodimnest_86190#0 Good day 09:02:46
@_discord_1148575114909200504:t2bot.iodimnest_86190#0 I have a question 09:02:56
@_discord_1148575114909200504:t2bot.iodimnest_86190#0 Is there any way to move the save from 0.47 to 0.48? 09:04:00
@_discord_1148575114909200504:t2bot.iodimnest_86190#0 09:04:33
@granminigun:matrix.orgGranMinigun...install 0.48 and observe it's there?09:04:51
@_discord_1148575114909200504:t2bot.iodimnest_86190#0 I want to upgrade from version 0.47 to version 0.48 with the ability to load old saves from 0.47 09:07:24
@_discord_1148575114909200504:t2bot.iodimnest_86190#0 09:07:32
@granminigun:matrix.orgGranMinigunWell, then install 0.48 and just load your old saves.09:07:48
@granminigun:matrix.orgGranMinigunYou don't need to move them or do anything with them.09:08:01
@_discord_777696186877870080_=44arth=47andalf:t2bot.ioDarthGandalf#0000 removed their profile picture.09:08:12
@_discord_777696186877870080_=44arth=47andalf:t2bot.ioDarthGandalf#0000 downgrade is not supported, but upgrade should work just fine 09:08:13
@_discord_1148575114909200504:t2bot.iodimnest_86190#0 Okey 09:10:18

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