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2 Aug 2020
@OpenMW-Bridge:matrix.orgOpenMW-Bridge [irc] NewYorkChris: i tried to build osg 3.6.5 and make install it on linux mint 20, but now i've got broken packages, and i have no idea what im doing 14:40:41
@OpenMW-Bridge:matrix.orgOpenMW-Bridge [irc] NewYorkChris: anyway, i was going to make a character with high agility and speed. maybe try to get the new morrowind rebirth loaded. also i wanted to try better balanced combat. i'd like to explore the northern and eastern areas of tamriel 14:42:34
@OpenMW-Bridge:matrix.orgOpenMW-Bridge [irc] NewYorkChris: i love looting and accumulating gold. keeping my armor and weapon in perfect condition 14:43:26
@OpenMW-Bridge:matrix.orgOpenMW-Bridge [irc] NewYorkChris: i also like using the mark and recall spells, to move around quickly 14:43:50
@OpenMW-Bridge:matrix.orgOpenMW-Bridge [irc] NewYorkChris: i've never tried enchanting items, so i was also thinking about giving that a try 14:44:35
@OpenMW-Bridge:matrix.orgOpenMW-Bridge [irc] NewYorkChris: i also really enjoy alchemy and that would be fun to try making potions. i think i saw a mod that re-balaanced potion weights 14:45:52
@OpenMW-Bridge:matrix.orgOpenMW-Bridge [discord] AnyOldName3:

i'm lost in dependency hell

@OpenMW-Bridge:matrix.orgOpenMW-Bridge [discord] AnyOldName3:

on linux mint

@OpenMW-Bridge:matrix.orgOpenMW-Bridge [discord] AnyOldName3: Sounds about right. 14:59:11
@OpenMW-Bridge:matrix.orgOpenMW-Bridge [discord] AnyOldName3: Try uninstalling the stuff you've added manually then grabbing dependencies from our Ubuntu PPA. It should work in Mint. 14:59:49
3 Aug 2020
@OpenMW-Bridge:matrix.orgOpenMW-Bridge [irc] PerryHugh: Adding haptic feedback seems to require a modification to OICS. The current system uses a map of the joystick id to a controller pointer, but haptic feedback creates yet another pointer that is necessary to send commands to SDL with. Should I create a separate map or make the current map use a struct instead to contain both pointers? 05:47:14
5 Aug 2020
@OpenMW-Bridge:matrix.orgOpenMW-Bridge [irc] DarthGandalf: AnyOldName3: you keep answering users' questions just after they left... 07:38:04
@OpenMW-Bridge:matrix.orgOpenMW-Bridge [irc] DarthGandalf: I guess the bridge doesn't show join/quits 07:38:13
@OpenMW-Bridge:matrix.orgOpenMW-Bridge [discord] AnyOldName3: Nope. Maybe they'll be using a client with logging and check back later, or someone else with the same question will search the chat history, though. 13:33:24
@OpenMW-Bridge:matrix.orgOpenMW-Bridge [irc] branon: i just assume that any irc nick i've not seen before is going to ping out at any time 15:44:34
@OpenMW-Bridge:matrix.orgOpenMW-Bridge [irc] branon: unless i see they are a bouncer 15:44:43
9 Aug 2020
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@OpenMW-Bridge:matrix.orgOpenMW-Bridge [irc] travis-ci: OpenMW/openmw#12808 (master - a9cf82c : Bret Curtis): The build has errored. 11:12:34
@OpenMW-Bridge:matrix.orgOpenMW-Bridge [irc] travis-ci: Change view : https://github.com/OpenMW/openmw/compare/f73aa9f27a57...a9cf82c7d09d 11:12:35
@OpenMW-Bridge:matrix.orgOpenMW-Bridge [irc] travis-ci: Build details : https://travis-ci.org/OpenMW/openmw/builds/716273704 11:12:35
@OpenMW-Bridge:matrix.orgOpenMW-Bridge [irc] travis-ci: OpenMW/openmw#12808 (master - a9cf82c : Bret Curtis): The build has errored. 12:42:38
@OpenMW-Bridge:matrix.orgOpenMW-Bridge [irc] travis-ci: Change view : https://github.com/OpenMW/openmw/compare/f73aa9f27a57...a9cf82c7d09d 12:42:39
@OpenMW-Bridge:matrix.orgOpenMW-Bridge [irc] travis-ci: Build details : https://travis-ci.org/OpenMW/openmw/builds/716273704 12:42:40
11 Aug 2020
@OpenMW-Bridge:matrix.orgOpenMW-Bridge [irc] KittyCat: https://sonniss.com/gameaudiogdc2020/ 14:12:45
@OpenMW-Bridge:matrix.orgOpenMW-Bridge [irc] travis-ci: OpenMW/openmw#12821 (master - b29d313 : AnyOldName3): The build has errored. 15:21:40
@OpenMW-Bridge:matrix.orgOpenMW-Bridge [irc] travis-ci: Change view : https://github.com/OpenMW/openmw/compare/a9cf82c7d09d...b29d313bc2a5 15:21:41
@OpenMW-Bridge:matrix.orgOpenMW-Bridge [irc] travis-ci: Build details : https://travis-ci.org/OpenMW/openmw/builds/716956711 15:21:42
@OpenMW-Bridge:matrix.orgOpenMW-Bridge [discord] AnyOldName3: These are failing because https://downloads.openmw.org/osx/dependencies/openmw-deps-ef2462c.zip is 404 15:25:41
@OpenMW-Bridge:matrix.orgOpenMW-Bridge [discord] AnyOldName3: @psi29a presumably this is because of the upgrades you did the other day? 15:26:09

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