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20 Feb 2019
16:59:28@OpenMW-Bridge:matrix.orgOpenMW-Bridge[discord] Capostrophic: This is not ok
17:02:19@OpenMW-Bridge:matrix.orgOpenMW-Bridge[discord] Capostrophic: Does this happen even if shadows are disabled?
17:02:29@OpenMW-Bridge:matrix.orgOpenMW-Bridge[discord] Capostrophic: The message, I mean
17:02:48@OpenMW-Bridge:matrix.orgOpenMW-Bridge[irc] johnnyhostile: it does.
17:03:19@OpenMW-Bridge:matrix.orgOpenMW-Bridge[discord] Capostrophic: potatoes can't have nice things (shaders) now, ayy.
17:03:28@OpenMW-Bridge:matrix.orgOpenMW-Bridge[irc] johnnyhostile: :P
17:03:31@OpenMW-Bridge:matrix.orgOpenMW-Bridge[irc] johnnyhostile: seems so
17:04:29@OpenMW-Bridge:matrix.orgOpenMW-Bridge[discord] Capostrophic: Still not good, forcing the shader pipeline was the only way to workaround certain Intel-side rendering issues other than using a card from a different vendor.
17:09:40@OpenMW-Bridge:matrix.orgOpenMW-Bridge[discord] Capostrophic: Unless... This doesn't happen on builds without shadows, right?
17:09:59@OpenMW-Bridge:matrix.orgOpenMW-Bridge[irc] johnnyhostile: let me recompile and try it
17:10:17@OpenMW-Bridge:matrix.orgOpenMW-Bridge[irc] johnnyhostile: ill go back one commit
17:11:52@OpenMW-Bridge:matrix.orgOpenMW-Bridge[discord] Capostrophic: I looked at every shader to be sure and it seems like they act exactly the same as before if shadows are disabled so OSG shouldn't discard them on this basis.
17:13:29@OpenMW-Bridge:matrix.orgOpenMW-Bridge[irc] johnnyhostile: i am using the openmw fork of OSG, should i now?
17:13:32@OpenMW-Bridge:matrix.orgOpenMW-Bridge[irc] johnnyhostile: s/now/not/
17:13:50@OpenMW-Bridge:matrix.orgOpenMW-Bridge[discord] Capostrophic: No, it's perfectly fine
17:13:53@OpenMW-Bridge:matrix.orgOpenMW-Bridge[discord] AnyOldName3: If it's saying it's happening in `void StateSet::setGlobalDefaults()` maybe it's querying the wrong extension.
17:20:19@OpenMW-Bridge:matrix.orgOpenMW-Bridge[irc] johnnyhostile: Capo: the message is still present on 75663709816d3b9aafd55b5afbf4f56df4cf29a7
17:21:42@OpenMW-Bridge:matrix.orgOpenMW-Bridge[discord] Capostrophic: What's the value of OSG_SHADER_PIPELINE environment variable?
17:24:05@OpenMW-Bridge:matrix.orgOpenMW-Bridge[irc] johnnyhostile: in my env, its not set
17:24:26@OpenMW-Bridge:matrix.orgOpenMW-Bridge[discord] Capostrophic: Hm, that's ok
17:34:00@OpenMW-Bridge:matrix.orgOpenMW-Bridge[discord] Capostrophic: Weird. Well, I guess shadows are not to blame. Intel chips and OpenGL are sworn enemies.
17:43:32@OpenMW-Bridge:matrix.orgOpenMW-Bridge[irc] johnnyhostile: indeed, my hopes werent high to begin with
18:04:26@OpenMW-Bridge:matrix.orgOpenMW-Bridge[irc] Ananace: All hail VulkanSceneGraph when that finally arrives
18:13:03@OpenMW-Bridge:matrix.orgOpenMW-Bridge[irc] johnnyhostile: thats excellent
21 Feb 2019
05:29:05@OpenMW-Bridge:matrix.orgOpenMW-Bridge[irc] foblo: how do you enable shadows on the latest nightly windows build?
06:50:17@OpenMW-Bridge:matrix.orgOpenMW-Bridge[discord] Capostrophic: Check Shadows section of settings-default.cfg, copy the relevant settings to settings.cfg. You may want to disable front face culling, increase shadowmap resolution and set lispsm ratio to 1.
06:56:52@OpenMW-Bridge:matrix.orgOpenMW-Bridge[irc] KittyCat: if front face culling = off and lispsm ratio = 1 are desirable settings, they should probably be the default
13:55:49@OpenMW-Bridge:matrix.orgOpenMW-Bridge[irc] johnnyhostile: i tried shadows last night, they looked great until i faced west
13:56:01@OpenMW-Bridge:matrix.orgOpenMW-Bridge[irc] johnnyhostile: once i face west, they do something weird
13:56:34@OpenMW-Bridge:matrix.orgOpenMW-Bridge[irc] johnnyhostile: spread out is the best way i can describe it but thats not 100% right.

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