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26 Jan 2022
@_discord_102182125494636544:t2bot.iourm Depending on how much action Lua API gets in general, fully dehardcoding UI by 0.50 could be feasible, and at that point anyone can just make a controller focused UI mod 09:21:15
@_discord_918876061717127188:t2bot.ioMr.Izzy changed their display name from Mr.Izzy to Mr.Izzy#5527.10:45:29
@_discord_918876061717127188:t2bot.ioMr.Izzy changed their display name from Mr.Izzy#5527 to Mr.Izzy.10:45:35
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@_discord_345768778178494475:t2bot.ioKaiser.Sosa true 19:13:19
@_discord_386867269847875584:t2bot.ioOKLegEnjoyer fellas 19:36:02
@_discord_386867269847875584:t2bot.ioOKLegEnjoyer how do I update to open morrowind 48 19:36:03
@_discord_386867269847875584:t2bot.ioOKLegEnjoyer please tell me its in launcher or something 19:36:03
Download unknown.png
@_discord_172758567592525824:t2bot.ioCapo#6530 https://gitlab.com/OpenMW/openmw 19:39:18
@_discord_386867269847875584:t2bot.ioOKLegEnjoyer thank you 19:40:34
@_discord_102182125494636544:t2bot.iourm https://openmw.org/downloads/
There is a link here too
@_discord_261957361349033985:t2bot.ioLucy (Iskuss) Wow lowering resolution and fov can really raise fps damn 21:14:08
@_discord_406802722239676428:t2bot.ioTiti using both Pursuit and Protective Guards makes guard entering interior cell to help me, like the "Tax collector quest" 21:33:27
@_discord_406802722239676428:t2bot.ioTiti is there anyway to prevent it 21:33:35
@_discord_406802722239676428:t2bot.ioTiti so i can "practice my skills" xD 21:33:50
@_discord_757647873029570680:t2bot.ioPeterBitt Is there a dedicated discord or reddit or something for the VR mod? 21:34:38
@_discord_757647873029570680:t2bot.ioPeterBitt Or maybe someone knows which version I should load from here https://gitlab.com/madsbuvi/openmw/-/jobs 21:35:00
@_discord_757647873029570680:t2bot.ioPeterBitt Supposed to download the "Windows_MSBuild_Engine_Release" but its marked red and not possible to download. 21:35:29
@_discord_362672300773867521:t2bot.ioEvil Eye Windows_Ninja_Engine_Release should be the same thing 21:37:08
@_discord_757647873029570680:t2bot.ioPeterBitt Ok thats the one I tried. Unfortunatelly on my right eye it draws only the terrain as it seems ... Is there a known solution to this? 21:45:48
@_discord_102182125494636544:t2bot.iourm There was an issue for that on mads' issue tracker 21:52:13
@_discord_757647873029570680:t2bot.ioPeterBitt Ah so he is working on a fix then. Thanks for the help! 22:24:58
@_discord_102182125494636544:t2bot.iourm You might want to look that issue up,a and see if it matches yours 22:31:38
@_discord_102182125494636544:t2bot.iourm Also there could be a different branch for you to try 22:31:50
@_discord_314429971361824772:t2bot.ioTJ the HedgeScout can culling help with voxels? 22:41:44
@_discord_314429971361824772:t2bot.ioTJ the HedgeScout like cull voxels that aren't exposed to air voxels 22:42:04


Image: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/260439894298460160/935982247734046730/unknown.png

Quoted by AnyOldName3#5223 from #general

@_discord_223500022422044672:t2bot.ioAnyOldName3#5223 This isn't the right place to look. Our regular downloads page has 0.48 development builds: https://openmw.org/downloads/

It's also not the right way to download artefacts from GitLab if for whatever reason you need to do that instead of use the downloads page. It'll get you a zip file containing a bunch of developer-related stuff, e.g. logs and PDB files, as well as the inner zip that's actually intended for users.
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