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10 Sep 2017
@OpenMW-Bridge:matrix.orgOpenMW-Bridge[irc] johnnyhostile: have a terminal open, fullscreen01:37:35
@OpenMW-Bridge:matrix.orgOpenMW-Bridge[irc] johnnyhostile: running cmatrix01:37:39
@OpenMW-Bridge:matrix.orgOpenMW-Bridge[irc] johnnyhostile: "I AM BUSY"01:37:42
@OpenMW-Bridge:matrix.orgOpenMW-Bridge[irc] globber: I too have gotten good at the "I am busy" look. I just wish if you had nothing to do that you could take a break for a minute. In my industry people smell out weakness and attack it even though they often do the same thing01:39:15
@OpenMW-Bridge:matrix.orgOpenMW-Bridge[irc] johnnyhostile: thankfully at my job i can get up whenever i want and nobody cares01:39:43
@OpenMW-Bridge:matrix.orgOpenMW-Bridge[irc] johnnyhostile: i know i am very fortunate01:39:48
@OpenMW-Bridge:matrix.orgOpenMW-Bridge[irc] johnnyhostile: i can come and go, and they trust im doing what i need to do01:40:10
@OpenMW-Bridge:matrix.orgOpenMW-Bridge[irc] globber: part of my current job is more or less bing on call01:40:43
@OpenMW-Bridge:matrix.orgOpenMW-Bridge[irc] johnnyhostile: ah i feel ya, i also do on call01:45:44
@OpenMW-Bridge:matrix.orgOpenMW-Bridge[irc] johnnyhostile: side note, these normal mapped landscape textures are ..... awesome01:45:58
@OpenMW-Bridge:matrix.orgOpenMW-Bridge[irc] dmbaturin: globber: Which industry?01:51:08
@OpenMW-Bridge:matrix.orgOpenMW-Bridge[irc] dmbaturin: johnnyhostile: Sometimes they blend in strange ways: https://a.safe.moe/LFPpL.png Sometimes there are visible seams: https://a.safe.moe/eDwpT.png Sometimes they are oddly unrealistic: https://a.safe.moe/k21oG.png Overall, they are great though. Except I now realize that I also needs the new rocks, and new trees, and new mushrooms to match their level... :)01:54:57
@OpenMW-Bridge:matrix.orgOpenMW-Bridge[discord] Eddie Graves: That looks less like a texture and more like wallpaper01:57:29
@OpenMW-Bridge:matrix.orgOpenMW-Bridge[irc] dmbaturin: Yeah, the what it's called Solstheim river banks especially. Not to mention that in real life those rocks are a lot smaller and display different weathering patterns. ;)01:59:52
@OpenMW-Bridge:matrix.orgOpenMW-Bridge[discord] Eddie Graves: Who the hell modded that in?02:00:28
@OpenMW-Bridge:matrix.orgOpenMW-Bridge[irc] dmbaturin: http://www.nexusmods.com/morrowind/mods/42575/?tab=2&navtag=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.nexusmods.com%2Fmorrowind%2Fajax%2Fmodfiles%2F%3Fid%3D42575&pUp=102:02:54
@OpenMW-Bridge:matrix.orgOpenMW-Bridge[irc] johnnyhostile: dmbaturin: yeah on the rocks was redone by Lysol02:06:47
@OpenMW-Bridge:matrix.orgOpenMW-Bridge[irc] johnnyhostile: and yea again, ive been flying around scoping them out02:07:00
@OpenMW-Bridge:matrix.orgOpenMW-Bridge[irc] johnnyhostile: dmbaturin: you should report these to the author02:07:30
@OpenMW-Bridge:matrix.orgOpenMW-Bridge[irc] johnnyhostile: im not using these for solstheim though02:08:07
* @OpenMW-Bridge:matrix.orgOpenMW-Bridge [irc] johnnyhostile: double checks his load order02:08:20
@OpenMW-Bridge:matrix.orgOpenMW-Bridge[irc] johnnyhostile: ive got "Lazy's Grand Solstheim", which is fantastic02:09:12
@OpenMW-Bridge:matrix.orgOpenMW-Bridge[irc] globber: automotive02:40:54
@OpenMW-Bridge:matrix.orgOpenMW-Bridge[irc] globber: dmbaturin:02:40:58
@OpenMW-Bridge:matrix.orgOpenMW-Bridge[irc] globber: automotive contracting02:43:09
@OpenMW-Bridge:matrix.orgOpenMW-Bridge[irc] Shporang: I got a mod question05:05:14
@OpenMW-Bridge:matrix.orgOpenMW-Bridge[irc] Shporang: I've found http://www.nexusmods.com/morrowind/mods/44117/ but it's PBR based05:05:26
@OpenMW-Bridge:matrix.orgOpenMW-Bridge[irc] Shporang: would it be easy to remove the PBR bits & rename the normals for OpenMW?05:05:50
@OpenMW-Bridge:matrix.orgOpenMW-Bridge[irc] Shporang: It looks like it should be, but I'm not sure05:06:09
@OpenMW-Bridge:matrix.orgOpenMW-Bridge[irc] KittyCat: Shporang, "If you don't use PBR you can still use this mod without problems, there is a seperate diffuse texture which is only overwritten by the PBR textures when you activate PBR in MGE XE. Read the MGE XE documentation on how to do that."05:34:35

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