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20 Mar 2023
@_discord_320935036901916675:t2bot.ioAbjectCube#7255 There were like maybe 4 major reveals of which 1 was at all interesting. Also majorly changed the apparent motivations and behavior of the tribunal folks without really explaining why 19:18:48
@_discord_780481659631173653:t2bot.iol33tmaan#2212 ooh, I wanna see that 19:21:47
@_discord_780481659631173653:t2bot.iol33tmaan#2212 I must admit that my expectations are very low for alternate main quest mods 19:22:01
@_discord_320935036901916675:t2bot.ioAbjectCube#7255 It exceeded my expectations 19:22:19
@_discord_780481659631173653:t2bot.iol33tmaan#2212 I would assume that's the toughest stuff you can make in Morrowind 19:22:24
@_discord_320935036901916675:t2bot.ioAbjectCube#7255 I wouldn't think so, they didn't really need new mechanics or any major assets? 19:22:48
@_discord_780481659631173653:t2bot.iol33tmaan#2212 exceeded your expectations, but still maybe not worth a playthrough? 19:22:56
@_discord_320935036901916675:t2bot.ioAbjectCube#7255 Yeah 19:23:00
@_discord_780481659631173653:t2bot.iol33tmaan#2212 huh. I would assume there would be more major assets 19:23:04
@_discord_320935036901916675:t2bot.ioAbjectCube#7255 Part of my gripe is that it requires a fresh character but also has like ~very~ late game content so the time investment is pretty serious unless you wanna start cheesing or bust out the console 19:23:39
@_discord_780481659631173653:t2bot.iol33tmaan#2212 Oh no. It sure would be a shame if someone introduced a Dwemer race mod that makes them better at the cheese skills 19:24:11
@_discord_780481659631173653:t2bot.iol33tmaan#2212 like Alchemy or Enchant 19:24:17
@_discord_320935036901916675:t2bot.ioAbjectCube#7255 I didn't do the fortify int loop but I 100% farmed fortify restore fatigue potions for cash lol 19:25:18
@_discord_320935036901916675:t2bot.ioAbjectCube#7255 * I didn't do the fortify int loop but I 100% farmed restore fatigue potions for cash lol 19:26:28
@_discord_780481659631173653:t2bot.iol33tmaan#2212 with my mod, you have enough Alchemy to always be able to identify ingredients somewhat. I think if you take alchemy as a major skill and specialize, you can start off at 50 or so? 19:27:39
@_discord_780481659631173653:t2bot.iol33tmaan#2212 just bend the game over your knee at level 1 19:27:46
@_discord_320935036901916675:t2bot.ioAbjectCube#7255 Oh man I just have most of the effects memorized 19:28:08
@_discord_780481659631173653:t2bot.iol33tmaan#2212 chad 19:28:14
@_discord_320935036901916675:t2bot.ioAbjectCube#7255 Start with like 10 alchemy and still basically print money 19:28:17
@_discord_320935036901916675:t2bot.ioAbjectCube#7255 I try not to do that much, past a point it feels silly not to just set your stats and hand yourself a pile of gold in the console y'know? 19:28:48
@_discord_780481659631173653:t2bot.iol33tmaan#2212 hey. I have a mod where the monster merchants travel all over the place, so I have to clear out every alchemist's inventory like Todd intended 19:32:05
@_discord_780481659631173653:t2bot.iol33tmaan#2212 19:32:07
@_discord_780481659631173653:t2bot.iol33tmaan#2212 I AM the economy 19:32:20
@_discord_940450735802445905:t2bot.ioIpaylow cringe resto mage vs based alchemist 20:57:20
@_discord_664946120061091890:t2bot.ioJack ;)#7327 suggestions for file sync over multiple computers? 21:40:19
@_discord_664946120061091890:t2bot.ioJack ;)#7327 Gdrive gets real boring after 20+ hours 21:40:25
@_discord_656242784050741248:t2bot.iomagicaldave I guess it somewhat depends on what you’re syncing and how remote all these machines are. 20+ sounds like it’s probably not in your house or sonething 21:40:29
@_discord_229534937055756289:t2bot.ioNap#7111 changed their profile picture.21:40:34
@_discord_326005603753263104:t2bot.ioSnake Any idea why I'd be getting screen tearing/how to eliminate it 21:52:56
@_discord_916411990593921075:t2bot.iosolthas#2063 Which was haha 22:15:31

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