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23 Sep 2021
@_discord_168523401969926144:t2bot.iokajikia_audax(frog) I'm super excited for 0.47 Such a long RC phase = way higher quality in my opinion. The more time you guys have the better it will be. I can't wait to see the release video! They are so charming! I have my giant 150 mod install ready and waiting 🙂 01:32:00
@_discord_168523401969926144:t2bot.iokajikia_audax(frog) Best of luck solving these last few bugs 01:32:22
@_discord_176450745263063040:t2bot.ioCammy Early lua scripting, way better lighting, grass support 01:42:35
@_discord_314429971361824772:t2bot.ioTJ the HedgeScout i thought 0.47 was the lua scripting? 01:46:22
@_discord_314429971361824772:t2bot.ioTJ the HedgeScout better lighting would be great though 01:46:24
@_discord_176450745263063040:t2bot.ioCammy Oh, you were asking for 47's stuff 02:06:40
@_discord_176450745263063040:t2bot.ioCammy The game already has better lighting as it is, dunno if you checked out the shader lighting yet 02:07:18
@windcask:asra.grwind changed their profile picture.04:27:52
@_discord_772165167201910824:t2bot.ioDaedalus That’s when you force shader instead of ’shader compatibility’? 04:38:02
@_discord_757470853859377242:t2bot.ioezze and let's not forget far away land with statics 06:16:23
@_discord_174163372475023360:t2bot.ioKayla#0800 changed their profile picture.06:50:51
@_discord_127352532384088064:t2bot.iopsi29a#3708 lua scripting is in master, slated for 0.48... it's not in 0.47 07:29:37
@_discord_232158885312462848:t2bot.ioAbdu "shaders" gives better performance on newer GPUs, "shaders compatibility" more compatible. 07:43:45
@_discord_772165167201910824:t2bot.ioDaedalus So it doesn’t affect lighting visuals? 09:21:24
@_discord_772165167201910824:t2bot.ioDaedalus I have a 3080, so I bet it would just be free FPS 09:21:43
@_discord_384460687793192981:t2bot.iodocent27 New, what are they? I have a geforce 1050ti on my laptop and the performance on the "shader" preset is much worse than if I select "shader compatibility" 15:31:25
@_discord_251060096929366026:t2bot.ioShehriazad changed their display name from Shehriazad to Shehriazad#4012.16:06:00
@_discord_251060096929366026:t2bot.ioShehriazad changed their display name from Shehriazad#4012 to Shehriazad.16:06:03
@_discord_498455051464081439:t2bot.iodragonimator Day ??? of waiting for updated android build 16:53:52
@_discord_498455051464081439:t2bot.iodragonimator Step ? Lose sanity 16:54:05
@_discord_498455051464081439:t2bot.iodragonimator 16:54:17
@_discord_772165167201910824:t2bot.ioDaedalus docent27 1080 Ti and up, probably 17:14:25
@_discord_176450745263063040:t2bot.ioCammy It affects lighting visuals on stuff lighted by a bunch of sources 19:42:47
@_discord_176450745263063040:t2bot.ioCammy Raises the max lights per object to 32 19:42:57
@_discord_176450745263063040:t2bot.ioCammy iirc it changes how light fades a little too 19:43:06
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@_discord_109409377684848640:t2bot.ioMissLavender#5032 changed their profile picture.23:33:27
24 Sep 2021
@_discord_109409377684848640:t2bot.ioMissLavender#5032 changed their profile picture.00:06:47
@_discord_109409377684848640:t2bot.ioMissLavender#5032 changed their profile picture.00:32:37
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