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25 May 2020
00:46:50@OpenMW-Bridge:matrix.orgOpenMW-Bridge [irc] Sliyther: are you saying make a script file like in the construction set or modify the actual openmw itself?
00:47:03@OpenMW-Bridge:matrix.orgOpenMW-Bridge [irc] Sliyther: and sorry not very experienced here
00:47:26@OpenMW-Bridge:matrix.orgOpenMW-Bridge [irc] Eli2|: what you posted is a source code change for cpp
00:47:44@OpenMW-Bridge:matrix.orgOpenMW-Bridge [irc] Eli2|: so yes its the actual openmw itself you have to modify
00:48:00@OpenMW-Bridge:matrix.orgOpenMW-Bridge [irc] Sliyther: ok, and where do i get that…?
00:48:37@OpenMW-Bridge:matrix.orgOpenMW-Bridge [irc] Sliyther: very helpfull so far, so thanks again
00:48:46@OpenMW-Bridge:matrix.orgOpenMW-Bridge [irc] Eli2|: if you have a bit of motivation it should be doable in a few weeks
00:49:05@OpenMW-Bridge:matrix.orgOpenMW-Bridge [irc] Eli2|: i would start with getting the sources and compiling the engine yourself
00:49:25@OpenMW-Bridge:matrix.orgOpenMW-Bridge [irc] Eli2|: and if that works well, you can try to add the patch
00:49:50@OpenMW-Bridge:matrix.orgOpenMW-Bridge [irc] Eli2|: its generally pretty easy but i guess you are on windows and a total beginner
00:51:44@OpenMW-Bridge:matrix.orgOpenMW-Bridge [irc] Sliyther: it seems like a fairly straight foward script, a few weeks? but deffinatly motivated
00:53:00@OpenMW-Bridge:matrix.orgOpenMW-Bridge [irc] Sliyther: so thanks :)
00:53:16@OpenMW-Bridge:matrix.orgOpenMW-Bridge [irc] Eli2|: depends totally on how much time you have
00:54:24@OpenMW-Bridge:matrix.orgOpenMW-Bridge [irc] Eli2|: i guess doing it from scratch would take me around 30mins
00:57:37@OpenMW-Bridge:matrix.orgOpenMW-Bridge [irc] Sliyther: ok thats reassuring and ohhh, theres a cs for openmw i presume i use that
00:57:53@OpenMW-Bridge:matrix.orgOpenMW-Bridge [irc] Eli2|: its not really in a useable state
00:58:07@OpenMW-Bridge:matrix.orgOpenMW-Bridge [irc] Eli2|: its a very early wip
00:58:20@OpenMW-Bridge:matrix.orgOpenMW-Bridge [irc] Sliyther: ok
17:23:40@OpenMW-Bridge:matrix.orgOpenMW-Bridge [irc] daisha: What’s the deal with the github version vs. the gitlab version? Both are linked from openmw.org, are both legit?
17:24:28@OpenMW-Bridge:matrix.orgOpenMW-Bridge [irc] jvoisin: yes
17:24:36@OpenMW-Bridge:matrix.orgOpenMW-Bridge [irc] jvoisin: some people prefer one to the other
17:25:07@OpenMW-Bridge:matrix.orgOpenMW-Bridge [irc] daisha: okay, thanks
17:44:19@gshumi:matrix.org@gshumi:matrix.org joined the room.
19:51:03@OpenMW-Bridge:matrix.orgOpenMW-Bridge [irc] thalos: Ananace: thanks for the info
26 May 2020
03:21:00@OpenMW-Bridge:matrix.orgOpenMW-Bridge [irc] Nivim: (It doesn’t seem like there are that many fewer people, but it seems like fewer questions get answered since the last time I visited here. Is the Discord/Matrix/IRC bridge not working?)
05:06:19@OpenMW-Bridge:matrix.orgOpenMW-Bridge [irc] Nivim: @OpenMW-Bridge: Are you still working?
09:13:39@OpenMW-Bridge:matrix.orgOpenMW-Bridge [irc] Ananace: I still don’t know why there’s a bot based bridge running for Matrix, things work so much better when using their already existing IRC bridge system
11:37:19@gshumi:matrix.org@gshumi:matrix.orgit's working and you are right
15:52:57@OpenMW-Bridge:matrix.orgOpenMW-Bridge [irc] DarthGandalf: Nivim: probably everyone’s busy playing instead
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