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24 Nov 2022
@_discord_232158885312462848:t2bot.ioAbdu (So using a new game rather than a test character from skip menu) 18:24:50
@_discord_232158885312462848:t2bot.ioAbdu * Alot of other stuff isn't possible until you do that. 18:25:17
@_discord_232158885312462848:t2bot.ioAbdu * (So using a new game rather than a test character from skip menu) 18:25:17
@_discord_228262343816118272:t2bot.ioMISTERSMELLIES because your test character has not learnt these topics 18:25:18
@_discord_385699584216924162:t2bot.ioUriel#9657 Thanks for the information 18:27:13
@_discord_202988011552505856:t2bot.ioMax Dankly#9469 changed their display name from Max Dankly#1154 to Max Dankly#9469.19:07:29
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@_discord_845710308730208306:t2bot.ioFia#0934 Just one of the things Morrowind has in common with Final Fantasy II, heh. Can't do anything until you know the topic! 19:19:55
@_discord_892061964585541682:t2bot.ionot angelo#5295 changed their profile picture.19:27:46
@_discord_385699584216924162:t2bot.ioUriel#9657Redacted or Malformed Event19:43:50
@_discord_385699584216924162:t2bot.ioUriel#9657Redacted or Malformed Event19:43:58
@_discord_385699584216924162:t2bot.ioUriel#9657Redacted or Malformed Event19:43:58
@_discord_385699584216924162:t2bot.ioUriel#9657 Is it possible to edit cell view, but in game? 20:08:39
@_discord_387845059896279051:t2bot.ioNevare#7125 =[
I'm summoning golden saints to soul trap, but they keep casting 'dispel magic' and disappearing before I can kill them.
@_discord_124401859380248577:t2bot.ioDaforLynx How do? 20:10:35
Download image.png
@_discord_385699584216924162:t2bot.ioUriel#9657 What does it do really ? 21:07:01
@_discord_362672300773867521:t2bot.ioEvil Eye Set the language you want Lua scripts to use. Doesn't mean they have translations for the language, of course 21:09:08
@_discord_387845059896279051:t2bot.ioNevare#7125 Ah! I figured out the problem with the golden saints! They're casting dispel magic at me, which would unsummon them. So long as I dodge the spell, they persist and I can knock them out 21:22:31
25 Nov 2022
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@_discord_128768878015807488:t2bot.ioAkiraZXE changed their display name from AkiraZXE#2008 to AkiraZXE.10:45:32
@_discord_840720754047713331:t2bot.ioSpaceAmoeba#1394 Hey people, I once heard somewhere that the justice system in the original Morrowind is hardcoded, and therefore mods for a multi-jurisdictional system like in Skyrim are impossible 19:15:50
@_discord_840720754047713331:t2bot.ioSpaceAmoeba#1394 What is the situation with this in OpenMW? 19:16:01
@_discord_840720754047713331:t2bot.ioSpaceAmoeba#1394Redacted or Malformed Event19:16:12
@_discord_176450745263063040:t2bot.ioCammy I don't believe it's dehardcoded yet, so it's the same 20:07:03
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@_discord_202868210767364096:t2bot.ioahackzhenet#5943 Deiu nerd 21:59:18
26 Nov 2022
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