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16 Oct 2020
@OpenMW-Bridge:matrix.orgOpenMW-Bridge [irc] johnnyhostile: might be worth raising a ticket with the gitlab folks over. either its a bug or working as intended. 14:02:50
@OpenMW-Bridge:matrix.orgOpenMW-Bridge [irc] johnnyhostile: but imo it is reasonable to expect that to work, even for forks. 14:09:06
@OpenMW-Bridge:matrix.orgOpenMW-BridgeRedacted or Malformed Event15:08:39
@OpenMW-Bridge:matrix.orgOpenMW-Bridge [irc] johnnyhostile: awesome 15:13:13
@johnnyhostile:matrix.orgjohnnyhöstilehuh, why is what psi just said "deleted"15:14:24
@OpenMW-Bridge:matrix.orgOpenMW-Bridge [irc] Eli2_: message seems to be gone on discord 15:16:48
@OpenMW-Bridge:matrix.orgOpenMW-Bridge [irc] Eli2_: so matrix deletes messages too 15:18:08
@OpenMW-Bridge:matrix.orgOpenMW-Bridge [irc] Eli2_: thats a bit disappointing 15:18:14
@OpenMW-Bridge:matrix.orgOpenMW-Bridge [irc] johnnyhostile: indeed 15:19:30
@OpenMW-Bridge:matrix.orgOpenMW-Bridge [irc] DarthGandalf: That's why you should use IRC :P 15:44:37
@OpenMW-Bridge:matrix.orgOpenMW-Bridge [irc] KittyCat: does matrix have an option to maintain a linear-only history, like irc? 15:54:31
@OpenMW-Bridge:matrix.orgOpenMW-Bridge [irc] KittyCat: or matrix clients, I suppose 15:54:44
@OpenMW-Bridge:matrix.orgOpenMW-Bridge [irc] johnnyhostile: i would hope so, but i have no idea. 15:57:49
@OpenMW-Bridge:matrix.orgOpenMW-Bridge [irc] xacktm: openmw-0.46 compatible with bullet-3.05? 18:18:07
@OpenMW-Bridge:matrix.orgOpenMW-Bridge [irc] travis-ci: OpenMW/openmw#13014 (master - de7bafc : AnyOldName3): The build has errored. 20:45:43
@OpenMW-Bridge:matrix.orgOpenMW-Bridge [irc] travis-ci: Change view : https://github.com/OpenMW/openmw/compare/6326bb7d2e3b...de7bafcbbddc 20:45:49
@OpenMW-Bridge:matrix.orgOpenMW-Bridge [irc] travis-ci: Build details : https://travis-ci.org/OpenMW/openmw/builds/736484938 20:45:49
@OpenMW-Bridge:matrix.orgOpenMW-Bridge [irc] travis-ci: elsid/openmw#347 (master - de7bafc : AnyOldName3): The build has errored. 22:01:21
@OpenMW-Bridge:matrix.orgOpenMW-Bridge [irc] travis-ci: Change view : https://github.com/elsid/openmw/compare/e5392cabf10e...de7bafcbbddc 22:01:24
@OpenMW-Bridge:matrix.orgOpenMW-Bridge [irc] travis-ci: Build details : https://travis-ci.org/elsid/openmw/builds/736502901 22:01:25
@OpenMW-Bridge:matrix.orgOpenMW-Bridge [irc] travis-ci: OpenMW/openmw#13015 (master - df178ed : AnyOldName3): The build has errored. 23:46:52
@OpenMW-Bridge:matrix.orgOpenMW-Bridge [irc] travis-ci: Change view : https://github.com/OpenMW/openmw/compare/de7bafcbbddc...df178ed97c45 23:46:52
@OpenMW-Bridge:matrix.orgOpenMW-Bridge [irc] travis-ci: Build details : https://travis-ci.org/OpenMW/openmw/builds/736524138 23:46:53
17 Oct 2020
@OpenMW-Bridge:matrix.orgOpenMW-Bridge [irc] DarthGandalf: xacktm: only if you build bullet without double precision 00:07:14
@OpenMW-Bridge:matrix.orgOpenMW-Bridge [irc] DarthGandalf: xacktm: and, seeing your other channels... this is already expessed as the dependency on USE flags, since several days ago 00:08:46
@OpenMW-Bridge:matrix.orgOpenMW-Bridge [irc] travis-ci: OpenMW/openmw#13016 (master - bf45bd5 : AnyOldName3): The build has errored. 01:08:26
@OpenMW-Bridge:matrix.orgOpenMW-Bridge [irc] travis-ci: Change view : https://github.com/OpenMW/openmw/compare/df178ed97c45...bf45bd580223 01:08:27
@OpenMW-Bridge:matrix.orgOpenMW-Bridge [irc] travis-ci: Build details : https://travis-ci.org/OpenMW/openmw/builds/736536568 01:08:28
@OpenMW-Bridge:matrix.orgOpenMW-Bridge [irc] xacktm: DarthGandalf: ahh, I probably don't have that fix because I last synced last weekend, thanks 01:35:21
@OpenMW-Bridge:matrix.orgOpenMW-Bridge [irc] clort: any of youse built openmw for arm 01:36:57

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