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21 Sep 2022
In reply to @touchyy:matrix.org
Hello. Which version of WebGPU/dawn is implemented in the recent chrome release? (not canary). I know that it has gone official on 5th(?) of september but I guess it isn't 1.0 yet.
Sorry, I misread the schedule because doesn't fit on my laptop display. Current stable is Jul 21, not Jun 9.
22 Sep 2022
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23 Sep 2022
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24 Sep 2022
@leroycepearson:one.ems.hostgeemiliWhat would be the recommended way to do sprite batching in WebGPU? Right now I'm creating a command encoder and submitting it each time the batch is full, but it feels a bit clunky to do it that way00:55:12
@cwfitzgerald:matrix.orgcwfitzgeraldWym the batch is full? You can move into the next batch and use the same encoder/submission08:36:43
25 Sep 2022
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In reply to @cwfitzgerald:matrix.org
Wym the batch is full? You can move into the next batch and use the same encoder/submission
Right now I have a spritebatcher that keeps a buffer of vertices CPU side. The buffer is a fixed size, allocated once at startup, and when that buffer is full I upload it to the GPU and have it draw the list of buffers. I'm assuming that I need to submit the commands before I reuse the buffer? Does WebGPU make a copy when writeBuffer is used?
@cwfitzgerald:matrix.orgcwfitzgeraldAs write_buffer happens at the beginning of a submit, you will need to submit if you want to order the so that the next write_buffer happens before your next draw15:20:32
@cwfitzgerald:matrix.orgcwfitzgeraldWhat I'll recommend though is that you either resize the buffer or create new buffers such that you can write the entire frames information at the beginning, then execute all of it15:21:22
26 Sep 2022
@rezmason:matrix.orgrezmason Is there a WebGPU/WGSL equivalent of GLSL's precision highp float;? 04:47:45
@rezmason:matrix.orgrezmason...That was a stupid question.04:48:27
@rezmason:matrix.orgrezmasonShould there be any discrepancy between the way the same texture is sampled in WebGPU vs WebGL? This wouldn't be the first difference I caused with my own code in this project, I just need my expectations calibrated 😅15:25:00
Download image.png
@rezmason:matrix.orgrezmason👆️ 🎶 WebGPU in one corner, WebGL in a spot, light, comparing interpolation 🎵15:26:05
@jasperrlz:matrix.orgjasperrlzThere should not be, assuming the sampler settings are the same15:26:22
@rezmason:matrix.orgrezmasonOkay, good!15:27:03
@rezmason:matrix.orgrezmasonI prefer domesticated goose chases to wild goose chases15:27:16
In reply to @rezmason:matrix.org
sent an image.
Looks like it could maybe be sampling at pixel corners instead of pixel centers?
@kainino:matrix.orgkaininoPerhaps check the interpolation modes on any vertex-fragment varyings that you use to sample https://gpuweb.github.io/gpuweb/wgsl/#interpolation18:59:23
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27 Sep 2022
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28 Sep 2022
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