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18 Sep 2022
@_discord_265238876874866698:t2bot.ioEnigmaticFlicker#1244 * Is it safe to open a world that has been extensively played in mt 5.6.0, in 5.5.1 without corrupting it? 16:07:55
@_discord_765217797399248916:t2bot.iocora probably but you might want to make a backup 16:10:29
@_discord_265238876874866698:t2bot.ioEnigmaticFlicker#1244 True - I ALWAYS make a backup before any major changes - worth a try, I guess. 16:12:42
@_discord_925443891858137158:t2bot.ioPrairieWind I played my testing world in 5.7.0 dev, and went back to 5.6.0, havent had a hy issues, but 5.6.0 to 5.5.1, not sure 16:13:18
19 Sep 2022
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@_discord_305008449417117709:t2bot.ioreplikvlt changed their display name from replikvlt#6701 to replikvlt.11:38:33
21 Sep 2022
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@berked:matrix.orgberkedIs there a mod that provides lasers?18:56:26
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@_discord_332610754496692228:t2bot.ioJonathon#1518 Yes 21:00:32
@_discord_265238876874866698:t2bot.ioEnigmaticFlicker#1244 I'm trying to set up a lan server, but after all the instructions I've read, I'm still a little confused on how to do it. This is not intended to access the internet, just be able for a few of us to play on the lan. What is the difference in how they work between "Host Server" and "Host Game"? Or do I need both? 21:40:47
22 Sep 2022
@t.dennysanford44:matrix.org@t.dennysanford44:matrix.orgRedacted or Malformed Event01:04:15
@_discord_925443891858137158:t2bot.ioPrairieWind hmm 01:06:56
@_discord_925443891858137158:t2bot.ioPrairieWind if it works, you get 0.5% commision :trollface: 01:07:12
@wsor4035:matrix.orgprobably wsor banned @t.dennysanford44:matrix.org@t.dennysanford44:matrix.org (crypto scam).01:09:13
@wsor4035:matrix.orgprobably wsoryyeted01:09:21
@wsor4035:matrix.orgprobably wsor * yeeted01:09:27
23 Sep 2022
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In reply to @_discord_332610754496692228:t2bot.io
which module provides lasers?
26 Sep 2022
@_discord_371391255470669824:t2bot.iocweiske joined the room.06:44:23
@_discord_265238876874866698:t2bot.ioEnigmaticFlicker#1244 When I try to use the /debug command to show the biome or light level in mt 5.5.1, I get a "You don't have permission to use that command" result. Is there a way to give that permission, or does it have to be in mt 5.6.0 or later? 16:19:33
@_discord_925443891858137158:t2bot.ioPrairieWind /grantme debug 16:20:12
@_discord_265238876874866698:t2bot.ioEnigmaticFlicker#1244 Thanks, I'll try that. 16:20:20
@_discord_782679623040499781:t2bot.ioDragoni#5256 changed their display name from Dragoni to Dragoni#5256.16:24:32
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28 Sep 2022
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