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Making America And The WORLD Great Again ! ( Also Check Out #STC.CAPITAL.PARTNERS.:matrix.org & #MEMES.MAIN.:matrix.org ) The Best is Yet to Come ! ! ! ! ! -L " This faggotry has gone on way too long " - Squeakydolphin Welcome to PATRIOTS.MAIN. No Jannies Here. Talk about w/e here that you fucking want but keep it Patriotic & NO DOOMING. Absolute Degeneracy not only encouraged but rewarded. Rules: 1. ZeroDox - Don't have your account connected to IRL or any previous accounts online. IRL pics must be below Nose level unless the person / people are public figures. NO Pictures of kids celebrity or not. 2. ZeroCP - NO CP ESPECIALLY & NO PORN IN GENERAL. 3. ZeroSpam - Do not spam lame shit that is not OC That's it. 3 Rules. Not Bad. -L 7 Servers

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