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25 Dec 2017
11:21:31@ices:matrix.orgices changed the history visibility to "world_readable" from "shared".
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11:23:43@ices:matrix.orgices set the room topic to "Everything macOS".
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28 Jan 2018
17:50:30@twindigit:matrix.org@twindigit:matrix.org joined the room.
26 Feb 2018
19:44:04@kris.browne:matrix.orgKris Browne joined the room.
14 Mar 2018
12:54:31@meshodd:matrix.orgmeshodd joined the room.
6 Apr 2018
22:07:09@noemi:matrix.org@noemi:matrix.org joined the room.
22:15:38@noemi:matrix.org@noemi:matrix.org Does anyone know mutch about the macOs server app ?
8 Apr 2018
16:47:03@noemi:matrix.org@noemi:matrix.org left the room.
14 Apr 2018
15:14:31@i.syndicate:matrix.orgi.syndicate joined the room.
15 Apr 2018
18:00:18@i.syndicate:matrix.orgi.syndicate@noemi:matrix.org: I run a OS X server....
18:21:40@i.syndicate:matrix.orgi.syndicate set a profile picture.
7 May 2018
23:00:13@OSAKASIX:matrix.org@OSAKASIX:matrix.org joined the room.
23:00:43@OSAKASIX:matrix.org@OSAKASIX:matrix.orgRandom question, is Filevault on by default on modern Macs?
8 May 2018
05:45:28@ices:matrix.orgicesNo. But you will be asked for it at the first boot
15 May 2018
15:57:51@OSAKASIX:matrix.org@OSAKASIX:matrix.orgHuh, I thought they were encrypted by default. Thanks for the clarification
8 Jun 2018
01:11:35@drew-kun:matrix.orgdrew-kun joined the room.

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