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15 Feb 2019
14:25:21@royalpanda:matrix.org@royalpanda:matrix.orgSomething odd in the log is that I got this : Feb 15 15:18:12 funkwhale daphne[10116]: - - [15/Feb/2019:14:17:54] "POST /api/v1/uploads/" 413 21
14:26:13@Eliot:matrix.orgEliotoh, ok, so the upload actually reach the API server, and is refused (413 status code, meaning the body is too large)
14:26:43@royalpanda:matrix.org@royalpanda:matrix.orgyes but it doesn't pop when I upload the file.
14:26:58@royalpanda:matrix.org@royalpanda:matrix.orgit's like the writing in the log got 10 minutes later
14:27:11@Eliot:matrix.orgEliotyeah I'm observing the same behaviour, that's weird
14:28:55@Eliot:matrix.orgEliot can you open /srv/funkwhale/api/config/common.py add this line at the beginning : DATA_UPLOAD_MAX_MEMORY_SIZE=None, then restart the server?
14:34:12@royalpanda:matrix.org@royalpanda:matrix.orgthis work with a 22.2MB flac file
14:34:59@Eliot:matrix.orgEliot and /srv/funkwhale/virtualenv/bin/pip freeze includes channels==2.1.6 ?
14:35:24@Eliot:matrix.orgEliot because that's the breaking change that was introduces in channels==2.1.7
14:39:50@royalpanda:matrix.org@royalpanda:matrix.orgpip was system-wide
14:40:04@royalpanda:matrix.org@royalpanda:matrix.orgthe virtualenv have channels2.1.7
14:42:07@royalpanda:matrix.org@royalpanda:matrix.orgpip got erase from the venv
14:42:15@royalpanda:matrix.org@royalpanda:matrix.organd tricked me
14:42:23@Eliot:matrix.orgEliotoh, ok !
14:42:28@Eliot:matrix.orgEliotThat should be it then :)
14:42:55@royalpanda:matrix.org@royalpanda:matrix.orgYes, thank you for your time
14:43:22@Eliot:matrix.orgEliotyou're welcome, I'm glad it's solved!
14:43:30@royalpanda:matrix.org@royalpanda:matrix.orgAnd thank you for funkwhale :) I'm lovin' it
14:59:42@royalpanda:matrix.org@royalpanda:matrix.org left the room.
16 Feb 2019
12:20:19@jibecfed:matrix.orgjibecis there a risk to run this multiple times ? python manage.py script delete_pre_017_federated_uploads --no-input
12:20:59@jibecfed:matrix.orgjibecor should I make sure this can't be called multiple times ?
17 Feb 2019
01:27:47@xrasl:portico.remolino.town@xrasl:portico.remolino.town left the room.
09:47:09@Eliot:matrix.orgEliot@jibecfed:matrix.org: I try to ensure those scripts are indempotent, but I expect it to crash anyway on future releases
09:48:50@Eliot:matrix.orgEliotBecause it uses code and tables.that will likely disappear at.some point
22:32:53@urtzai:matrix.org@urtzai:matrix.org left the room.

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