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25 Jan 2020
11:56:18@Eliot:matrix.orgEliot Berriot (he/him)causing the issue
11:56:27@blackbeard9994:matrix.orgblackbeard9994could be because the disk was completely full?
11:56:32@Eliot:matrix.orgEliot Berriot (he/him)oh
11:56:37@Eliot:matrix.orgEliot Berriot (he/him)yes, probably !
11:56:54@Eliot:matrix.orgEliot Berriot (he/him)It wouldn't suprise me if it was the cause
11:57:01@blackbeard9994:matrix.orgblackbeard9994great :)
11:57:11@blackbeard9994:matrix.orgblackbeard9994thank you again for all the help
11:57:21@Eliot:matrix.orgEliot Berriot (he/him)you're welcome!
11:57:23@blackbeard9994:matrix.orgblackbeard9994I'll donate to funkwhale as a thank you :)
11:57:33@Eliot:matrix.orgEliot Berriot (he/him)that's very kind of you 😊
11:57:56@blackbeard9994:matrix.orgblackbeard9994awesome software with great support deserves to get support in return :)
11:58:16@Eliot:matrix.orgEliot Berriot (he/him)we do need all the financial support we can get!
14:22:08@kujawek:matrix.orgkujawek invited @kujaw:junta.plkujaw.
14:51:21@johnlivingston:matrix.org@johnlivingston:matrix.org left the room.
15:25:52@kujaw:junta.plkujaw joined the room.
18:09:42@cirku17:matrix.orgManuel D'Orso (CirKu17)Hi everyone. Is there a way to disable the download button for tracks?
18:11:09@Eliot:matrix.orgEliot Berriot (he/him)Hi @cirku17:matrix.org , no there is no way to do this
18:23:12@cirku17:matrix.orgManuel D'Orso (CirKu17)Oh I see. It is causing me some problems with artists, I guess I will hide it in css for now and figure out something. Thanks
18:24:55@Eliot:matrix.orgEliot Berriot (he/him)You can hide it with CSS, indeed, but as a disclaimer there is technically no way to prevent users who can listen to a track to download it
18:26:37@cirku17:matrix.orgManuel D'Orso (CirKu17)Yes, I know. Not having a straightforward download option will suffice anyway.
18:27:05@Eliot:matrix.orgEliot Berriot (he/him)Ok, I just wanted to be explicot regarding that :)
18:28:08@Eliot:matrix.orgEliot Berriot (he/him)I wonder if we should support an option to hide the download button for specific content
18:28:46@Eliot:matrix.orgEliot Berriot (he/him)I thing someone else asked about this before
18:28:59@sporiff:garappa.chatsporiffYes we received an email to that effect
18:29:07@sporiff:garappa.chatsporiffIt might be a nice option to have
18:29:36@Eliot:matrix.orgEliot Berriot (he/him)

Yes we received an email to that effect
Ah right. Not the nicest request we had xD

18:29:54@sporiff:garappa.chatsporiffIt was put across in a pretty hostile way :P
18:30:00@Eliot:matrix.orgEliot Berriot (he/him)Yup
18:30:21@Eliot:matrix.orgEliot Berriot (he/him)Maybe it could be a flag at the channel level
18:30:30@Eliot:matrix.orgEliot Berriot (he/him)It would be the easiest

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