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12 Dec 2018
09:59:57@renon:matrix.orgrenonyes you can add it I think
10:01:36@winterfox:matrix.orgHexafoxJust added it and things seem to be working
10:09:43@kitaro:matrix.orgExpensive DisarrayI had to add it too, it wasn't in the sample file
10:25:33@aa13q:matrix.orgAlexey Andreev Eliot: thank you, found a problem! I've messed up with MUSIC_DIRECTORY_SERVE_PATH and MUSIC_DIRECTORY_PATH 😅
10:27:21@winterfox:matrix.orgHexafoxHm, it doesn't seem like nginx is listening on port 80 :/
10:27:26@winterfox:matrix.orgHexafoxMight be a docker networking thing
10:27:58@kitaro:matrix.orgExpensive DisarrayWhat happens when you try to access it?
10:28:42@winterfox:matrix.orgHexafoxcurl: (7) Failed to connect to port 80: Connection refused
10:29:09@winterfox:matrix.orgHexafox But I ran nc -l 80 on the server and I was able to connect to that fine
10:29:26@winterfox:matrix.orgHexafoxThe fact netcat was able to bind to port 80 also tells me nginx isn't on it
10:30:45@winterfox:matrix.orgHexafoxHm, looks like the docker compose file is using the legacy docker links networking
10:31:23@winterfox:matrix.orgHexafox I wonder if network_mode: "host" will fix it
10:33:31@winterfox:matrix.orgHexafoxwait no I don't think thats related
10:33:40@winterfox:matrix.orgHexafoxI think its just the ports not being set
  # override those variables in your .env file if needed
10:35:25@winterfox:matrix.orgHexafoxHmm thats already set in .env
10:36:14@kitaro:matrix.orgExpensive DisarrayWhat does your /etc/nginx/sites-enabled/funkwhale.conf file look like?
10:36:49@winterfox:matrix.orgHexafoxI don't think I can get to that. I'm using the nginx inside the docker compose
10:38:44@kitaro:matrix.orgExpensive DisarrayIf you're following the instructions on the site, you will be generating a funkwhale conf that gets put in the /etc/nginx folder. The bit where you run the source /srv/funkwhale/.env to /nginx/sites-available is basically populating your OS' nginx settings with the parameters in the .env file
10:39:18@kitaro:matrix.orgExpensive DisarraySo you will need to have nginx installed independently of the Docker image I believe
10:39:36@kitaro:matrix.orgExpensive DisarrayAt least I did. I could be wrong though :P
10:40:15@winterfox:matrix.orgHexafoxIt says not to do that for docker
10:40:35@winterfox:matrix.orgHexafoxIt seems I can curl localhost:5000 from the server and it gives the vue app
10:40:45@winterfox:matrix.orgHexafoxBut not on port 80
10:42:08@kitaro:matrix.orgExpensive Disarray On https://docs.funkwhale.audio/installation/index.html#reverse-proxy-setup it says

>On docker deployments, run the following commands:

# download the needed filescurl -L -o /etc/nginx/funkwhale_proxy.conf "https://dev.funkwhale.audio/funkwhale/funkwhale/raw/develop/deploy/funkwhale_proxy.conf"curl -L -o /etc/nginx/sites-available/funkwhale.template "https://dev.funkwhale.audio/funkwhale/funkwhale/raw/develop/deploy/docker.proxy.template"

# create a final nginx configuration using the template based on your environmentset -a && source /srv/funkwhale/.env && set +aenvsubst "`env | awk -F = '{printf \" $%s\", $$1}'`" \
< /etc/nginx/sites-available/funkwhale.template \
> /etc/nginx/sites-available/funkwhale.conf

ln -s /etc/nginx/sites-available/funkwhale.conf /etc/nginx/sites-enabled/

That indicates to me that you're working with the system's built-in nginx
10:42:58@winterfox:matrix.orgHexafoxyeah I have that
10:43:03@winterfox:matrix.orgHexafoxBut I haven't change it from the default
10:48:30@winterfox:matrix.orgHexafoxI think the issue is either the nginx config or the docker compose ports
10:53:59@winterfox:matrix.orgHexafoxHmm, for some reason the nginx container has mapped the internal port 80 to the hosts port 5000

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