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15 Nov 2019
13:54:58@pete:cyano.atPeter Schlagerchecking that right now
13:55:22@pete:cyano.atPeter SchlagerI saw your request and the apache Alias it took while navigating /api/...
13:56:34@pete:cyano.atPeter Schlagerit's not owned by www-data per se, but accessible nonetheless... via "others + read" which I dont really like. Gonna try to fix that.
13:56:35@Eliot:matrix.orgEliot Berriot (he/him)the API answers properly based on my tests
13:56:42@Eliot:matrix.orgEliot Berriot (he/him)so the remaining issue is the front-end
13:56:56@pete:cyano.atPeter Schlagermy setup is a tad... exotic due to mounting in the funkwhale frontend files via NFS to the reverse proxy
13:57:38@pete:cyano.atPeter Schlagersince frontend files and audio files (via xsendfile) need to be served up by the reverse proxy and not via /api connection on port 5000
13:58:05@pete:cyano.atPeter Schlager I agree... it all looks like frontend issue by now 🙂 thanks alot Eliot Berriot (he/him)
13:58:27@Eliot:matrix.orgEliot Berriot (he/him)(have a phone call right now, I'll be back !)
16:49:20@sea-of-fog:matrix.orgsea-of-fog joined the room.
18:42:45@pete:cyano.atPeter Schlager Eliot Berriot (he/him): you won't believe this. apparantly in my specific setup - mounting static funkwhale files/media via NFS on the reverse proxy in front of api - apache wouldn't allow access to the files behind the aliases, a full restart of apache fixed that.... until now I only gracefully restarted so to not disrupt all other services.
19:55:14@Eliot:matrix.orgEliot Berriot (he/him) it seems quite intricate Peter Schlager :D
19:55:23@Eliot:matrix.orgEliot Berriot (he/him)good work for the detective work, is it working now?
19:58:13@pete:cyano.atPeter Schlagerworks splendidly! running latest release now and its slick as heck. fantastic work, lovely piece of software. Kudos to you and your crew!
20:01:44@Eliot:matrix.orgEliot Berriot (he/him)glad to hear that, enjoy your updated pod !
17 Nov 2019
20:53:52@halletienne:matrix.orghalletienne joined the room.
20:56:02@halletienne:matrix.orghalletienneHi, I am trying to find get some debug info with my funkwhale pod, but i am a bit lost how i can get them
20:56:32@halletienne:matrix.orghalletienneI am trying to get some debug info about an ldap connection
20:57:16@halletienne:matrix.orghalletienneHow can i enable a more verbose "profile" of funkwhale ?
20:57:49@halletienne:matrix.orghalletienneI tried setting DJANGO_SETTINGS_MODULE=config.settings.local
20:58:13@halletienne:matrix.orghalletienneBut it does not seem more verbose
21:01:29@Metzlmane:matrix.orgMetzlmaneI changed the settings from INFO to DEBUG in the systemctl init file, maybe this helps?
21:02:28@halletienne:matrix.orghalletienneFor the worker service ?
21:02:43@halletienne:matrix.orghalletienneIf yes, I already did
21:03:46@Metzlmane:matrix.orgMetzlmaneIt got the hint to set it in the .env file, but this didn't help. Ok sorry then I don't know :(
21:04:28@halletienne:matrix.orghalletienneNo worries, i will still try
21:16:13@halletienne:matrix.orghalletienneOkay found my issue. I deserve a RTFM
21:16:31@halletienne:matrix.orghalletienneMade a mistake in my LDAP filter
21:16:56@halletienne:matrix.orghalletienneThank you for developping this great tool :)
21:24:37@halletienne:matrix.orghalletienneLast question what is your favorite android app to access a funkwhale pod ?

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