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26 Dec 2019
16:58:01@bastla:matrix.orgbastla Unfortunately can't make it early this year. Going to be there tomorrow.
27 Dec 2019
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20:03:55@freenode_teon:matrix.org@freenode_teon:matrix.org #/network add -sasl_username <login> -sasl_password <password> -sasl_mechanism PLAIN hackint
20:04:06@freenode_teon:matrix.org@freenode_teon:matrix.orgnot here ;-)
20:04:08@freenode_teon:matrix.org@freenode_teon:matrix.orgsorry ;-)
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28 Dec 2019
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29 Dec 2019
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30 Dec 2019
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31 Dec 2019
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2 Jan 2020
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3 Jan 2020
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17:12:45@bastla:matrix.orgbastla "Only 359 days left until #37C3" which reminds me to thank arbitrary and INCO for organizing our nice assembly even if I didn't really had the chance to make use of it. For the few moments it was nice sitting and talking in a boat with all of you guys. 👍️
17:14:53@bastla:matrix.orgbastlaAnother thing coming into my mind: Does anyone already have a list of aerospace related talks at 36C3? Maybe we can share it in the Etherpad
7 Jan 2020
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17 Jan 2020
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