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Hacking at the final frontier at CCCamp193 Servers

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4 Jan 2019
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5 Jan 2019
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8 Jan 2019
17:05:40@bastla:matrix.orgbastlaA guy from Chaoswelle offers an Es'Hail2 Ground Station: "es bestünde auch die Möglichkeit eine VUS- und bis zum Camp auch Es'Hail2-fähige Satellitenanlage mit allem Pipapo (Az/El-Rotor samt Interface, IP-schaltbare Polarisationsumschaltung H/V/LHCP/RHCP, Vorverstärker etc) mitzubringen - da sich allerdings eine größere Kurzwellenaktivität ankündigt, würde ich hier nur die Hardware zur Verfügung stellen wollen, irgendjemand<tm> müsste sich um Aufbau, Abbau und Betrieb+Präsentation kümmern."
17:06:24@bastla:matrix.orgbastlaIs there anyone from Germany interested in taking care of this setup?
17:09:32@tobi:im.kabi.tkTobi I'll share it in our Hackspace
9 Jan 2019

We were asked by the OIO orga to give some congress feedback. ar3itrary you had all the insight, can you insert some thoughts here?


11:20:05@freenode_ar3itrary:matrix.orgar3itrary Okay .. I'll try to. but I don't think I'll get around to it before the weekend
13 Jan 2019
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16:12:17@bastla:matrix.orgbastlaHey welcome. Are you Jens, DK2AB?
14 Jan 2019
21:04:14@ategus:matrix.orgategusHey guy. I'm sitting in the cccb (chaos computer club berlin) we are planing for the chaos village (hamradio nerds)
22:12:38@INCO.matrix:matrix.orgINCOategus So, what are the tops? :)
22:33:45@ategus:matrix.orgategusit's about antenna pylons. we'll have a 25m an a 10m
22:34:16@ategus:matrix.orgategusdie village will be planned as a bigger structure. they also thinking about to have people for cooking
15 Jan 2019
18:48:37@bastla:matrix.orgbastlaMaybe it would be easier if the guys from Berlin are going to meet face 2 face. When is your next Orga meeting?
19 Jan 2019
12:01:15@ategus:matrix.orgateguschaoswelle will have some orga meetings next time. so maybe it's good to have some satnogs guys from berlin with them
12:44:14@ansi:matrix.organsiIn Berlin?
13:57:46@ategus:matrix.orgategusas i know so far we are 4 satnogs people in Berlin maybe there are some more
14:12:18@ansi:matrix.organsi4 active + Joerg and one more guy having a station but not "active" in the development
17:53:42@freenode_lb6rh:matrix.orglb6rh bastla: yes thats me :)

bastla: yes thats me :)

Wow! Amazing round trip time. 😂

17:59:00@freenode_lb6rh:matrix.orglb6rhwell a /whois could have helped :D
17:59:48@freenode_lb6rh:matrix.orglb6rhor the highlight
18:00:29@bastla:matrix.orgbastla... or online search engine for the callsign. Already did that. 😏
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