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25 May 2019
23:31:09@_discord_83207598962114560:t2bot.ioGwenBlanketKnight hug
26 May 2019
00:13:46@_discord_228562213823184896:t2bot.ioOPQ joined the room.
06:00:40@_discord_160194024177795072:t2bot.ioiHM01myself<3#7675 changed their display name from SoyboiSupreme to iHM01myself<3#7675.
09:53:19@_discord_341982172657352704:t2bot.ioTy_McDK Just picked up an oculus rift. Aside from bear saber I know next to nothing about vr, any suggestions for games?
09:53:33@_discord_341982172657352704:t2bot.ioTy_McDK Open to literally anything, even walking simulators
09:54:49@_discord_161994182125158412:t2bot.ioStormyStrife VR Chat is a popular suggestion. But I dunno anything either.
10:48:58@_discord_341982172657352704:t2bot.ioTy_McDK Oh is that the one in a bunch of pewdiepie videos where people have avatars of master chief, garfiekd etc?
12:50:34@_discord_341982172657352704:t2bot.ioTy_McDK Lol I was amazed by the tutorial, really cool
12:50:54@_discord_341982172657352704:t2bot.ioTy_McDK For the oculus rift
12:51:14@_discord_341982172657352704:t2bot.ioTy_McDK Felt a childlike wonder and excitement I don't feel often
15:08:22@_discord_341982172657352704:t2bot.ioTy_McDK Currently messing around on Google earth vr, fucking incredible
30 May 2019
06:34:53@_discord_166749858995109888:t2bot.ioGameDiviner#7181 changed their display name from GameDiviner to GameDiviner#7181.
24 Aug 2019
21:38:04@unucprofev2:matrix.org@unucprofev2:matrix.org joined the room.
21:38:14@unucprofev2:matrix.org@unucprofev2:matrix.org left the room.
22 Sep 2019
19:54:44@crimsonviper:matrix.orgcrimsonviper joined the room.
16 Dec 2019
09:27:19@achim:bau-ha.usachim joined the room.
21 Dec 2019
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25 Dec 2019
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26 Dec 2019
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31 Dec 2019
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7 Jan 2020
11:26:29@friedrich:matrix.kiwifarms.netfriedrich joined the room.
10 Jan 2020
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11 Jan 2020
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18 Jan 2020
23:51:49@pedro:utwente.io@pedro:utwente.io joined the room.
25 Jan 2020
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29 Jan 2020
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4 Feb 2020
09:01:15@adm-g:matrix.orgAdam joined the room.
10:40:28@adm-g:matrix.orgAdam changed their display name from adm-g to Adam.
5 Feb 2020
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