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2 Oct 2021
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3 Oct 2021
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4 Oct 2021
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5 Oct 2021
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6 Oct 2021
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10 Oct 2021
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11 Oct 2021
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13 Oct 2021
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17 Oct 2021
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29 Oct 2021
@free65:matrix.orgfree65Someone using Luminousweb?14:25:51
@ifs:matrix.orgifs Hey free65 ! Just ask your question, people might know the answer ;) 17:24:52
@ifs:matrix.orgifsThis channel is not active though17:25:26
@ifs:matrix.orgifsMore clojurescripters are probably on the slack channel or something17:25:51
@free65:matrix.orgfree65I'm trying to figure out the best way to implement authentication in Luminous using JWT token17:25:54
@free65:matrix.orgfree65I got it working saiving JWT token in memory, I still have to implement the refresh_token part etc17:27:01
@free65:matrix.orgfree65And I am curious to see if someone already did it17:27:19
@ifs:matrix.orgifsUnfortunately I am of no help here17:28:26
@free65:matrix.orgfree65thanks anyway :)17:28:57
@ifs:matrix.orgifs free65: I'd suggest asking on the mailing list or #luminus https://luminusweb.com/contributea 17:29:01
@ifs:matrix.orgifs(I assume #luminus has moved to libera.chat from freenode)17:29:30
@ifs:matrix.orgifs * free65: I'd suggest asking on the mailing list or #luminus https://luminusweb.com/contribute 17:29:44
@free65:matrix.orgfree65I saw that the mailing list isn't very popular17:30:26
@ifs:matrix.orgifsI see17:30:41
@free65:matrix.orgfree65are you an expert of re-frame by the way?17:30:55
@ifs:matrix.orgifsNope, I'm a noob on all things clojure :P17:32:10
@ifs:matrix.orgifsHanging out here, but unfortunately too busy on the main job so far to do anything with it17:32:58

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