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31 Dec 2017
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16 Jan 2018
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00:01:10@gitter_rcloran:matrix.orgRussell Cloran (Gitter)

Hi. I'm trying to add support for removing devices in the zha component. I've got the general shape of things in place, but one thing I don't understand.

When I remove the device, it seems that everything goes well. I get a state changed event with new_state=None. However, when I re-add it, I get an "Entity id already exists".

Is there anything I should be doing other than Entity.async_remove()?

28 Jan 2018
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8 Feb 2018
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20 Feb 2018
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12 Mar 2018
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25 Mar 2018
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8 Apr 2018
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9 Apr 2018
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19 Apr 2018
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26 Apr 2018
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9 May 2018
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16 May 2018
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26 May 2018
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3 Jun 2018
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7 Jun 2018
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27 Jun 2018
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9 Jul 2018
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18 Jul 2018
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27 Jul 2018
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31 Jul 2018
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7 Aug 2018
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9 Aug 2018
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15 Aug 2018
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12 Oct 2018
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26 Oct 2018
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