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19 Jan 2019
12:12:07@blackclaws:matrix.orgblackclawsAre we going to use a DI framework like structuremap?
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Are we going to use a DI framework like structuremap?
They use simple injector. It should be sufficient I think
13:24:35@blackclaws:matrix.orgblackclawsDepends on where it might make sense to use DI. I haven't looked through the code to see where it is used.
13:24:48@blackclaws:matrix.orgblackclawsIf you can configure things a bit more flexible that might help depending on use case
14:00:16@Bond_009:matrix.orgBond_009IMO we should switch to the Microsoft Extension DI
14:00:28@erayan:matrix.orgerayanThat would be nice
14:01:02@Bond_009:matrix.orgBond_009We already pull it in, better use it :p
14:01:14@blackclaws:matrix.orgblackclawsHmm what do you think is the advantage of that one vs others? Just asking out of curiousity
14:01:34@erayan:matrix.orgerayanI also fixed the csproj ident and xml ident in the reformat PR.
14:01:59@erayan:matrix.orgerayanThere are only 6 things left to do.
14:04:14@erayan:matrix.orgerayannvm, 2 things
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Hmm what do you think is the advantage of that one vs others? Just asking out of curiousity
  1. Already included
  2. standard
  3. asp?
14:06:40@blackclaws:matrix.orgblackclawsYeah my experience with asp.net is pretty much zero. I usually work on desktop applications with C#.
14:07:01@erayan:matrix.orgerayanIt's THE one used for ASP.NET applications
14:07:08@blackclaws:matrix.orgblackclawsAh, I see
14:07:28@blackclaws:matrix.orgblackclawsI only heard that microsoft intrinsic DI frameworks were more or less lacking in functionality
14:07:38@blackclaws:matrix.orgblackclawsmight have changed though
14:08:20@erayan:matrix.orgerayanThis has some examples: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/aspnet/core/fundamentals/dependency-injection?view=aspnetcore-2.2
14:08:30@erayan:matrix.orgerayanIt seems to me that it's more than enough for jellyfin
14:08:44@erayan:matrix.orgerayanespecially since it could essentially be an aspnet core service
14:08:44@blackclaws:matrix.orgblackclawsMakes sense to use that then and not pull in another dependency
14:09:03@Bond_009:matrix.orgBond_009I'm waiting with big changes untill after the cleanup
14:09:24@erayan:matrix.orgerayanYes I hope to get this huge PR merged this weekend
14:09:30@erayan:matrix.orgerayanhopefully today
14:10:08@Bond_009:matrix.orgBond_009 We are currently waiting for joshuaboniface and nvllsvm s reviews
14:10:26@Bond_009:matrix.orgBond_009Since it's such a big PR
14:11:01@erayan:matrix.orgerayanIf they want to do a full review, which I would caution against ;) It's doable but it took me 2 days. And JustAMan also 3 days or so.
14:11:11@erayan:matrix.orgerayanI'd look at the conversations and comments
14:12:34@Bond_009:matrix.orgBond_009It least it's better than before :p

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