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26 Mar 2019
07:55:59@hal2100:matrix.orghal2100When starting the web player (for example in Chrome), it first load a simple player ui and afterwards the Jellyfin player UI/overlay.
07:59:11@hal2100:matrix.orghal2100Now if I am fast enough and hit "fullscreen" on the old UI, it goes into complete fullscreen, including hiding the software buttons of my Kindle HD10.
07:59:59@hal2100:matrix.orghal2100But if I use the stylish Jellyfin UI and hit fullscreen, it only hides the top status bar and not the buttons and the bottom.
08:00:23@claz:matrix.orgcviumfullscreen is sadly a hack
08:01:06@hal2100:matrix.orghal2100Isn't there a fullscreen option for web players, or only if you do not change the UI overlay?
08:01:33@claz:matrix.orgcviumit's not the player that is fullscreened, it's the <body>-tag
08:02:01@hal2100:matrix.orghal2100Then what does the "old" UI do? This seems to work differently
08:02:16@hal2100:matrix.orghal2100Old meaning the thing that is loaded first
08:02:31@claz:matrix.orgcviumthat's the player ui components
08:02:42@claz:matrix.orgcviumthe native html video
13:20:35@dinki:matrix.orgdinki silvusvalentine: thanks for the tip..
16:40:21@Froghut:matrix.orgFroghut joined the room.
16:43:31@Froghut:matrix.orgFroghutHi! I'm trying to build/run the current android client, tried a clean git clone etc, including everything from the github readme, build works but when running on device I get the error message "Error: Load failed: apphost: file:///android_asset/www/cordova/apphost.js?v=26". Any pointers what I'm missing?
17:03:04@justaman:matrix.orgJustAManDid you update git submodules?
17:16:34@thornbill:matrix.orgthornbill I was just fighting with that earlier... it seems to be an issue with the git submodule being out dated. Try going to src/jellyfin-web and run git checkout master.
17:26:17@anthonylavado:matrix.organthonylavadoFor anyone concerned - I've created an account on the MrMC forums, and I will put up a test server for them to use at some point
17:26:26@anthonylavado:matrix.organthonylavadoProbably just after 10.3 hits
17:28:54@joshuaboniface:matrix.orgjoshuabonifacesweet, ok - yea i tried to test and it just will not work on my S7
17:29:27@Froghut:matrix.orgFroghutThanks, will try that!
17:30:06@thornbill:matrix.orgthornbillGlad we have an answer for all the MrMc questions now 😅
17:32:35@anthonylavado:matrix.organthonylavadosince I have iOS/tvOS, I'm in a good position to test it when there are updates
17:32:53@joshuaboniface:matrix.orgjoshuabonifacehaha yup
19:24:03@ploughpuff:matrix.orgploughpuffLooking for training videos or reading material to help improve my C# knowledge please. Any of the C# experts provide any links please?
19:24:57@ploughpuff:matrix.orgploughpuffI've been hacking embedded C, on and off, for the past 20 years.. So programming isn't new to me..
19:51:45@anthonylavado:matrix.organthonylavado ploughpuff: I don't know if it's of any use, but check to see if your local library provides access to any online learning services
19:52:10@anthonylavado:matrix.organthonylavadoFor example, the library in the city where I used to live (but still work in) provides all library card holders access to Lynda .com
20:58:57@Bond_009:matrix.orgBond_009https://github.com/jellyfin/jellyfin-web/issues/212 Finally got to reporting this bug
20:59:10@Bond_009:matrix.orgBond_009By biggest issue atm
21:37:33@vitorsemeano:matrix.orgvitorsemeano@Froghut:matrix.org: git submodule update --remote --recursive this should update all submodules, including recent master version of jellyfin-web

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