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1 Dec 2023
@eccentricsage:matrix.orgDaniel Yousoufi cant believe my config file using graphics words like CONVALESCENCE makes microsoft/intel/nvidia fake stuff a bunch better18:00:33
@eccentricsage:matrix.orgDaniel Yousouftry gaming with it18:00:42
@eccentricsage:matrix.orgDaniel Yousoufi recently added words revealallfullmapnoframing18:01:11
@eccentricsage:matrix.orgDaniel Yousoufi think reveal and no framing is coz they filter out for fake not computers like intel nvidia so it not show most the output18:01:39
@eccentricsage:matrix.orgDaniel Yousoufmaybe need a special output to file method18:01:46
@eccentricsage:matrix.orgDaniel Yousouffor uhh recording or screencapture or regular output print to screen?18:02:00
@eccentricsage:matrix.orgDaniel Yousouffor video games.. to actually work18:02:11
@eccentricsage:matrix.orgDaniel Yousoufany ideas?18:02:15
5 Dec 2023
@eccentricsage:matrix.orgDaniel Yousoufhttps://pixeldrain.com/u/kTMiYW8809:52:51
@eccentricsage:matrix.orgDaniel Yousoufcheck the video this should use the config files in the link here09:52:52
@eccentricsage:matrix.orgDaniel Yousoufhttps://pixeldrain.com/u/P8MrSpKW09:53:23
@eccentricsage:matrix.orgDaniel Yousoufi still maybe hadnt set the registry cranked up with billions of 10 10 10 10 or FF FF FF FF 09:53:44
@eccentricsage:matrix.orgDaniel Yousoufin HKCU /software/mihoyo/genshin impact/unitygraphicssettings09:53:57
@eccentricsage:matrix.orgDaniel Yousoufit keeps setting it back to 05 when i domain or just every once in a while.. or load screen09:54:17
@eccentricsage:matrix.orgDaniel Yousoufi maybe just deleted the unity graphics quality in registry and games like that with my config files09:54:42
@eccentricsage:matrix.orgDaniel Yousoufbut if you use mobile it looks about same same .. i mean same settings right? my LG V60 has an RX63009:54:59
@eccentricsage:matrix.orgDaniel Yousoufso its hundreds better than a ps4 pro which is maybe rx480 at best09:55:11
@eccentricsage:matrix.orgDaniel Yousoufbut i think im using maybe 1-ish of RX.. maybe 4 or 8 .. about there09:55:31
@eccentricsage:matrix.orgDaniel Yousoufas some radio broadcast towers use maybe 4 full spectrum radio transistors09:55:51
@eccentricsage:matrix.orgDaniel Yousouffor TV/wifi/6g/5g/4g or satellite and classic FM/AM radio.. same RX radio bandwidth of all light/sound/optical/audio/waves09:56:38
@eccentricsage:matrix.orgDaniel Yousoufsince it can make a low graphics mid quality max game like genshin impact thats free to play freemium with cardboard looking flat water with marker pen blue scribbles like manga/anime for waterfalls scrolling down and like flat ugly fake water surfaces look wet, have waves, splashes drips.. frosty ice and stuff windy air and sandy desert.. well i guess it can make some other games graphics go 'beyond' but you dont get too many total extra insects or bugs or algae in the water and such like you would in say "the last of us" but i think i'd rather play a pornographic hentai game than any sort of horror game.. just in case the evolution and reality emulation is 'too real' and they come over to my house for a visit09:58:59
@eccentricsage:matrix.orgDaniel Yousoufsorry to spam every learning disability retard with VISIBLY obvious on the box facts forever but they're totally not getting it and making every OS game and everything delayed decades to polish it into 2d fake turds and the worst thing ever in the exact same unity/unreal whatever you can name 3d software and click the same ultra button and same publish button but all game like various farts and turds and look like butts with teeth10:00:39
@eccentricsage:matrix.orgDaniel Yousoufi dont know how ultra button on one game is lowest quality you ever saw compared to SAME ultra button and publish button on other games.. with the EXACT same 3d software.. or how if you go to different mobile phone towers on the train and keep verifying game files it gets better and better!10:01:41
@eccentricsage:matrix.orgDaniel Yousouffix it ya dumbasses10:01:58
@eccentricsage:matrix.orgDaniel Yousoufwreck intel and nvidia and fake microsoft OS and other fake fags..10:02:21
@eccentricsage:matrix.orgDaniel Yousoufhttps://pixeldrain.com/u/HBWqPtoh18:20:12
@eccentricsage:matrix.orgDaniel Yousouffixed typo with lustre removed pluses from vulkan renderer18:20:35
@eccentricsage:matrix.orgDaniel Yousoufhttps://pixeldrain.com/u/aurcySsu22:28:16
@eccentricsage:matrix.orgDaniel Yousoufhttps://pixeldrain.com/u/aurcySsu22:28:36
7 Dec 2023
@eccentricsage:matrix.orgDaniel Yousoufhttps://pixeldrain.com/u/Ec2tHHFM14:16:15

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