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26 May 2022
@nR:libera.chatnR [efnet] <Moriarty> visor: that's a very interesting point 21:33:38
@nR:libera.chatnR [efnet] <Moriarty> Technological leap periods 21:34:05
@nR:libera.chatnR [efnet] <Moriarty> like the rennaisance 21:34:18
@nR:libera.chatnR [efnet] <Moriarty> visor: you seen Gladiator before? The black guy says "I did not know men could build such things", talking about the colosseum 21:35:20
@nR:libera.chatnR [efnet] <xboner> thats much bigger than my mud hutt 21:36:41
@nR:libera.chatnR [efnet] <Moriarty> heheh word 21:37:33
@nR:libera.chatnR [efnet] <Visor> Gladiator is amazing 21:42:06
@nR:libera.chatnR [efnet] <Moriarty> yea, hans zimmer did a badass soundtrack too 21:42:23
@nR:libera.chatnR [efnet] <Visor> I can picture that dude saying that quote too. Have watched it so many times 21:42:50
@nR:libera.chatnR [efnet] <Moriarty> hell yea. 21:43:23
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27 May 2022
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