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28 Sep 2022
@Abrax:libera.chatAbraxGPUs have more robust usages than CPUs03:22:38
@Abrax:libera.chatAbraxor maybe not nvidia themselves but data centers have shown it03:23:13
@shokohsc2:libera.chatshokohsc2 joined the room.03:49:16
@nR:libera.chatnR [efnet] <+raabz> yoo 06:01:04
@nR:libera.chatnR [efnet] <+raabz> u beat a plaguestale yet 06:01:09
@nR:libera.chatnR [efnet] <+raabz> cant wait for the 2nd one 06:01:14
@TheEndSoFar:libera.chatTheEndSoFarnope, by the time, i felt like trying it out, it expired on Game Pass06:02:59
@TheEndSoFar:libera.chatTheEndSoFari even had it installed , just overlooked it i suppose06:04:26
@nR:libera.chatnR [efnet] <+raabz> ahh taht sucks man =[ 06:04:36
@nR:libera.chatnR [efnet] <+raabz> i was on teh last level whe tha thappened 06:04:41
@nR:libera.chatnR [efnet] <+raabz> it was selling like crazy so they prolly took it donw 06:04:49
@nR:libera.chatnR [efnet] <+raabz> down 06:04:52
@TheEndSoFar:libera.chatTheEndSoFarah, makes sense06:05:30
@nR:libera.chatnR [efnet] <+raabz> cuz is it that good 06:05:40
@nR:libera.chatnR [efnet] <+raabz> if i made it i would take it down 06:05:44
@nR:libera.chatnR [efnet] <+raabz> it was my fav game this yr 06:05:48
@nR:libera.chatnR [efnet] <+raabz> SINCE RE7 06:05:54
@nR:libera.chatnR [efnet] <+raabz> so couple rys' 06:05:57
@TheEndSoFar:libera.chatTheEndSoFarI finally bought Remnant recently. i.e the deluxe edition06:06:33
@nR:libera.chatnR [efnet] <+raabz> sweet 06:06:44
@nR:libera.chatnR [efnet] <+raabz> just started deathloop 06:06:53
@TheEndSoFar:libera.chatTheEndSoFarah, that sounds cool06:07:33
@nR:libera.chatnR [efnet] <+raabz> wons some awareds 06:09:32
@nR:libera.chatnR [efnet] <+raabz> but that isnt alwasy good 06:09:35
@|_ocke:libera.chat|_ocke yeah i'm looking forward to the new plague tale 06:38:38
@nR:libera.chatnR [efnet] <+Moriarty> good morning folks. 08:55:30
@nR:libera.chatnR [efnet] <+Moriarty> gonna make some coffee, brb 08:55:33
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