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28 Jan 2023
@nR:libera.chatnR [efnet] <smokay> nope\ 01:37:55
@nR:libera.chatnR [efnet] <smokay> whois me im raab himself 01:38:07
@Sxem:libera.chatSxemi dont like the inline shoulder buttons of the Razer Kishi. i need stacked.01:48:08
@Sxem:libera.chatSxemif im gonna stream modern games, i need stacked shoulders01:48:29
@nR:libera.chatnR [rizon] <~Abrax> moriarty didnt really run off 02:38:25
@nR:libera.chatnR [rizon] <~Abrax> i think he was being a racist prick or somethin 02:38:57
@nR:libera.chatnR [efnet] <smokay> someone kicked em er something 02:47:46
@nR:libera.chatnR [efnet] <smokay> oh the razer controller 02:48:08
@nR:libera.chatnR [efnet] <smokay> ya he might some said something we all have our days 02:48:22
@nR:libera.chatnR [efnet] <smokay> but rasism aint good 02:48:25
@nR:libera.chatnR [efnet] <smokay> so many east indian and native americans here 02:48:55
@nR:libera.chatnR [efnet] <smokay> multicultural as f 02:49:03
@nR:libera.chatnR [IRC-nERDs] <booli7201987> whats up bras? 03:00:40
@nR:libera.chatnR [IRC-nERDs] <booli7201987> whos the boss in here 03:00:57
@nR:libera.chatnR [IRC-nERDs] <booli7201987> games these days honestly suck 03:01:22
@nR:libera.chatnR [IRC-nERDs] <Abrax> i dunno 03:02:25
@nR:libera.chatnR [IRC-nERDs] <Abrax> are you the boss 03:02:25
@nR:libera.chatnR [IRC-nERDs] <booli7201987> boss of what 03:02:39
@nR:libera.chatnR [IRC-nERDs] <booli7201987> i'm definitley the boss of somthing 03:02:55
@nR:libera.chatnR [IRC-nERDs] <booli7201987> i'm not sure what tho 03:03:05
@nR:libera.chatnR [IRC-nERDs] <Abrax> what would that be 03:03:06
@nR:libera.chatnR [IRC-nERDs] <Abrax> hah k 03:03:10
@nR:libera.chatnR [IRC-nERDs] <Abrax> the boss of your woman? 03:03:24
@nR:libera.chatnR [IRC-nERDs] <booli7201987> i'm the boss of alot of boys 03:03:30
@nR:libera.chatnR [IRC-nERDs] <Abrax> nah no man is the boss of their woman 03:03:31
@nR:libera.chatnR [IRC-nERDs] <Abrax> uh 03:03:39
@nR:libera.chatnR [IRC-nERDs] <booli7201987> no i am not the boss of my women 03:03:41
@nR:libera.chatnR [IRC-nERDs] <booli7201987> what games you guys like 03:04:13
@nR:libera.chatnR [IRC-nERDs] <Abrax> rpgs for me 03:04:21

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