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23 Jan 2020
21:49:05@piroko:pintobyte.compirokoI'm assuming (as others have said) because the message view is already loaded
22:22:43@krille:ubports.chatkrillesending files on web is also not yet implemented
22:23:49@krille:ubports.chatkrillenative versions for windows macOS and linux can follow in the near future. And when we have wayland support in Ubuntu Touch then... 😊😉
24 Jan 2020
In reply to @jonny:ubports.chat
> <@fuseteam:matrix.org> isn't moving accounts a backend thing instead of a client thing? Its not really a supported thing in matrix. You need your client to use your old account to add your new account to all chats.
Yeah but its still a matrix server thing rather then a matrix client thing
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18:36:33@duncanturk:synapse.duncanturk.comChristopher joined the room.
22:56:22@duncanturk:synapse.duncanturk.comChristopherhi, I'm using fluffychat on android for a few days now and I really like it 👍🏼
22:57:16@duncanturk:synapse.duncanturk.comChristopherUI and UX is really nice!
23:00:28@duncanturk:synapse.duncanturk.comChristopherbut most of my rooms are e2ee. So I'm wondering whether e2ee will come in the near future? Are there any plans/roadmap?
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25 Jan 2020
00:03:12@fuseteam:matrix.orgFuseteamyes it is planned and being worked on it should come soon-ish

but most of my rooms are e2ee. So I'm wondering whether e2ee will come in the near future? Are there any plans/roadmap?

I'm confused, I thought FluffyChat is only for UbuntuTouch?

02:37:49@aaron:raim.istAaron krille: some of the links in that blog post are messed up btw. They get a bunch of %E2%80%8B%E2%80%8B%E2%80%8B added to the end.
03:02:14@barsoom:matrix.orgRumowhat am I doing wrong?
03:02:33@barsoom:matrix.orgRumoNothing found in Fdroid
03:28:29@fuseteam:matrix.orgFuseteamits in alpha the links are in this room somewhere
07:09:57@krille:ubports.chatkrilleyes e2ee is in work for both versions. I will finish them for the qml version next week and then port them to the flutter version
07:10:55@krille:ubports.chatkrillefluffychat will also be available on iOS 😉 I only need a credit card to pay the playstore and appstore license
07:42:22@duncanturk:synapse.duncanturk.comChristopherI use this repo, works fine @Rumo
08:00:53@duncanturk:synapse.duncanturk.comChristophere2ee sounds good! but this will "only" include encryption and decryption I guess? not verification, key backup&restore and cross signing?
08:03:07@krille:ubports.chatkrilleverification will be included too. key backup&restore and cross signing are additional features that I am working on my company too and FluffyChat Flutter will be the playground to develop it so it is very possible to come too in FluffyChat Flutter
08:04:34@krille:ubports.chatkrilleCurrently I'm thinking about "themes" for FluffyChat Flutter to style the app in the Ubuntu Touch Suru style. Then it could replace the current qml version on UT 😊
08:05:29@duncanturk:synapse.duncanturk.comChristopherthe things you do for the company are all in the open source dart SDK the flutter version uses right? or is this a separate thing?
08:10:48@krille:ubports.chatkrilleits all in the open source famedly sdk, which FluffyChat Flutter is using

I use this repo, works fine @Rumo

Thats's the right link. Thanks Christopher

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fluffychat will also be available on iOS 😉 I only need a credit card to pay the playstore and appstore license
If their is a stable Version for Android and IOS we can make advertise in RiotRooms, Mastodon and other socialmedia Channels, if you want.

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