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12 Sep 2019
21:07:55@fuseteam:matrix.orgFuseteamI believe it there should be an ubports-qa build
21:08:37@fuseteam:matrix.orgFuseteamYou can see it in the keyboard-component repo
21:09:48@lionelb:matrix.orglionelbThen I am probably out of my depth 😝
21:10:31@lionelb:matrix.orglionelbI will pursue it tomorrow, maybe in a pm
21:11:18@lionelb:matrix.orglionelbIs it the download in QA?
21:14:00@fuseteam:matrix.orgFuseteamThere is one yes
21:15:21@fuseteam:matrix.orgFuseteamBut need someone to test pr-93 of the keyboard repo 😆
21:15:41@fuseteam:matrix.orgFuseteam*someone on edge :p
21:16:56@lionelb:matrix.orglionelbOkay. I will check tomorrow
21:17:12@fuseteam:matrix.orgFuseteamBut yeah feel free to pm xD We've hijacked this room for long enough 😆
21:17:43@lionelb:matrix.orglionelbExactly 🙃
14 Sep 2019
20:00:45@lionelb:matrix.orglionelbSo here it is
20:03:49@lionelb:matrix.orglionelbStrange keyboard
20:04:41@lionelb:matrix.orglionelbWorks though
In reply to @lionelb:matrix.org
Strange keyboard
As I've already said to Fuseteam, I get best use out of it when using the autocomplete suggestions. Type a couple of characters and it usually pops up. I hardly ever use it with a standard OSK.
22:15:54@lionelb:matrix.orglionelbI find sound helps with training
15 Sep 2019
00:02:06@fuseteam:matrix.orgFuseteamLooks like myii didn't spot the difference :p
00:35:34@acid-override:matrix.orgacid-override🙌🙌 Love this...nice work man
00:38:05@wayneoutthere:matrix.orgwayneoutthereYeah nice page. Sharp. Good
00:38:34@wayneoutthere:matrix.orgwayneoutthereAnd flick is 'something' I am slowly trying it
01:37:50@fuseteam:matrix.orgFuseteamOh cool so that's the potential of a gitlab page
02:37:25@wayneoutthere:matrix.orgwayneouttherehuh. i never thought that was a github page until you just said it. that's cool!
02:37:39@wayneoutthere:matrix.orgwayneouttherethat's next-level-github
11:49:26@fuseteam:matrix.orgFuseteamNotifs seem to come in, even for new messages in the open chat
20:59:39@darkeye:ubports.chatDark Eye changed their profile picture.

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