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17 Feb 2019
16:48:43@lionelb:matrix.orglionelbBipolar could be useful also 😄
16:48:43@krille:chat.regionetz.netKrilleTechnicly there are no direct chats. All direct chats are groupchats with just two members
16:52:56@lionelb:matrix.orglionelbSo a recipe chat and a wedding planning chat. Yes, I can see the point of not jumbling everything up in a general chat
16:53:23@PhoenixLandPirate:matrix.orgPhoenix Land PirateNice and organized
16:54:42@advocatux:matrix.orgadvocatuxYeah, I have some dedicated rooms for that kind of stuff, even some rooms with its dedicated bot (for example for RSS)
16:56:03@krille:chat.regionetz.netKrilleOr a room with no one else for copy and paste between differen t devices
16:56:33@advocatux:matrix.orgadvocatuxor for my gifs collection :)
16:57:10@lionelb:matrix.orglionelbAh. Like Saved in Telegram
16:58:08@advocatux:matrix.orgadvocatuxbut you can have as many "like Saved in TG" in Matrix as you want
16:58:44@lionelb:matrix.orglionelbAndroid Riot has image reduction as an option so it enables transfer and resizing in one go
In reply to @lionelb:matrix.org
A list dialog perhaps. But it would not be clear from the list, which chat is which
If it shows the last message in the list like it does from the main page, that might be good enough
17:28:33@jon:terracrypt.netjfredI do wish you could set local room avatars/names in Matrix though
17:30:17@krille:chat.regionetz.netKrilleYou can :D
17:30:30@krille:chat.regionetz.netKrilleBut I guess its deprecated
17:47:40@KoenigJaeger:matrix.org@KoenigJaeger:matrix.org changed their display name from KönigJäger to RandomPhoton.
17:48:32@KoenigJaeger:matrix.org@KoenigJaeger:matrix.org changed their display name from RandomPhoton to Koenigjaeger.
17:50:20@KoenigJaeger:matrix.org@KoenigJaeger:matrix.org changed their display name from Koenigjaeger to @RandomPhoton:matrix.org.
17:52:11@KoenigJaeger:matrix.org@KoenigJaeger:matrix.org changed their display name from @RandomPhoton:matrix.org to @Koenigjaeger:matrix.org (@KoenigJaeger:matrix.org).
17:52:37@KoenigJaeger:matrix.org@KoenigJaeger:matrix.org left the room.
22:30:18@wayneoutthere:matrix.orgwayneouttherei'm having a problem logging into ubports.chat on riot on android (don't ask)
22:30:24@wayneoutthere:matrix.orgwayneoutthereanyone else had this issue?
22:53:03@wayneoutthere:matrix.orgwayneoutthere(it's good that no one here has this problem (android)) ha
23:03:34@wayneoutthere:matrix.orgwayneoutthereit works for matrix server but not ubports.chat
23:16:34@wayneoutthere:matrix.orgwayneoutthereso i've confirmed the bug: you cannot use android Riot with Ubports.chat
23:17:00@wayneoutthere:matrix.orgwayneouttheregives a weird I/O output error thing related to SSL
23:17:07@wayneoutthere:matrix.orgwayneouttherebut matrix.org is fine
23:17:26@wayneoutthere:matrix.orgwayneouttherethis is old android though... will tryupdate
18 Feb 2019
00:12:22@wayneoutthere:matrix.orgwayneoutthereturns out it was an 'old' android. after some ugly updatse it started working... yay? nay...

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