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2 Apr 2020
In reply to @sorunome:sorunome.de
there is a webapp framework on Ubuntu Touch
18:02:41@krille:ubports.chatkrillebut thats no option if you want... performance
18:18:54@PhoenixLandPirate:matrix.orgPhoenix Land Pirate
In reply to @krille:ubports.chat
flutter for linux needs wayland. The flutter devs are also working on Flutter on top of Qt. That would be a chance
This sounds really good
18:24:32@strappo:matrix.org@strappo:matrix.org left the room.
18:49:31@thatoo:synapse.leprette.frThatoofor what I understood, after v12, they will move from ubuntu 16.04 basis to 20.04 basis and a big deal is done on QT especialy through a common work with KDE
18:50:26@sorunome:sorunome.deSorunome what about knome hides
18:51:08@lionelb:matrix.orglionelbI think a Qt upgrade is possible even before 20.04
18:52:58@thatoo:synapse.leprette.frThatooI guess it will be worked together I mean parallel..
18:53:47@lionelb:matrix.orglionelbYes. Not chicken and egg. Egg and chips… 😁
18:59:13@simmel:tchncs.desimon set a profile picture.
3 Apr 2020
12:22:28@wayneoutthere:matrix.orgwayneouttherewhen i logged in today on snap I had 'No previous message' in every group chat. Kind of weird. Maybe related to this upgrade above?
19:32:29@ptman:kapsi.fiPaul joined the room.
19:33:14@ptman:kapsi.fiPaulI can't seem to get the version mentioned in twim from the fdroid repo
19:34:55@krille:ubports.chatkrilleRedacted or Malformed Event
19:34:57@krille:ubports.chatkrilleRedacted or Malformed Event
19:35:35@ptman:kapsi.fiPaulwell, fdroid is giving me 0.7.something
19:35:36@krille:ubports.chatkrillehm 0.11.0 is in the repo
19:35:45@krille:ubports.chatkrillehave you updated the sources?
19:36:30@krille:ubports.chatkrillehm maybe it needs some time until it appears :-(
19:36:37@krille:ubports.chatkrille@mtrnord do you have an idea?
19:37:35@sorunome:sorunome.deSorunomeremove and re-add the repo source
19:37:39@sorunome:sorunome.deSorunomefdroid is weird sometimes
19:40:02@ptman:kapsi.fiPaulthat helped, thanks
19:40:30@krille:ubports.chatkrillemicrosoft fix 🤨
In reply to @sorunome:sorunome.de
fdroid is weird sometimes
their server is weirder :P
19:41:32@sorunome:sorunome.deSorunomeheh, ok xD
19:42:47@MTRNord:matrix.ffslfl.netMTRNordIt is a wonder it even runs. It doesn't work with their docker and not with their master. But if I mix the released and master version it suddenly worked. And I am scared to ever do an update... ^^
20:41:14@swedneck:hielle.comSwedneck changed their display name from swedneck to Swedneck.
22:06:27@jordan:yonder.computerjordan joined the room.

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