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10 Dec 2018
20:44:12@krille:chat.regionetz.netKrilleyou can already
20:44:18@wayneoutthere:matrix.orgwayneoutthereshut up!
20:44:22@krille:chat.regionetz.netKrilletab on the gif and then on the +
20:44:25@wayneoutthere:matrix.orgwayneoutthere(that means 'no way!?')
20:44:40@krille:chat.regionetz.netKrille 😁 😁 😁
20:45:30@wayneoutthere:matrix.orgwayneoutthere*heart melts*
20:46:49@krille:chat.regionetz.netKrillebe aware that gifs kill your mobile data if you dont have wifi
20:47:23@krille:chat.regionetz.netKrilledont know how much mobile data costs in Canada but in germany its like gold >.<
20:48:28@wayneoutthere:matrix.orgwayneoutthereoh... so if people send them a lot it sucks the reader's data too? that's uncool. maybe there is a 'gif blocker' when you go on mobile?
20:48:43@krille:chat.regionetz.netKrillethere is already a gif blocker :D
20:49:04@krille:chat.regionetz.netKrillein settings "animated pictures autoload" switch
20:49:05@wayneoutthere:matrix.orgwayneouttheredang man. i'll shut up now
20:49:16@wayneoutthere:matrix.orgwayneouttherenow...finish that E2e>!
20:50:40@wayneoutthere:matrix.orgwayneouttherewait... we need cool user video for FC so people like me don't annoy people like you
20:51:06@lsjmhar:ubports.chatjonrobsonDo you know how to bridge a telegram channel to fluffychat? Can u only bridge a channel you create yourself?
20:51:10@krille:chat.regionetz.netKrille There are already plans for cool user videos, right Jana ? :D :D
20:51:34@krille:chat.regionetz.netKrille Marian : knows how to bridge telegram and fluffychat groupchats I think. =)
20:52:33@krille:chat.regionetz.netKrilleRedacted or Malformed Event
20:52:49@krille:chat.regionetz.netKrilleRedacted or Malformed Event
20:56:52@lsjmhar:ubports.chatjonrobsonThanks. Sent him a pm. 😉😉
21:00:48@lsjmhar:ubports.chatjonrobson changed their display name from bollickybill to jonrobson.
In reply to @krille:chat.regionetz.net
dont know how much mobile data costs in Canada but in germany its like gold >.<
That's surprising. I have 5GB for less than 20 euros in this phone :)
21:53:13@lionelb:matrix.orglionelbI have 3Gb for about €7
22:01:07@malditobastardo:matrix.orgmalditobastardoI have 512mb for 6€ :(
11 Dec 2018
01:27:25@wayneoutthere:matrix.orgwayneoutthere i thought malditobastardo and advocatux were in the same country, no?
01:28:28@wayneoutthere:matrix.orgwayneouttherebut then again... 6Euros for 512MB is 'cheap' if you don't need much more... i don't honesly use much data but maybe gifs are sucking our data HA
05:31:18@krille:chat.regionetz.netKrille2GB + unlimited sms (important if you dont have whatsapp 😅) for 10€. Okay I always thought thats way to expensive
09:18:10@lionelb:matrix.orglionelbThey are both in Europe 😂 but Czech Republic and Spain
13:26:43@wayneoutthere:matrix.orgwayneoutthereoh... go figure.

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