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25 May 2022
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26 May 2022
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@_discord_861076752506945536:t2bot.ioBenRx#1653 [FOR HIRE][BLOCKCHAIN-FULLSTACK][REMOTE][FULLTIME]
Thank you for stopping by. Having worked in the blockchain space for over 3 years, I am a full stack blockchain developer.

FullStack + 6
BlockChain + 3

My capabilities include the following:
### BlockChain
* Smart Contract, DeFi, in Ethereum, Solana
* Smart Contract (ERC20 + ERC721) and Audit
* Cryptocurrency Pricing Website
* Crypto Arbitrage
* Forking coin
* DApps development - Solidity/Rust + web3.js/ethers.js
* Integration with crypto wallets such as Metamask.
* NFT marketplace,
* NFTs (ERC-721, ERC-1155, Flow, BSC,Solana, Polygon, Rarible, Opensea, Nifty, etc)
* Peer to peer platform
* Wallet development (HOT /COLD/ETHER/P2P/ ETH WALLET)
* NFT game development

### Frontend
* UX/UI Design
* React, Next, Redux, React Native CLI/Expo
* Vue, Nuxt, Vue3
* Styling Framework (Styled component/SCSS/TailwindCSS)
* UI Kit (MUI/Antd/Bootstrap/NativeBase)
* Rest API/GraphQL

### Backend
* Node/PHP
* Express/Nest
* MongoDB/MySQL/PostgreSQL
* Python

It is possible for me to start working right away in your time zone. It would be great if you would give me the opportunity to work with you. Please give me a shout if you're interested. I appreciate your time.

Please DM
@_discord_372427838755831809:t2bot.ioyoloman#1525 ?warn BenRx not the right channel. This is the second time I'm telling you to checkout #✦》job-postings and don't post for hire post 19:40:22

BenRx#1653 has been warned. || not the right channel. This is the second time I'm telling you to checkout #✦》job-postings and don't post for hire post

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27 May 2022
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