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15 Apr 2024
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16 Apr 2024
@lucas:yatrix.org@lucas:yatrix.org changed their display name from lucasmz ∞☭ (he/they) to lucasmz.05:29:37
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In reply to @randomranger:matrix.org
error: vendor/google/bonito/Android.bp:171:1: module "manifest_wifi_ext_aidl" variant "android_arm64_armv8-a": module source path "vendor/google/bonito/proprietary/vendor/etc/vintf/manifest/manifest_wifi_ext_aidl.xml" does not exist
I just make a clean clone of the repo, ran the device.sh + lunch, but I still get this error. Currently trying to build for bonito, so no custom stuff yet. Anyone happen to recognize this?
And you ran device.sh bonito? Any Errors with the Download and extraction?
@eighthave:matrix.org_hcSo HStill, who is working with us, just setup her first CalyxOS device. It all went smoothly except for location, it is consistently showing about 600km off.14:13:37
@eighthave:matrix.org_hcit seems to be a known, intermittent issue.14:13:47
@eighthave:matrix.org_hcShe's still affected and available to help work through this issue:14:14:03
@eighthave:matrix.org_hcwe confirmed that the GPS is working correctly using SatStat.14:14:18
@eighthave:matrix.org_hcwas within 500m14:14:23
@eighthave:matrix.org_hcso it seems to be an issue between the GPS and the location provider.14:14:43
@cdesai:matrix.orgcdesaihey, we'll look into this!14:17:50
@cdesai:matrix.orgcdesaiIt shouldn't be that oof14:17:55
@cdesai:matrix.orgcdesai * It shouldn't be that off14:17:57
@randomranger:matrix.orgrandomrangercorrect, I can rerun it again but i don't remember running into any errors during device.sh. 16:54:17
@feeds:integrations.ems.hostFeeds New post in Google Chrome Releases: Chrome Stable for iOS Update 16:58:04
In reply to @randomranger:matrix.org
correct, I can rerun it again but i don't remember running into any errors during device.sh.
hey, so the issue is that we had to add some files from pixel 5a to make it work with the latest source code release
@cdesai:matrix.orgcdesai Also, right now for bonito in android14, things are a bit broken, but work is in progress (and on gerrit) to take it further 18:37:48
@cdesai:matrix.orgcdesai if you want something working, you can build the last release for it, and extract blobs from the calyxos build itself. unzip it to say /tmp/foo, then cd device/google/bonito; ./extract-files.sh /tmp/foo 18:38:37
In reply to @nickcalyx:matrix.org
I think our developers might say to try to build lineage for it first, though
yes, because we only include the hardware specific code for our own devices, and exclude anything else. Thus, for some device we don't support, all the code may not be present.
@cdesai:matrix.orgcdesaialso, old calyxos versions aren't really maintained anymore, especially something so old18:39:47
@cdesai:matrix.orgcdesai so i_iMikey I'd recommend building LineageOS for your device 18:39:59
In reply to @moss:the-apothecary.club
hey, with regard to the recent find my device feature in android, is this something that is only available to hook into with googled android/nonfree apps, or is it feasible for it to be either a feature of a degoogled ROM (like Calyx) or some foss android app that might be developed in future?
it may end up in microG, given that it's included in play services on stock.
In reply to @telegram_5260989617:calyx.dev
I found a way to lock screen clock customisation in a aosp based rom. There is a option in lock screen i.e clock colour and size .In the ROM I am testing right now the dev had changed the word size to style (clock colour and style)and added two more clock styles to default ones. Is it possible to implement lock screen custom clock this way in calyxos ?
do you have any links / some more info?
In reply to @lucas:yatrix.org
Are there any other partitions such as `avb_custom_key` that are flashed during the install process that are not in a stock install? This is regarding the Motos.

Also what can be a side effect of leaving this partition (`avb_custom_key`) when returning to stock? Is it perhaps possible to still flash partitions signed by Calyx? Maybe resulting in it being possible to bypass things like FRP?

no other partitions.

it really shouldn't have any effect.

No it won't be possible to flash anything when locked. No you can't bypass FRP with it.

@randomranger:matrix.orgrandomrangerah ok, that clears things up quite a bit. thanks @cdesai!19:05:54

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