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25 Mar 2023
@majestictwelve:mozilla.orgmajestictwelveWhat was it? 👀21:17:27
26 Mar 2023
@telegram_536519104:calyx.devDil3mm4 (Telegram)
In reply to @majestictwelve:mozilla.org
What was it? 👀
Search for LatinIME
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@jquilty:matrix.orgjquiltySo I have a dumb question. I'm trying to get to using my custom build full time on my main phone instead of just my test devices. 23:40:04
@jquilty:matrix.orgjquiltyIs there a way to flash a build signed with the same keys as a previous build to a phone without unlocking the bootloader again?23:40:35
@jquilty:matrix.orgjquiltyI know I can set up an OTA server for the future, but for the time being I'd rather flash it via the computer.23:41:18
@nickcalyx:matrix.orgnickcalyxyeah you can use adb sideload 23:43:59
@nickcalyx:matrix.orgnickcalyxits not a dumb question, btw23:44:23
27 Mar 2023
In reply to @nickcalyx:matrix.org
Thank you, Nick. That was exactly what I needed!
@nickcalyx:matrix.orgnickcalyxany time !00:27:55
@nickcalyx:matrix.orgnickcalyxhappy that I could help00:28:27
@nickcalyx:matrix.orgnickcalyxit's not every day that i can answer a question in the development channel00:43:16
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@telegram_5939499335:calyx.devRedmi 5 (Telegram)source ready to build ?05:33:35
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28 Mar 2023
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@librelibre:matrix.orgnachoLIBREWhat does ppl think about wireguard?07:20:52
@librelibre:matrix.orgnachoLIBREIt came with my ROM and I just learned about it. Apparently better than openvpn07:21:57
@freshgum_bubbles:mozilla.orgairwave5 definitely better for #calyxos-offtopic:matrix.org nachoLIBRE 11:30:48
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