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10 May 2021
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@freenode_cdesai:matrix.orgcdesai ok this one I can't do as fast, takes a few hours to build 21:35:17
11 May 2021
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12 May 2021
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13 May 2021
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@horsepower72:matrix.orghorsepower72Hello, I wanted to first thank you guys for building Calyx OS! I very much appreciate what you are doing and am loving the experience. I have noticed one thing that I would think is a bug or glitch as it is definitely not working properly... It is when answering or declining a call, it just doesn't respond to the swipe. I have to do it two or three times to answer a call, and the decline swiping down does jot work at all. This is on mine and my wife's pixel 4 phones. Thank you again for the great work! 21:08:42
@uldiniad:matrix.orguldiniada friend of mine reported having issues like that on a previous build. but I think he said it fixed itself with one of the newer updates21:30:40
@uldiniad:matrix.orguldiniad this is on the latest version? horsepower72 21:30:51
@uldiniad:matrix.orguldiniad * this is on the latest version? horsepower72 21:30:55
@horsepower72:matrix.orghorsepower72Yeah, I am on the newest version. This month was my first update since the original upload.21:33:12
@uldiniad:matrix.orguldiniadDon't think we touch that part of the also dialer which might mean it's an AOSP bug :/21:34:46
@horsepower72:matrix.orghorsepower72I was wondering about that possibility. Could be.21:42:29
14 May 2021
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15 May 2021
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16 May 2021
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@vgun:matrix.orgΠρομηθέας (Prometheus) changed their display name from Rob Προμηθέας to Προμηθέας (Prometheus).16:04:12
@vgun:matrix.orgΠρομηθέας (Prometheus)has anyone played with setting up pfsence with the hotspot? with something like a tethered raspberry pie? use it for soho use? also looking to mitigate my telsa data suck.18:18:23
@vgun:matrix.orgΠρομηθέας (Prometheus)pinephone with calyx os? is that possible?18:23:30
@vgun:matrix.orgΠρομηθέας (Prometheus)I like the idea of pinephone or fairphone with calyx os. can't get fairphone in the usa. Not into the librem 5.18:25:58
@nickcalyx:matrix.orgnickcalyxPinephone and librem basically have no android support18:37:08
@nickcalyx:matrix.orgnickcalyxFairphone does but always years out of date18:37:25
17 May 2021
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