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22 Sep 2020
/config/log # cat authelia.log 
INFO[0000] Logging severity set to info                 
INFO[0000] Authelia is listening for non-TLS connections on 
@vannacuttbt:matrix.orgvannacuttbtbut with color on my side05:08:41
@nightah:nerv.com.auAmirwait, so the logs look fine with cat?05:09:07
@nightah:nerv.com.auAmirwhere are you seeing the codes then?05:09:25
@vannacuttbt:matrix.orgvannacuttbtScreenshot 2020-09-22 070939.png
Download Screenshot 2020-09-22 070939.png
@vannacuttbt:matrix.orgvannacuttbtwhen I look in the config direkly05:10:06
@nightah:nerv.com.auAmiryou mean the log directly?05:10:20
@vannacuttbt:matrix.orgvannacuttbtsorry yes :)05:10:28
@nightah:nerv.com.auAmirand directly means what, with an editor?05:10:38
@nightah:nerv.com.auAmirwhat editor?05:11:06
@vannacuttbt:matrix.orgvannacuttbtvi and mcedit05:11:25
@nightah:nerv.com.auAmir can you try :syntax on in vi? 05:13:00
@vannacuttbt:matrix.orgvannacuttbtMy main problem what I have is that it does not look like time="2020-09-22T15:01:48+10:00" level=info msg="Logging severity set to info" because I would need this log layout for fail2ban in the end :)05:13:12
@nightah:nerv.com.auAmirseems like the issue has something to do with your shell/term and interaction with the editor05:13:12
@vannacuttbt:matrix.orgvannacuttbtWhat I'm wondering about is the different Log output format, I think that logrus thinks it writes to TTY or something like this.05:16:36

I think something like this has to be set in "internal/logging/logger.go"

@nightah:nerv.com.auAmir you said you're running the latest tag? 05:20:21
/app # authelia version
Authelia version v4.22.0

I think yes

@nightah:nerv.com.auAmir I can't actually replicate your issue, can you dump your configuration.yml with secrets redacted please 05:21:44
@vannacuttbt:matrix.orgvannacuttbtSend it here?05:22:07
@nightah:nerv.com.auAmirhere's a pastebin, whatever is fine05:22:38
@nightah:nerv.com.auAmirlooking at logsrus docs the format you're getting is when a TTY is attached05:26:29
@nightah:nerv.com.auAmir are you running the container with a docker-compose.yml or a run/create command? 05:26:57
@vannacuttbt:matrix.orgvannacuttbt root@localhost:# /usr/local/emhttp/plugins/dynamix.docker.manager/scripts/docker run -d --name='authelia' --net='proxynet' -e TZ="Europe/Berlin" -e HOST_OS="Unraid" -e 'PUID'='99' -e 'PGID'='100' -p '9091:9091/tcp' -v '/mnt/user/appdata/authelia':'/config':'rw' 'authelia/authelia' 05:28:20
@vannacuttbt:matrix.orgvannacuttbtIts with a Unraid Docker Template05:28:35
@nightah:nerv.com.auAmir can you provide the output of docker inspect authelia too? 05:29:09
@vannacuttbt:matrix.orgvannacuttbtDo I need to redact something, or can I send it you directly?05:29:53
@nightah:nerv.com.auAmiryou can send it to me directly05:30:32

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