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9 Oct 2019
@swedishhat:matrix.orgswedishhathere are my notes:03:22:24
@swedishhat:matrix.orgswedishhat danielle.wis: there's a santa cruz list as well if you're interested: http://lists.svlug.org/lists/listinfo/smaug 03:26:10
@danielle.wis:matrix.org@danielle.wis:matrix.orgRedacted or Malformed Event04:47:14
@swedishhat:matrix.orgswedishhat https://latacora.micro.blog/2019/07/16/the-pgp-problem.html 06:55:58
@swedishhat:matrix.orgswedishhat This article is an interesting stance on pgp and why they think it needs to die. I'm not totally convinced but I am more doubtful of it 07:00:24
@swedishhat:matrix.orgswedishhat Dang, I got another good article: https://renesd.blogspot.com/2019/09/post-modern-c-tooling.html?m=1 07:06:43
@swedishhat:matrix.orgswedishhatSorry for all the spam today. Lots of relevant stuff07:07:04
@bobsmith-dpi:matrix.orgbobsmith-dpiThanks for the links. Encrypted backups has been on my todo list for awhile. The C tools stuff was pretty useful. I'd never heard of many of them.21:42:36
17 Oct 2019
@bobsmith-dpi:matrix.orgbobsmith-dpiNot for clusters but still an interesting peer-to-peer protocol: https://datprotocol.github.io/how-dat-works/17:11:32
21 Oct 2019
@bobsmith-dpi:matrix.orgbobsmith-dpin*log(n) multiply https://www.popularmechanics.com/science/a29514208/faster-way-multiply/02:28:04
23 Oct 2019
@swedishhat:matrix.orgswedishhatI couldn't find the actual algorithm23:07:21
@swedishhat:matrix.orgswedishhatBut it's a pretty kewl concept23:07:29
28 Oct 2019
@swedishhat:matrix.orgswedishhatRedacted or Malformed Event20:35:58
@swedishhat:matrix.orgswedishhat Hey bobsmith-dpi, are you still coming down to Cali to demo the jigsaw puzzle this weekend? 20:37:13
29 Oct 2019
@bobsmith-dpi:matrix.orgbobsmith-dpiHalf yes. I'll be at the Dojo Saturday evening just because, but I've not made any progress on programming a solution to the puzzle. I could demo how to create a puzzle and discuss approaches to solving it, but I don't have any solution code to show. 19:24:03
30 Oct 2019
@swedishhat:matrix.orgswedishhat That sounds cool to me. It'll be a pretty low-key thing I think 10:27:13
31 Oct 2019
@danielle.wis:matrix.org@danielle.wis:matrix.orgRedacted or Malformed Event18:27:30
@danielle.wis:matrix.org@danielle.wis:matrix.orgRedacted or Malformed Event18:28:37
@danielle.wis:matrix.org@danielle.wis:matrix.orgRedacted or Malformed Event18:29:01
@danielle.wis:matrix.org@danielle.wis:matrix.orgRedacted or Malformed Event18:36:03
@danielle.wis:matrix.org@danielle.wis:matrix.orgRedacted or Malformed Event18:36:17
8 Nov 2019
26 Nov 2019
@bobsmith-dpi:matrix.orgbobsmith-dpiThis seem pretty neat if you like synths https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/artiphon/orba-by-artiphon-an-instrument-designed-for-your-hands?ref=discovery_category06:30:43
@gnarlsmarley:matrix.org@gnarlsmarley:matrix.orgThat looks awesome, I think I will get one21:24:31
14 Jan 2020
@swedishhat:matrix.orgswedishhat@room does anyone have any issues with me taking ownership of the clusterfights domain name and stuff under my personal account? I still want to keep it up but just manage it under my other namecheap domains18:49:01
@swedishhat:matrix.orgswedishhat Also, it would appear that for the time being Clusterfights is on indefinite hiatus. Maybe it'll be a thing again but for now, I'm going to officially call it kaput. 18:50:24
@gnarlsmarley:matrix.org@gnarlsmarley:matrix.orgI'm all for Patrick taking things over until further notice. 18:53:10
@gnarlsmarley:matrix.org@gnarlsmarley:matrix.orgI have some ideas to make multiple video youtube series on getting a cluster up and going on the original challenge. I intend to use the ClusterFight name for this purpose.18:54:24
@swedishhat:matrix.orgswedishhatsounds cool, man18:55:53
15 Jan 2020
@swedishhat:matrix.orgswedishhat gnarlsmarley and I had a Big Idea (TM) last night. An ISP that offers subsidized internet access for people that use their homes as distributed datacenters. Instead of a modem + router + AP combo like a lot of ISPs do, you also add upgradeable compute and storage modules. 18:03:49

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