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18 Jan 2019
15:24:03@StewieFellows:matrix.orgSF changed the history visibility to "world_readable" from "shared".
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27 Jan 2019
17:14:16@StewieFellows:matrix.orgSF set their display name to SF.
8 Feb 2019
13:47:28Room Avatar Renderer.
13:48:39@StewieFellows:matrix.orgSFchanged room power levels.
13:48:51@StewieFellows:matrix.orgSFchanged room power levels.
13:48:54@StewieFellows:matrix.orgSFchanged room power levels.
13:48:57@StewieFellows:matrix.orgSFchanged room power levels.
13:49:00@StewieFellows:matrix.orgSFchanged room power levels.
13:49:08@StewieFellows:matrix.orgSFchanged room power levels.
13:56:51Room Avatar Renderer.
14:19:37@StewieFellows:matrix.orgSFWelcome! If you managed to find this room, you'll probably see it's very empty in here right now. If you know anybody in RI that would also like to join, please invite them!

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