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1 Aug 2018
14:21:33@o9c4:matrix.orgo9c4Trade Gateway to China https://www.o9c4.com/topic/2116-trade-gateway-to-china/ China Trade Gateway. China Product Manufacturers | Reliable and Quality Suppliers. Trading with China. China trade fair. CHINA International IMPORT EXPOSITION. China's Gateway to World Trade in China. International Trade with China. Search the Community | Showing results for 'Trade China'. https://www.o9c4.com/search/?&q=Trade China&search_and_or=and&sortby=relevancy hi5 group http://bit.ly/TradeGatewayToChinahi5group #Trade Gateway to China #China Trade #China Trade Gateway #Trading with China #China trade fair
10 Aug 2018
16:02:23@o9c4:matrix.orgo9c4MT103 (SWIFT message format) https://www.o9c4.com/topic/2122-mt103%C2%A0swift-message-format/ Straight through processing (STP). Ensuring timely and cost-efficient payments. Global Payments and Cash Management, payment services, SWIFT payment, customer credit transfer for a single payment, fund transfer. International Payment Systems, payment message format, payment systems, SWIFT Message Format, cover payments, cross border wire transfers. What is MT103 (SWIFT)? Is mt103 proof of payment? What is swift 103 message type? What is mt101 and mt103? What is the difference between 103 and 202? MT103 - A standardised SWIFT payment confirmation. An MT103 is a standardised SWIFT payment message used specifically for cross border/international wire transfers. An MT103 serves as a valid proof of payment including all the payment details such as payment date, amount, currency, sender and recipient details. The MT103 is a SWIFT message format used for making payments. MT103 SWIFT payments are known as international wire transfers, telegraphic transfers, standard EU payments (SEPA payments), LVTS in Canada, etc. Format Description SWIFT MT103. MT103 - Detail view for message. What's an MT103? MT103 Formatting Requirements. Twitter List https://twitter.com/o9c4com/lists/mt103-swift #MT103 #SWIFT message format #SWIFT payment #SWIFT MT103 #when to use mt103 #mt103 example #mt103 explained #mt103 format #mt103 format specifications #mt103 mandatory fields #swift mt103 sample text #how to get mt103
19 Aug 2018
14:15:30@o9c4:matrix.orgo9c4Work in China, Beijing: Primary school position, Curriculum Development Specialist, Kindergarten position, Summer camp subject teacher. Please send your CV to connectbeijing@126.com or phone/wechat:18611191756 connectbeijing | O9C4COM Leaders Profile https://www.o9c4.com/profile/95-connectbeijing/
22 Aug 2018
16:25:06@o9c4:matrix.orgo9c4Cross-Border Business Community https://www.o9c4.com/topic/2131-cross-border-business-community/ Foreign economic activity topic where any international company can follow as a member and post their commercial messages, to promote its products and services. The platform have well-structured commercial section: products & suppliers, business services, trade channel, group chats, together deals, and member’s forum: foreign real estate, social groups, human resources, diaspora abroad and others. The core features are guarantee services, strong reputation and trust level system, noncontacts internet sales and online business, associations and communication. Cross-Border Business Community is free of charge and welcome on the board all new members. Facebook Page https://fb.me/CrossBorderBusinessCommunity
5 Sep 2018
10:50:57@o9c4:matrix.orgo9c4Bank Guarantee https://www.o9c4.com/topic/2140-bank-guarantee/ A Bank guarantee is a promise from a bank that the liabilities of a debtor will be met in the event that you fail to fulfill your contractual obligations. What is a bank guarantee and how does it work? What is bank guarantee process? What are the types of bank guarantee? What's a bank guarantee? What's the difference between a bank guarantee and a letter of credit? Bank Guarantee Definition & Example. Bank Guarantee | What is it? Example, Feature, Types, Limit. Blogger https://bankguaranteebusiness.blogspot.com/ #BankGuarantee #‎TradeServices #BusinessBanking #Secureyourreceivables #CreditManagementtools #bankguaranteeprocess #typesofbankguarantee #bankguaranteewikipedia #bankguaranteecharges #bankguaranteeandletterofcredit #bankguaranteeletter #typesofbankguaranteewithexample #irrevocablebankguaranteemeaning
16 Sep 2018

NGO (Non-Governmental Organization)

NGO is an abbreviation for non-governmental organization. It also may refer to: Ngô (吴), a Vietnamese surname equivalent to Chinese name Ng or Wu. Wu (surname), Ngo in Hokkien. NGOs Advisor. A non-governmental organization (NGO) is any non-profit, voluntary citizens' group which is organized on a local, national or international level. What is an NGO (Non-Governmental Organization)? What is an example of a non governmental organization? Is the Red Cross a non governmental organization? What is an NGO and what does it do? What is an NGO job?

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#NGO #NonGovernmentalOrganization #NGOsAdvisor #DEFINITIONOFNGOS #ngoexamples #typesofngos #whatisngowork #listofngos #roleofngo #whatdongosdo #purposeofngos #popularngos #nongovernmentalorganizationlist #nongovernmentalorganizationjobs #ngolist #roleofngo #nongovernmentalorganizationsinindia

12:51:51@o9c4:matrix.orgo9c4Mohammed Abusalih | Sugar Icumsa-45 Price for the sugar icumsa-45 SBLC MT760 Payments : SPOT ORDERS 12,500MT - $335 25,000MT - $325 50,000MT - $315 100,000MT - $295 200,000MT - $275 300,000MT - $270 CONTRACT 12,500MT - $320 25,000MT - $305 50,000MT - $290 100,000MT - $275 200,000MT - $262 300,000MT - $255 IF ORDER IS MORE THAN 300,000MT IN SPOT OR CONTRACT THE PRICE IS NEGOTIABLE. FOR THE CONTRACT SELLER WILL GIVE YOU 2% PERFORMANCE BOND. EVEN IN SPOT ORDER WE CAN GIVE PB 2% BUT ITS FROM 100,000MT. NOTE: The price i given you is without commission so if you're quoting this to your client please add yours, If the overpricing is more that $10 please let me know and consult with us. Price will change by the market fluctuation. Regards, Mohammed Abusalih - CEO Kanmani Impex. Email : rem2912@gmail com Mohammed Abusalih | Profile #O9C4COM https://www.o9c4.com/profile/1543-mohammed-abusalih/
16:55:00@o9c4:matrix.orgo9c4Products from Indonesia: ✅✅✅✅✅✅✅✅✅✅✅✅✅✅✅Candle nuts ✅Galangal ✅Ginger ✅Kaempferia galanga ✅Turmeric ✅Coriander seeds ✅Cumin seeds ✅Tamarind seed ✅Cardamom ✅Fingeroot ✅Cinnamon ✅Alpinia galanga ✅Kaffir lime Leaves ✅Lime Leaves  ✅Lemongrass etc... Teguhtbp22@gmail.com 0877-3273-3588 Teguh T.P. | Profile #O9C4COM https://www.o9c4.com/profile/608-teguh-tp/ #ProductsfromIndonesia #Indonesia #Leaders
16:55:12@o9c4:matrix.orgo9c4Products from Indonesia (Teguh T.P.) https://www.o9c4.com/profile/608-teguh-tp/ Work in China, Beijing: Primary school position. https://www.o9c4.com/profile/95-connectbeijing/ #leaders
26 Sep 2018
14:11:28@o9c4:matrix.orgo9c4Financial Loan Investment https://www.o9c4.com/topic/1999-financial-loan-investment/ Dear Sir/Madam Projects Finance & Business expansion. Kindly be informed that we are an investment company and we offer a wide range of project finance packages/services to Private, Corporate & Government Agencies. And Our Financing Options and services are well known for the following: 1-Project Development finance, 2-Structured finance / Debt Finance, 3-Private Equity investment, 4-Collateral Management, 5-Credit enhancements, 6- Leveraged Financing, 7-Corporate Finance. For further details about purchasing a loan of user-friendly respond immediately on our email: kbc.b@yahoo.com We look forward to hear from you. Regards Frank Moss #financialloan #investment #kbcbanknv #projectsfinance #businessexpansion #investmentcompany #projectfinance #projectdevelopmentfinance #structuredfinance #debtfinance #privateequityinvestment #collateralmanagement #creditenhancements #leveragedfinancing #corporatefinance
30 Sep 2018
13:03:02@o9c4:matrix.orgo9c4We have the following Grade A Macbook Pro and Panasonic Toughbook with US keyboards looks like new. Jeff Bittner https://www.o9c4.com/profile/2401-jeff-bittner/ P 1 418 478 0880 / jb@usedserverproducts.com 897 Avenue St. Jean Baptiste, Ville de Québec, QC G2E 5N7, Canada http://www.usedserverproducts.com #MacbookPro #PanasonicToughbook #JeffBittner #o9c4com #Canada #UsedServerProducts
6 Oct 2018



A warehouse is a commercial building for storage of goods. Warehouses are used by manufacturers, importers, exporters, wholesalers, transport businesses. What is in the warehouse? What is warehouse function? What are the types of warehouse? What is difference between warehouse and godown?

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#Warehouse #Warehouse store ‎#Data warehouse #types of warehouse #warehouse management #warehouse clothing #warehouse shoes #warehouse sale

16 Oct 2018
17:00:08@o9c4:matrix.orgo9c4Muscovites https://www.o9c4.com/topic/2158-muscovites/ Plural noun: Muscovites. A native or citizen of Moscow. The inhabitants of Moscow. The inhabitants of Muscovy. Definition of muscovite. 1 capitalized. a : a native or resident of the ancient principality of Moscow or of the city of Moscow. b : russian. What Does It Mean To Be a Muscovite? All aspects of being a Muscovite. Define Muscovites. Muscovites synonyms, Muscovites pronunciation, Muscovites translation, English dictionary definition of Muscovites. What do you call people from Moscow? Social Profiles: Tumblr Blog https://muscovites.tumblr.com/ Gallery: Images Downloads: Files #Muscovite #Muscovites #muscovites people #muscovites meaning #muscovite russia #define muscovite russia #muscovite history #muscovy
29 Oct 2018
16:10:55@o9c4:matrix.orgo9c4Strabismus | Crossed Eyes https://www.o9c4.com/topic/2163-strabismus-crossed-eyes/ If you have strabismus, one eye looks directly at the object you are viewing, while the other eye is misaligned inward (esotropia, "crossed eyes" or "cross-eyed"), outward (exotropia or "wall-eyed"), upward (hypertropia) or downward (hypotropia). Strabismus can be constant or intermittent. Is Lazy eye the same as strabismus? Is Strabismus serious? Is Strabismus curable? Is Strabismus normal? Strabismus, also known as crossed eyes, is a condition in which the eyes do not properly align with each other when looking at an object. The eye which is focused on an object can alternate. The condition may be present occasionally or constantly. Strabismus Treatment for Children and Adults. Strabismus, more commonly known as cross-eyed or wall-eyed, is a vision condition in which a person can not align both eyes simultaneously under normal conditions. One or both of the eyes may turn in, out, up or down. Strabismus causes eyes to wander or cross. Treatment may include glasses, patches, eye drops, or surgery. Strabismus - diagnosis and treatment. Can cross eyes be fixed? Do cross eyes see normally? Can crossing eyes be harmful? Can everyone go cross eyed? Crossed eyes: Causes, Symptoms and Diagnosis. If you have strabismus, one eye looks directly at the object you are viewing, while the other eye is misaligned inward (esotropia, "crossed eyes" or "cross-eyed"), outward (exotropia or "wall-eyed"), upward (hypertropia) or downward (hypotropia). Strabismus can be constant or intermittent. Social Profiles: Strabismus GAB Group http://bit.ly/GABO9C4COMProfile Gallery: Images Downloads: Files #Strabismus #CrossedEyes #Strabismussurgery ‎#Exotropia ‎#Hypertropia #Ophthalmology #Eye #Optometric #strabismustreatment #strabismuscauses #strabismusinadults #strabismusdefinition #strabismusexercises #strabismussymptoms #strabismustypes
31 Oct 2018
11:07:20@o9c4:matrix.orgo9c4Agriculture https://www.o9c4.com/topic/2164-agriculture/ Agricultural Growing Media, Agricultural Waste, Animal Products, Beans, Cocoa Beans, Coffee Beans, Farm Machinery & Equipment, Feed, Fresh Seafood, Fruit, Grain, Herbal Cigars & Cigarettes, Mushrooms & Truffles, Nuts & Kernels, Organic Produce, Ornamental Plant,s Other Agriculture Products, Plant & Animal Oil, Plant Seeds & Bulbs, Timber Raw Materials, Vanilla Beans, Vegetables. Agriculture is the cultivation of land and breeding of animals and plants to provide food, fiber, medicinal plants and other products to sustain and enhance life. What are the 7 branches of agriculture? What are the types of agriculture? What is the use of agriculture? Why agriculture is so important? Modern agriculture has raised social, political, and environmental issues including water pollution, biofuels, genetically modified organisms, tariffs and farm subsidies. In response, organic farming developed in the twentieth century as an alternative to the use of synthetic pesticides. Agriculture is the process of producing food, feed, fiber and many other desired products by the cultivation of certain plants and the raising of domesticated animals (livestock). News about agriculture. 4 types of agriculture, importance of agriculture, agriculture in india, agriculture examples, what is agriculture pdf. Social Profiles: Agriculture hi5 Group http://www.hi5.com/kilimo Gallery: Images Downloads: Files #Agriculture ‎#Historyofagriculture #Outlineofagriculture #‎Sustainableagriculture #typesofagriculture #agricultureinformation
13 Nov 2018

#O9C4COM | Community Audience Overview
13 November 2018

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16 Nov 2018
15:33:51@o9c4:matrix.orgo9c4Production, Manufacture, Manufacturing, Making, Producing, Construction, Building, Fabrication, Assembly, Creation, Mass Production https://www.o9c4.com/topic/2175-production-manufacture-manufacturing-making-producing-construction-building-fabrication-assembly-creation-mass-production/ The action of making or manufacturing from components or raw materials, or the process of being so manufactured. Production is a process of combining various material inputs and immaterial inputs (plans, know-how) in order to make something for consumption (the output). It is the act of creating output, a good or service which has value and contributes to the utility of individuals. What is a production process? What is production give example? What are the 4 factors of production and give an example of each? What is the purpose of production? Production in economics, what is production process, example of production, types of production in economics, importance of production in economics, what is production function, production meaning in english, list five importance of production. Social Profiles: Production LinkedIn Page https://www.linkedin.com/company/pengeluaran/ #Production #manufacture #manufacturing #making #producing #construction #building #fabrication #assembly #creation #massproduction
19 Dec 2018
14:14:40@o9c4:matrix.orgo9c4Teal Organisation https://www.o9c4.com/topic/2191-teal-organisation/ Teal Organizations are seen as having a life and a sense of direction of their own. Instead of trying to predict and control the future, members of the organization are invited to listen in and understand what the organization wants to become, what purpose it wants to serve. A Teal organisation is an emerging organisational paradigm that advocates a level of consciousness including all previous world views within the operations of an organisation. ‎Teal stage of consciousness. Teal organizations operate effectively, even at a large scale, with a system based on peer relationships. They set up structures and practices in which people have high autonomy in their domain, and are accountable for coordinating with others. List of Teal Organisations. The main threats of Turquoise (Teal) organizations. Teal Organizations and Cultures. Teal organisations, examples of teal companies, definition of a teal organisation, what is teal, teal organization companies, reinventing organizations summary, rethinking organization. #TealOrganisation #TealOrganizations Google Hangouts Conversation http://bit.ly/2vzOdB5 Twitter List (welcome relevant Twitter profiles) https://twitter.com/o9c4com/lists/teal-organisation
22 Dec 2018
08:16:19@sortebill:matrix.orgsortebill joined the room.
1 Jan 2019
14:46:41@o9c4:matrix.orgo9c4Manufacturer of ladies cotton Kurti (India new Delhi) Deals in only bulk. Contact for enquiry personally on whatsapp 91+9250576013 or email Beautytouch92 @gmail.com Beautytouch92 https://www.o9c4.com/profile/521-beautytouch92/
25 Jan 2019
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