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2 Nov 2019
17:00:34@shreyasbapat:matrix.orgshreyasbapatNow that I see
17:00:36@shreyasbapat:matrix.orgshreyasbapatIt's amazing
17:30:39@relativist:matrix.orgSaurabhIdk, seemed interesting and would have something great to add ๐Ÿ˜ฌ
17:35:35@shreyasbapat:matrix.orgshreyasbapatI am a little bit confused on how to do that
17:35:40@shreyasbapat:matrix.orgshreyasbapatWe need to talk to them
17:35:50@shreyasbapat:matrix.orgshreyasbapatI mean, this is one of our core issues
17:36:21@shreyasbapat:matrix.orgshreyasbapatHey Cadair what do you do when you find an implementation of something you were going to implement?
17:37:28@cadair:cadair.comCadairlook at LICENCE.md ๐Ÿ˜›
17:51:49@shreyasbapat:matrix.orgshreyasbapatApache 2.0
17:53:08@relativist:matrix.orgSaurabhIdk, how will you talk to them, their emails arent working and not able to find any other ..๐Ÿ˜…
20:12:12@shreyasbapat:matrix.orgshreyasbapatCan someone try installing black? Or maybe just regex?
20:12:30@shreyasbapat:matrix.orgshreyasbapatI tried everything and the installation of regex seems not to work for me :/
21:48:29@shreyasbapat:matrix.orgshreyasbapat Alright friends, I again ran into the compiler_compat issue of conda
21:48:37@shreyasbapat:matrix.orgshreyasbapatSo here is the test release
21:58:35@shreyasbapat:matrix.orgshreyasbapatAnd voila https://pypi.org/project/einsteinpy/
In reply to @relativist:matrix.org
Idk, how will you talk to them, their emails arent working and not able to find any other ..๐Ÿ˜…
I mailed them on the email mentioned on their setup.py. I believe that must be working !
3 Nov 2019
03:11:32@relativist:matrix.orgSaurabhOh okay. Missed that one!
4 Nov 2019
15:40:27@relativist:matrix.orgSaurabhIf anyone can help regarding this error please DM, I am trying to install a library using make, and getting this error.
15:53:01@relativist:matrix.orgSaurabhGeoVis by Thomas Muller, I am installing this one, its relativistic 4d Rat Tracer.
15:55:44@shreyasbapat:matrix.orgshreyasbapatErrors in make have always been my bad dreams
15:56:33@relativist:matrix.orgSaurabhSo, how do you cope up with ur bad dreams?
15:57:25@shreyasbapat:matrix.orgshreyasbapatI open my eyes and read the make file. I know that sounds bad
15:57:47@shreyasbapat:matrix.orgshreyasbapatBut I don't know of a better way

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