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26 Aug 2019
22:01:28@shreyasbapat:matrix.orgshreyasbapatvarunsingh_9 how about one blog from your side too?😬
27 Aug 2019
02:41:21@ritzvik:matrix.orgRitwik Saha
So as you can see, this module has been as snow ball, little by little it has been getting bigger
02:41:36@ritzvik:matrix.orgRitwik SahaSeriously, I love this line!
02:42:27@ritzvik:matrix.orgRitwik SahaNext time onwards, I'll use it in my writeups, showing off my creative writing skills 🀣
In reply to @shreyasbapat:matrix.org
varunsingh_9 how about one blog from your side too?😬
Sure πŸ˜€
15:42:30@abhijeetmanhas:matrix.orgabhijeetmanhas set a profile picture.
15:46:23@abhijeetmanhas:matrix.orgabhijeetmanhasHi all, I want to work on https://github.com/einsteinpy/einsteinpy/issues/234 . For mass and radius of planets in boides module, is it fine to use data from Wikipedia?
15:48:18@shreyasbapat:matrix.orgshreyasbapatI think a more robust data source will be appreciated
15:48:29@shreyasbapat:matrix.orgshreyasbapatSomething like NASA JPL
31 Aug 2019
17:57:49@relativist:matrix.orgSaurabhAny one working on for plotting null geodesics, deflection angle calculation.. Etc?
17:58:08@relativist:matrix.orgSaurabhImplementing it in Epy
18:14:24@shreyasbapat:matrix.orgshreyasbapatNot yet
2 Sep 2019
11:29:36@anjishnum:matrix.organjishnum joined the room.
3 Sep 2019
12:37:36@shreyasbapat:matrix.orgshreyasbapatWelcome anjishnum to this room alsoπŸ˜€
12:39:22@shreyasbapat:matrix.orgshreyasbapatWell, to let everyone know, sofia_ov has successfully completed her SOCIS project and you can already see how amazing the symbolic module has turned out to be. Congratulations to sofia_ov and Ritwik Saha
21:15:10@abhijeetmanhas:matrix.orgabhijeetmanhas Congrats sofia_ov Ritwik Saha!!
21:16:02@abhijeetmanhas:matrix.orgabhijeetmanhas * Congrats sofia_ov Ritwik Saha!!
4 Sep 2019
21:32:30@shreyasbapat:matrix.orgshreyasbapat If possible, can someone spot the inconsistency in https://github.com/einsteinpy/einsteinpy/pull/328 ?
21:32:46@shreyasbapat:matrix.orgshreyasbapatI am searching everywhere but can't find
21:33:01@shreyasbapat:matrix.orgshreyasbapat varunsingh_9 Can you please have a look?
5 Sep 2019
02:39:17@varunsingh_9:matrix.orgvarunsingh_9I'll try
6 Sep 2019
08:49:54@ritzvik:matrix.orgRitwik Saha This is the next big project I guess : https://github.com/einsteinpy/einsteinpy/issues/337
Due credits to sofia_ov for making this possible.
Saurabh you asked about this a long time ago!
08:53:28@ritzvik:matrix.orgRitwik Saha
In reply to @ritzvik:matrix.org
This is the next big project I guess : https://github.com/einsteinpy/einsteinpy/issues/337
Due credits to sofia_ov for making this possible.
Saurabh you asked about this a long time ago!
ofc apart from https://github.com/einsteinpy/einsteinpy/issues/282 😁
7 Sep 2019
13:58:08@shreyasbapat:matrix.orgshreyasbapatI don't know but #282 needs more than a summer student. :3
13:58:09@_neb_github:matrix.orgGithubhttps://github.com/einsteinpy/einsteinpy/issues/282 : Support for bi-metric GR extension
13:59:30@shreyasbapat:matrix.orgshreyasbapatAlso, Varun will be wrapping up his project any time now
13:59:42@shreyasbapat:matrix.orgshreyasbapatI guess 2 more merged PRs and we are done :D
13:59:59@shreyasbapat:matrix.orgshreyasbapatI am happy how both the projects turned out to be
18 Sep 2019
17:06:45@relativist:matrix.orgSaurabhAnyone trying to implement/solve numerically radiative transfer?

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