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28 Nov 2020
@gitter_kendonb:matrix.orgKendon Bell (Gitter) At one point I had a bunch of things programmed into a Microsoft Word grammar. I got frustrated by the keyboard shortcuts not being stable for some things and now I don't bother on the rare occasions I use Word with voice. But there's no reason not to. We'd certainly consider a PR improving the current msword grammar 19:47:34
29 Nov 2020
@gitter_danesprite:matrix.orgDane Finlay (Gitter)

For Word and other Microsoft Office programs, you can use the COM API instead of shortcuts. That might be more stable.

Dragonfly has a special ConnectionGrammar class for this. I haven't used it much myself though.

@gitter_lexiconcode:matrix.orgLexiconCode (Gitter) @Danesprite do you know of an example grammar that uses it? 04:02:25
@gitter_danesprite:matrix.orgDane Finlay (Gitter)

@LexiconCode Yes, Christo Butcher (t4ngo) has written at least two examples in his dragonfly-modules repository:

Perhaps these should be updated/modernised and put under dragonfly/examples? They are both licensed under LGPL and I doubt t4ngo would mind. That folder should also have a README.rst file.

I know that @quintijn has also written something similar for Excel.

@gitter_lexiconcode:matrix.orgLexiconCode (Gitter)Thanks Dane!09:06:52
@gitter_lexiconcode:matrix.orgLexiconCode (Gitter) @Danesprite That's very helpful thank you! 09:12:49
@gitter_lexiconcode:matrix.orgLexiconCode (Gitter) (edited) @Danesprite That's very helpful thank you! => Interesting somehow I don't ever remember seeing that! 09:13:08
@gitter_danesprite:matrix.orgDane Finlay (Gitter) Yeah, this functionality isn't used very much. 09:28:45
@gitter_danesprite:matrix.orgDane Finlay (Gitter)No worries :+1:09:28:57
@gitter_lexiconcode:matrix.orgLexiconCode (Gitter) https://www.shapeways.com/product/LQJJK2CHQ/pupil-mobile-eye-tracking-headset?optionId=43013976&li=shops 12:27:06
@gitter_lexiconcode:matrix.orgLexiconCode (Gitter) Can't tell if this is just a headset or an actual eye tracking system. 12:27:19
2 Dec 2020
@gitter_itsrainingschmen:matrix.orgitsrainingschmen (Gitter) @kendonB , @alexboche okay thanks for the replies guys. I just seemed like a strange hole in the lineup caster didn't have anything for any sort of word processor. What you guys say make sense though. 17:04:05
3 Dec 2020
@gitter_ileben:matrix.orgileben (Gitter) setting up caster on a new PC and ran into this:
Traceback (most recent call last): File "C:\Python27-64bit\lib\runpy.py", line 174, in _run_module_as_main "__main__", fname, loader, pkg_name) File "C:\Python27-64bit\lib\runpy.py", line 72, in _run_code exec code in run_globals File "C:\Python27-64bit\lib\site-packages\dragonfly\__main__.py", line 408, in <module> main() File "C:\Python27-64bit\lib\site-packages\dragonfly\__main__.py", line 403, in main return_code = func(args) File "C:\Python27-64bit\lib\site-packages\dragonfly\__main__.py", line 174, in cli_cmd_load with engine.connection(): File "C:\Python27-64bit\lib\site-packages\dragonfly\engines\base\engine.py", line 50, in __enter__ self._engine.connect() File "C:\Python27-64bit\lib\site-packages\dragonfly\engines\backend_kaldi\engine.py", line 197, in connect reconnect_callback=self._options['audio_reconnect_callback'], File "C:\Python27-64bit\lib\site-packages\dragonfly\engines\backend_kaldi\audio.py", line 228, in __init__ super(VADAudio, self).__init__(**kwargs) File "C:\Python27-64bit\lib\site-packages\dragonfly\engines\backend_kaldi\audio.py", line 75, in __init__ self._connect(start=start) File "C:\Python27-64bit\lib\site-packages\dragonfly\engines\backend_kaldi\audio.py", line 89, in _connect callback=proxy_callback if not self.self_threaded else None, File "C:\Python27-64bit\lib\site-packages\sounddevice.py", line 1153, in __init__ **_remove_self(locals())) File "C:\Python27-64bit\lib\site-packages\sounddevice.py", line 861, in __init__ 'Error opening {0}'.format(self.__class__.__name__)) File "C:\Python27-64bit\lib\site-packages\sounddevice.py", line 2651, in _check raise PortAudioError(errormsg, err, hosterror_info) sounddevice.PortAudioError: Error opening RawInputStream: Unanticipated host error [PaErrorCode -9999]: 'Undefined external error.' [MME error 1]
@gitter_lexiconcode:matrix.orgLexiconCode (Gitter) @ileben That looks like a issue with the package sounddevice with kaldi-active-grammar at https://github.com/daanzu/kaldi-active-grammar/issues 12:01:25
@gitter_lexiconcode:matrix.orgLexiconCode (Gitter) I haven't seen the error before. What kind of soundcard and microphone? 12:01:51
@gitter_lexiconcode:matrix.orgLexiconCode (Gitter) (edited) ... and microphone? => ... and microphone? sounddevice struggles with Bluetooth mics From what I hear 12:02:18
@gitter_lexiconcode:matrix.orgLexiconCode (Gitter) (edited) ... mics From what ... => ... mics from what ... 12:02:23
@gitter_ileben:matrix.orgileben (Gitter) Hmm searching kaldi's issues for "sounddevice" and "portaudio" gives nothing 12:02:26
@gitter_ileben:matrix.orgileben (Gitter) It's a crappy cheapo USB headset 12:02:36
@gitter_ileben:matrix.orgileben (Gitter)just something I was given from work, until I connect all my good stuff12:02:57
@gitter_ileben:matrix.orgileben (Gitter)seems like integrated Realtek Audio12:03:31
@gitter_ileben:matrix.orgileben (Gitter) it's an enterprise Dell workstation 12:03:59
@gitter_lexiconcode:matrix.orgLexiconCode (Gitter) Then that shouldn't be a problem. There's been issues with No good block received with Bluetooth devices. I'll see if I can do some digging. Meantime it might be best to open up an issue on kaldi-active-grammar and we will keep track of it there. 12:04:56
@gitter_ileben:matrix.orgileben (Gitter) I did copy-pasta my several months old checkout of caster though from the other PC ^__^''' 12:05:56
@gitter_ileben:matrix.orgileben (Gitter)hmm, now connected my Scarlett 2i2 audio interface, same error12:06:35
@gitter_ileben:matrix.orgileben (Gitter)aargh... I probably did some extra hacks on my installed python libs on the old machine to make it work which I forgot to note :(12:08:13
@gitter_lexiconcode:matrix.orgLexiconCode (Gitter) That shouldn't make a difference with Caster. Caster has very little code that specific to kaldi. Sounddevice Is the audio library that is used by kaldi 12:08:16
@gitter_lexiconcode:matrix.orgLexiconCode (Gitter)However good news, you can use Python 3 64-bit with kaldi. The latest version of caster also has the sleep mic functionality built in with some new commands.12:09:07
@gitter_lexiconcode:matrix.orgLexiconCode (Gitter) (edited) ... Python 3 64-bit ... => ... Python 3.8 64-bit ... 12:09:22
@gitter_ileben:matrix.orgileben (Gitter) yeah im just a bit wary of opening up issues when I'm using dependencies from caster/requirements.txt from months ago.... most of those libs are probably updated by now 12:09:40

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