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3 Dec 2020
@gitter_ileben:matrix.org@gitter_ileben:matrix.orgmight try copying in latest requirements.txt and fire install again12:10:23
@gitter_lexiconcode:matrix.org@gitter_lexiconcode:matrix.org Sure let's try few of the things 1st on. However caster/requirements.txt don't touch outside of dragonfly anything related to kaldi 12:10:24
@gitter_lexiconcode:matrix.org@gitter_lexiconcode:matrix.org The most important upgrade would be dragonfly python -m pip install dragonfly2[kaldi] --upgrade 12:11:55
@gitter_lexiconcode:matrix.org@gitter_lexiconcode:matrix.org Then grab the latest model from https://github.com/daanzu/kaldi-active-grammar/releases 12:13:23
@gitter_lexiconcode:matrix.org@gitter_lexiconcode:matrix.org If you want, I have some time today I can look at the issue firsthand through team viewer or something of the sort @ileben 12:17:33
@gitter_ileben:matrix.org@gitter_ileben:matrix.org I've ran the dragonfly2[kaldi] update (no changes, all up-to-date), and got the latest model. Same error 12:20:31
@gitter_lexiconcode:matrix.org@gitter_lexiconcode:matrix.org Yeah definitely an issue with the library. The only other option is to try with Python 3 fortunately you knew this fairly easily. Here's a semi-isolated Python install ready to go. Simply unzip and click the corresponding bat file. There is a readme but remember to delete settings folder when switching back and forth between this and your Caster primary setup.
@gitter_ileben:matrix.org@gitter_ileben:matrix.org It's getting late here so I have to go. Might have to look into this tomorrow. I have a sneaky feeling I fixed this in the past on the old PC somehow, but I really can't remember.... Thanks for the help. 12:22:07
@gitter_lexiconcode:matrix.org@gitter_lexiconcode:matrix.org (edited) ... you knew this fairly ... => ... you do thisthis fairly ... 12:22:08
@gitter_lexiconcode:matrix.org@gitter_lexiconcode:matrix.org (edited) ... do thisthis fairly ... => ... do tthis fairly ... 12:22:28
@gitter_ileben:matrix.org@gitter_ileben:matrix.orgyeah last time I reported a sounddevice bug + fix I was told it would be included in the next update, but that the next update would only be available for Python 3...12:23:00
@gitter_ileben:matrix.org@gitter_ileben:matrix.orgmight give that a try to I can switch to all the latest dependencies... However, I also remember hearing about some yet unresolved issues with kaldi and Python 3 so not sure how well that will go.12:23:59
@gitter_lexiconcode:matrix.org@gitter_lexiconcode:matrix.org Well get some rest! Perhaps @daanzu has some insights when he has a moment. 12:27:13
@gitter_ileben:matrix.org@gitter_ileben:matrix.org For what it's worth, I've filed this daanzu/kaldi-active-grammar#41 12:46:19

FYI you can modify the bat python -m dragonfly load-directory . --engine kaldi --engine-options "model_dir=kaldi_model, vad_padding_end_ms=300, audio_auto_reconnect=False"

List of kaldi list of parameters for engine configuration.

@gitter_lexiconcode:matrix.org@gitter_lexiconcode:matrix.org (edited) Thanks! => FYI you can modify the bat `python -m dragonfly load-directory . --engine kaldi --engine-options "model_dir=kaldi_model, vad_padding_end_ms=300, audio_auto_reconnect=False"` List of kaldi [egine parameters](https://dragonfly2.readthedocs.io/en/latest/kaldi_engine.html#engine-configuration) for configuration. 12:48:33
@gitter_lexiconcode:matrix.org@gitter_lexiconcode:matrix.org (edited) ... kaldi [egine parameters](https://dragonfly2.readthedocs.io/en/latest/kaldi_engine.html#engine-configuration) ... => ... kaldi [engine parameters](https://dragonfly2.readthedocs.io/en/latest/kaldi_engine.html#engine-configuration) ... 12:48:46
@gitter_lexiconcode:matrix.org@gitter_lexiconcode:matrix.org @ileben You might try audio_self_threaded=False 12:50:11
@gitter_kendonb:matrix.org@gitter_kendonb:matrix.org @ileben try renaming your user folder to something else (i.e. backing it up and deleting it) and restarting caster 19:05:17
4 Dec 2020
@gitter_ileben:matrix.org@gitter_ileben:matrix.org deleting my user folder didn't fix it 02:30:36
@gitter_ileben:matrix.org@gitter_ileben:matrix.org audio_self_threaded is not coming through to Kaldi. Even if I set it to False in command line, kaldi reports True on startup 02:31:38
@gitter_ileben:matrix.org@gitter_ileben:matrix.org %PYTHON_PATH%\python -m dragonfly load _caster.py --engine kaldi --engine-options "audio_self_threaded=False" --no-recobs-messages 02:35:05
@gitter_ileben:matrix.org@gitter_ileben:matrix.org I forced audio_self_threaded to False by editing kaldi backend code. Still crashes with the same error 02:39:42

audio_self_threaded is not coming through to Kaldi. Even if I set it to False in command line, kaldi reports True on startup

Does any of the engine parameters work as expected for you?

@gitter_lexiconcode:matrix.org@gitter_lexiconcode:matrix.org Unfortunately there's not much I can do since this issue completely out of the Caster code base 03:07:06
@gitter_lexiconcode:matrix.org@gitter_lexiconcode:matrix.org Interesting it seems like any engine parameter that accepts a bool value does not work as expected however anything that accepts an integer does. --engine-options "vad_padding_end_ms=666" versus "audio_self_threaded=False" 03:15:03
@gitter_lexiconcode:matrix.org@gitter_lexiconcode:matrix.org ileben's issue was because Windows 10 needed to allow access to the microphone through its settings. 11:46:21
@gitter_kendonb:matrix.org@gitter_kendonb:matrix.orgGreat find17:58:17
@gitter_kendonb:matrix.org@gitter_kendonb:matrix.org I wonder if it's possible to detect that directly and give a helpful error message 17:58:55

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