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1 May 2018
13:13:43@betatester:matrix.orgadmin1 changed the history visibility to "world_readable" from "shared".
13:15:05@betatester:matrix.orgadmin1 invited @joarazi007:matrix.orgjoarazi007.
13:15:05@betatester:matrix.orgadmin1 invited @marionfernandez:matrix.orgmarionfernandez.
13:15:47@joarazi007:matrix.orgjoarazi007 joined the room.
14:12:23@betatester:matrix.orgadmin1changed room power levels.
2 May 2018
04:30:47@marionfernandez:matrix.orgmarionfernandez joined the room.
04:41:31@betatester:matrix.orgadmin1changed room power levels.
5 May 2018
16:17:45@rechungpa:matrix.orgrechungpa joined the room.
8 May 2018
16:26:41@betatester:matrix.orgadmin1 rechungpa: Hi, welcome to the room. We're going to send a newsletter about this community, so hopefully we'll have a lot more people in these rooms.
11 May 2018
05:16:44@marionfernandez:matrix.orgmarionfernandez Hi rechungpa welcome to L4a team!
13 May 2018
12:58:17@rechungpa:matrix.orgrechungpaHi - hope to come to know more about this room
13:00:20@betatester:matrix.orgadmin1 @rechungpa:matrix.org: we're going to do an email newsletter campaign, then a lot more people should come to these rooms. Give us a little time to organise that.
14 May 2018
06:24:37@voyager:t2bot.ioMatrix Traveler (bot) joined the room.
06:27:51@betatester:matrix.orgadmin1 Hi all, there is a "World" room where you can find fellow aviator's from all around the world: #Love4aviation:matrix.org
21 Jun 2018
13:41:54@betatester:matrix.orgadmin1 invited @jaanika:matrix.orgJaanika.
22 Jun 2018
08:25:15@jaanika:matrix.orgJaanika joined the room.
17:07:01@betatester:matrix.orgadmin1changed room power levels.
4 Sep 2018
23:57:53@evasionspace:matrix.org@evasionspace:matrix.org joined the room.
5 Sep 2018
00:01:47@evasionspace:matrix.org@evasionspace:matrix.org left the room.
29 Nov 2018
10:51:58@jaanika:matrix.orgJaanika changed their display name from jn to Jaanika.

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