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18+ Official Hentai Room (and NSFW talk) Rules: - You must be of age (18+) to access this room. We may ask at random. - The age of posted characters must appear to be at least 18, canonical age does not matter here. We know this is a bit of an frustrating topic and really not a clear cut thing. Ultimately, the mods will have the last word on what goes and what doesn't. Please understand that in some modern, civilized countries drawn porn of underaged fictional characters is really illegal. - Share what you think is sexy: most kinks are allowed, but remember not everybody might like what you do. Be reasonable with what you post. Extreme content may be removed by the moderators if deemed necessary. - NSFW and erotic roleplay are allowed (Feel free to check out #roomdelalewd2:matrix.org) - NSFL, gore, scat are forbidden. Memes or Joke content (or anything alike) should be posted at the Off Topic room (#hentai-offtopic:matrix.org) otherwise they will be removed. - Be excellent to each other. If you have a disagreement with someone, please take it to DMs - If you have any issues, mention or DM a moderator or admin. Tags: NSFW, ERP, Art, Hentai, Ecchi, Sex, Adult, Anime Main Room of the Hentai Matrix Comunity (+hentai:privacytools.io)68 Servers

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