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13 Sep 2023
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16 Sep 2023
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26 Sep 2023
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28 Sep 2023
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29 Sep 2023
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30 Sep 2023
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11 Oct 2023
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17 Oct 2023
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20 Oct 2023
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25 Oct 2023
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26 Oct 2023
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31 Oct 2023
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8 Nov 2023
In reply to @whiskers...:matrix.org
Who Wants an Astral Projection Group Hosted in New Orleans?!
I don't live anywhere close.
13 Nov 2023
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15 Nov 2023
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25 Nov 2023
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10 Dec 2023
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4 Jan 2024
@finalcylon:matrix.orgisabellaCan't we project wherever? 06:17:50
16 Jan 2024
@aeoo:matrix.orgaeooIn principle, yes. I am training gradually to do a conscious projection at will. Motivation means so much. I am interested, so I train, but I am not exactly on fire for APing. I made some progress with the body asleep, mind awake state, over this past year, but there is a lot to learn/remember still before it's easy/second nature. So meeting in the meatspace is one thing and having a shared projection is another (for me anyway). 😄07:15:02
29 Feb 2024
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