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20 Sep 2022
@_discord_632195619988963348:t2bot.iockipp01#8775 becaues the nightlies of Metals will also always ensure you're using a semanticdb version that is intended and the newest 21:42:27
@_discord_270243703015079946:t2bot.ioBalmungSan#5059 I only added it after googling about SemanticDB errors.
Originally it wasn't there and I have tried this from "scratch" a couple of times.
@_discord_270243703015079946:t2bot.ioBalmungSan#5059 No... at least not intentionally 21:43:12
@_discord_632195619988963348:t2bot.iockipp01#8775 on holiday, so on my phone, but I'd recommend jumping in #metals and we can for sure try to hunt down the issue with you 21:43:28
@_discord_270243703015079946:t2bot.ioBalmungSan#5059 Right, I am on gamer mode right now lol.
So tomorrow I will try again from scratch and make sure there is no global SemanticDB stuff, if the error is still there I will move to #metals

Thanks for confirming is not an obvious mistake from my part
21 Sep 2022
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22 Sep 2022
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@_discord_215582414544699393:t2bot.ioBulby#2541 does anyone have an updated syntax highlighter for scala 3 22:04:34
@_discord_215582414544699393:t2bot.ioBulby#2541 new keywords don't highlight for me in nvim 22:04:46
@_discord_632729825647525922:t2bot.ioekrich#7695 There is treesitter someone was working on - I suggest asking in the vim-users chat in scalameta - https://discord.gg/4krKhYSG 23:41:15
@_discord_632729825647525922:t2bot.ioekrich#7695 Bulby if a ping helps. 23:41:43
@_discord_583167330566275072:t2bot.ioSethTisue#7418 all vim questions will be answered the day Chris returns from vacation 23:47:48
23 Sep 2022
@_discord_632729825647525922:t2bot.ioekrich#7695 I searched and found some info, someone has a branch they were working on - not sure how hard it is to get a merge so maybe that is why there is a long term branch. 00:00:05
@_discord_734849617820254331:t2bot.iovelvetbaldmime#6377 That was me 😄 06:43:16
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@_discord_632729825647525922:t2bot.ioekrich#7695 I thought it was you - what is the status so far? 16:49:00
@_discord_734849617820254331:t2bot.iovelvetbaldmime#6377 I have things like enums and some of the other new syntax, but biggest gap is obviously indentation based syntax.
It's an obstacle because I really don't want to write C, or even rewrite stuff in anything else

So on my end it's a "whenever I feel crazy enough to do it" kind of thing
@_discord_734849617820254331:t2bot.iovelvetbaldmime#6377 I track it here: https://github.com/keynmol/tree-sitter-scala/pull/1 16:50:33
@_discord_632729825647525922:t2bot.ioekrich#7695 So is indentation a blocker or can the current part be released and merged or do you have to have indentation stuff? 16:51:48
@_discord_734849617820254331:t2bot.iovelvetbaldmime#6377 You don't need to release it - the neovim tree sitter integration can easily be pointed to my branch

local parser_config = require "nvim-treesitter.parsers".get_parser_configs()

parser_config.scala = {
  install_info = {
    url = "https://github.com/keynmol/tree-sitter-scala", -- local path or git repo
    files = { "src/parser.c", "src/scanner.c" },
    -- optional entries:
    branch = "test-scala3", -- default branch in case of git repo if different from master
    generate_requires_npm = true, -- if stand-alone parser without npm dependencies
    requires_generate_from_grammar = true, -- if folder contains pre-generated src/parser.c
  filetype = "scala", -- if filetype does not agrees with parser name
  used_by = { "scala", "sbt" } -- additional filetypes that use this parser

I attempted to upstream the changes incrementally before but my PRs sat for weeks so I gave up and only maintain my fork for now.
Once the indentation support is added, I will start upstreaming again
my PRs sat for weeks
That's the key really - tree-sitters branch model includes a 5MB C file which conflicts with every PR so I have no incentive to do this incrementally at all
@_discord_632729825647525922:t2bot.ioekrich#7695 I see - I had no idea. I need to continue trying to use neovim but got stalled due to lack of time. 16:57:19
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24 Sep 2022
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25 Sep 2022
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