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For hanging out and socializing. Any big devel list threads are off-topic: let's talk about pets, hobbies, family, games, etc. [social_hour-early]: https://apps.fedoraproject.org/calendar/meeting/9743/ [social_hour-late]: https://apps.fedoraproject.org/calendar/meeting/9742/17 Servers

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17 Apr 2021
@bittin:mozilla.orgbittinSo a pi4 with a better DAC14:56:57
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@surender.sindhi:matrix.orgsurender786Hello all15:10:35
@surender.sindhi:matrix.orgsurender786Is there any meeting? 15:12:33
@rimpi246:matrix.orgParticleSorry my battery's gonna die..So had to leave :( .But it was really fun interacting with u guys..Looking forward to the next social hour ^_^15:13:51
In reply to @surender.sindhi:matrix.org
Is there any meeting?
https://bluejeans.com/u/vsiddhar Social meeting
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In reply to @bittin:mozilla.org
So a pi4 with a better DAC
Aww. I wish I could too :P
@t0xic0der:matrix.orgt0xic0derThe 8GB variant sells for exorbitant prices in India15:24:49
@bittin:mozilla.orgbittinhttps://www.hifiberry.com/ Nice talking to you all gonna continue watch https://globalazure.net/ thats for a half day more, cya all at the Release party for 34 in 2 weeks if not before 15:28:01
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@surender.sindhi:matrix.orgsurender786Please share video recording of today social hour. I missed it due to internet issue15:57:15
@osezer:matrix.orgosezerwe don't record it .15:57:37
@osezer:matrix.orgosezerIt is just a socializing and talking. (not recording as well) 15:58:00
@surender.sindhi:matrix.orgsurender786 changed their display name from Surender Meghwar to surender786.15:58:09
@t0xic0der:matrix.orgt0xic0derRecording it could have helped incriminate the three of us. :P15:58:22
@t0xic0der:matrix.orgt0xic0der osezer 15:58:31
@osezer:matrix.orgosezer t0xic0der: I don't know anything ? :=))) 15:58:38
@osezer:matrix.orgosezer * t0xic0der: I don't know anything ? :=))) 15:58:42
@osezer:matrix.orgosezer t0xic0der: did you that talk ? no 15:58:54
@surender.sindhi:matrix.orgsurender786I have arrived late sorry15:58:54
@osezer:matrix.orgosezerso all safe :) 15:58:57
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t0xic0der: I don't know anything ? :=)))
EXACTLY. No one knows anything. 😂
In reply to @t0xic0der:matrix.org
EXACTLY. No one knows anything. 😂
YUP !:)
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