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For hanging out and socializing. Any big devel list threads are off-topic: let's talk about pets, hobbies, family, games, etc.11 Servers

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21 May 2020
14:57:50@mattdm:matrix.orgmattdmwhen you're at a standing desk you start to lean and end up with bad posture
14:58:06@mattdm:matrix.orgmattdmThanks for chatting, yall! I'm off to a meeting
14:58:35@mattdm:matrix.orgmattdmNext week at the later time, we're going to do the Mozilla VR thing again. Should we try that for this timeslot in two weeks?
14:58:39@the_till:matrix.orgTill MaasThank you, too. See you around.
14:58:57@the_till:matrix.orgTill MaasWhat's needed for Mozilla VR?
14:59:51@jtagcat:mozilla.orgjtagcatA headset is highly recommended imo
23:45:15@x3mboy:matrix.orgx3mboy Meeting?
23:45:32@x3mboy:matrix.orgx3mboyOr I'm late?
23:45:40@jtagcat:mozilla.orgjtagcatWas at 14UTC
23:46:02@jtagcat:mozilla.orgjtagcatIt's 23:45 UTC if my math is right
23:46:24@jtagcat:mozilla.orgjtagcattime is hard, I have had almost 2 workdays of time and dates ..and I don't do it nicely always usually either
23:47:42@x3mboy:matrix.orgx3mboyToday is holiday here, so I was sleeping at 14 UTC
23:47:55* @nasir_hm:matrix.orgnasirhm waves
23:48:33@jtagcat:mozilla.orgjtagcatRedacted or Malformed Event
23:49:23@jtagcat:mozilla.orgjtagcatRedacted or Malformed Event
23:49:41@jtagcat:mozilla.orgjtagcatRedacted or Malformed Event
23:51:55@jtagcat:mozilla.orgjtagcatRedacted or Malformed Event
23:54:07@jtagcat:mozilla.orgjtagcatRedacted or Malformed Event
22 May 2020
00:09:39@x3mboy:matrix.orgx3mboyI'm unsure to follow you, I just know that I have a day off and I took it to sleep as much as I possibly can
00:10:20@jtagcat:mozilla.orgjtagcatProbably shouldn't of bothered here, tldr biology math is hard
00:12:28@x3mboy:matrix.orgx3mboyYes, it's hard
08:55:12@stemid:mastodon.seStefan MidjichFour Day weekend here in Sweden 🍉
08:55:26@stemid:mastodon.seStefan MidjichBeautiful too
23 May 2020
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24 May 2020
20:57:30@kobold:kde.orgkobold joined the room.
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25 May 2020
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26 May 2020
05:31:32@returntrip:matrix.orgStefano Figura🐧(returntrip) changed their display name from Stefano to Stefano Figura🐧(returntrip).

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