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22 Sep 2019
01:26:19@_discord_601181856553107457:t2bot.ioPine64 Protocol Droid [I] <RonWhoCares> My right knee joint just popped
01:26:54@_discord_601181856553107457:t2bot.ioPine64 Protocol Droid [I] <abnormal> oops
01:28:06@_discord_601181856553107457:t2bot.ioPine64 Protocol Droid [I] <RonWhoCares> I didn't get my youTube video made
01:29:44@_discord_601181856553107457:t2bot.ioPine64 Protocol Droid [I] <abnormal> oh well... another day coming
01:44:02@_discord_601181856553107457:t2bot.ioPine64 Protocol Droid [I] <RonWhoCares> That is how tomorrow starts
01:44:22@_discord_601181856553107457:t2bot.ioPine64 Protocol Droid [I] <abnormal> yes
01:45:12@_discord_601181856553107457:t2bot.ioPine64 Protocol Droid [I] <abnormal> I'll be putting my two generators on my new Harbor Freight 4 wheeled cart....
01:47:37@_discord_601181856553107457:t2bot.ioPine64 Protocol Droid [I] <RonWhoCares> When you have that done I am very interested in seeing it
01:48:04@_discord_601181856553107457:t2bot.ioPine64 Protocol Droid [I] <abnormal> ok
01:48:43@_discord_601181856553107457:t2bot.ioPine64 Protocol Droid [I] <abnormal> next I have wire up circuit from outside into cellar....
01:52:06@_discord_601181856553107457:t2bot.ioPine64 Protocol Droid [I] <RonWhoCares> oh
01:52:12@_discord_601181856553107457:t2bot.ioPine64 Protocol Droid [I] <RonWhoCares> Son of a gun
01:52:14@_discord_601181856553107457:t2bot.ioPine64 Protocol Droid [I] <RonWhoCares> Break is spelled Brake
01:52:15@_discord_601181856553107457:t2bot.ioPine64 Protocol Droid [I] <RonWhoCares> You are right
01:52:26@_discord_601181856553107457:t2bot.ioPine64 Protocol Droid [I] <abnormal> heh
01:53:11@_discord_601181856553107457:t2bot.ioPine64 Protocol Droid [I] <abnormal> dunno why, but that's English... a very sucky language
01:55:38@_discord_601181856553107457:t2bot.ioPine64 Protocol Droid [I] <RonWhoCares> I didn't know why you were telling me yesterday
01:55:45@_discord_601181856553107457:t2bot.ioPine64 Protocol Droid [I] <RonWhoCares> i have just figured it out a minute ago
01:59:11@_discord_601181856553107457:t2bot.ioPine64 Protocol Droid [I] <abnormal> yeah takes a while for brain to work....
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02:41:28@_discord_601181856553107457:t2bot.ioPine64 Protocol Droid [I] <RonWhoCares> I just made a bunch of labels for inside the junction box
02:41:30@_discord_601181856553107457:t2bot.ioPine64 Protocol Droid [I] <RonWhoCares> I have just figured out how I'll wire the common grounds
02:46:56@_discord_601181856553107457:t2bot.ioPine64 Protocol Droid [I] <abnormal> good
02:47:07@_discord_601181856553107457:t2bot.ioPine64 Protocol Droid [I] <RonWhoCares> Some soldering will be involved
02:47:11@_discord_601181856553107457:t2bot.ioPine64 Protocol Droid [I] <RonWhoCares> But that is fine
02:59:06@_discord_601181856553107457:t2bot.ioPine64 Protocol Droid [I] <RonWhoCares> Bill Mike says Hi
03:02:32@_discord_601181856553107457:t2bot.ioPine64 Protocol Droid [I] <abnormal> hi mike
03:06:43@_discord_601181856553107457:t2bot.ioPine64 Protocol Droid [I] <RonWhoCares> He is shortening his reerh
03:24:20@_discord_bot:t2bot.ioDiscord Bridge invited @_discord_418757780027998218:t2bot.io@_discord_418757780027998218:t2bot.io.
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