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1 Jun 2023
@p64protocolbot3:matrix.orgPine64 Protocol Bot [D] <Danct12> i am totally pissed about that 07:06:46
@p64protocolbot3:matrix.orgPine64 Protocol Bot [D] <Danct12> if that's the case i have a powerbank charger and electric clamps 07:07:36
@p64protocolbot3:matrix.orgPine64 Protocol Bot [D] <Danct12> except getting inside will probably break oled 07:07:44
@p64protocolbot3:matrix.orgPine64 Protocol Bot [D] <logan2611> yeah 07:07:49
@p64protocolbot3:matrix.orgPine64 Protocol Bot [D] <Danct12> it's the case with stupid water resistant phones 07:08:01
@p64protocolbot3:matrix.orgPine64 Protocol Bot [D] <logan2611> most phones don't work if the battery is completely fucked, so that's my guess 07:08:18
@p64protocolbot3:matrix.orgPine64 Protocol Bot [D] <Danct12> why the fuck do we even need such insane amount of water resistant on a phone 07:08:26
@p64protocolbot3:matrix.orgPine64 Protocol Bot [D] <Danct12> i understand if it's a rugged phone meant for industrial uses and stuffs 07:08:42
@p64protocolbot3:matrix.orgPine64 Protocol Bot [D] <logan2611> because people keep spilling coffe o fthem 07:08:44
@p64protocolbot3:matrix.orgPine64 Protocol Bot [D] <Armand> People dropping them in toilets 07:08:45
@p64protocolbot3:matrix.orgPine64 Protocol Bot [D] <logan2611> because people keep spilling coffee on fthem 07:08:50
@p64protocolbot3:matrix.orgPine64 Protocol Bot [D] <logan2611> because people keep spilling coffee on them 07:08:51
@p64protocolbot3:matrix.orgPine64 Protocol Bot [D] <Armand> Lol 07:08:53
@p64protocolbot3:matrix.orgPine64 Protocol Bot [D] <Armand> .. or putting them in microwaves.

Ohh, never mind.. wrong context

@p64protocolbot3:matrix.orgPine64 Protocol Bot [D] <Danct12> eitherway if the service center sees a red sticker they basically say hell no and send the phone back to you as is 07:11:14
@p64protocolbot3:matrix.orgPine64 Protocol Bot [D] <Armand> Ahh, those lovely stickers that can be activated by pocket sweat. 😂 07:16:36
@p64protocolbot3:matrix.orgPine64 Protocol Bot [D] <Danct12> lovely 07:17:11
@p64protocolbot3:matrix.orgPine64 Protocol Bot [D] <Funeral> Hello @NotThatDarnFrogAgain 07:43:39
@p64protocolbot3:matrix.orgPine64 Protocol Bot [D] <Hunman'); DROP TABLE Users;--> [[nodiscard]] + -Werror=unused-result = perfection 07:44:38
@p64protocolbot3:matrix.orgPine64 Protocol Bot [D] <Armand> https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/522180314857078784/1113735017806450728/PXL_20230531_1959465532.jpg 07:45:21
@p64protocolbot3:matrix.orgPine64 Protocol Bot [D] <Hunman'); DROP TABLE Users;--> Is that a camo tie on the left? 07:45:34
@p64protocolbot3:matrix.orgPine64 Protocol Bot [D] <Armand> Wearing the entire ensemble today..
I need moar camo! 😛
@p64protocolbot3:matrix.orgPine64 Protocol Bot [D] <Armand> Yes. 😄 07:45:42
@p64protocolbot3:matrix.orgPine64 Protocol Bot [D] <Armand> I should get a darker one. 07:46:03
@p64protocolbot3:matrix.orgPine64 Protocol Bot [D] <Hunman'); DROP TABLE Users;--> And a suit 07:46:47
@p64protocolbot3:matrix.orgPine64 Protocol Bot [D] <Armand> Not sure I can find an entire camo suit.. 07:47:29
@p64protocolbot3:matrix.orgPine64 Protocol Bot [D] <gamiee> I can't reach him :( I hope he is OK. 07:48:25
@p64protocolbot3:matrix.orgPine64 Protocol Bot [D] <Funeral> You just need to mention the name often enough 07:49:20
@p64protocolbot3:matrix.orgPine64 Protocol Bot [D] <Danct12> not that darn frog again 07:49:23
@p64protocolbot3:matrix.orgPine64 Protocol Bot [D] <Funeral> 1/1/2023, nice gamiee 07:54:27

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