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15 May 2021
@p64protocolbot3:matrix.orgPine64 Protocol Bot [D] <@Thanos the Possum Engine> :flushthonk: 04:04:43
@p64protocolbot3:matrix.orgPine64 Protocol Bot [D] <@thermostance> okay the socks are off 04:05:05
@p64protocolbot3:matrix.orgPine64 Protocol Bot [D] <@Electr0Lyte> https://www.cnx-software.com/2021/05/15/mediatek-dimensity-900-soc-ufs-3-1-lpddr5-mid-range-5g-smartphones/ 04:46:08
@p64protocolbot3:matrix.orgPine64 Protocol Bot[D] <@Electr0Lyte> @Segfault this one has that G6804:46:15
@p64protocolbot3:matrix.orgPine64 Protocol Bot [D] <@Electr0Lyte> * @Segfault this one has that G68 04:46:19
@p64protocolbot3:matrix.orgPine64 Protocol Bot [D] <@Electr0Lyte> with a weird new naming scheme 04:46:29
@p64protocolbot3:matrix.orgPine64 Protocol Bot [D] <@Electr0Lyte> "MC-4" 04:46:33
@p64protocolbot3:matrix.orgPine64 Protocol Bot [D] <@pfeerick> Not to be confused with the MC4 solar panel connector... 😆 06:47:15
@p64protocolbot3:matrix.orgPine64 Protocol Bot [D] <@Electr0Lyte> lmao 07:00:27
@p64protocolbot3:matrix.orgPine64 Protocol Bot [D] <@pfeerick> Looks like python is getting faster... I'd already seen one post a couple days about a speed boost of about 2% by turning off debug code in CPython (granted, not much on its own, but consider that every device running that interpreter could speed up), now there's claims of 2-5x times faster in the wings :-O https://www.infoworld.com/article/3618691/pythons-creators-unveil-speedup-plans-for-python.html 07:21:34
@p64protocolbot3:matrix.orgPine64 Protocol Bot [D] <@Electr0Lyte> ooooh 07:24:12
@p64protocolbot3:matrix.orgPine64 Protocol Bot [D] <@Electr0Lyte> :haha:
@p64protocolbot3:matrix.orgPine64 Protocol Bot [D] <@Electr0Lyte> numba already does this 07:24:56
@p64protocolbot3:matrix.orgPine64 Protocol Bot [D] <@Electr0Lyte> ARE THEY MAKING NUMBA OBSOLETE! 07:25:04
@p64protocolbot3:matrix.orgPine64 Protocol Bot [I] <@Macer> was thinking of swapping to matrix but really don't know much about it. is there something that works similar to znc for it where the clients will all sync / playback? 07:28:20
@p64protocolbot3:matrix.orgPine64 Protocol Bot [D] <@pfeerick> Element syncs... As in it remembers what you read last? 07:29:34
@p64protocolbot3:matrix.orgPine64 Protocol Bot [D] <@pfeerick> Numba is not official python though, is it? 07:30:53
@p64protocolbot3:matrix.orgPine64 Protocol Bot [I] <@Macer> how do you go about doing this though? is there something similar to znc that you can put on a server then just let that handle everything for the clients? 07:36:02
@p64protocolbot3:matrix.orgPine64 Protocol Bot [D] <@kubast2> the real question is, will python outspeed luajit? 07:52:38
@p64protocolbot3:matrix.orgPine64 Protocol Bot [D] <@Electr0Lyte> yep 07:55:02
@p64protocolbot3:matrix.orgPine64 Protocol Bot [D] <@Electr0Lyte> don't really know 07:55:11
@p64protocolbot3:matrix.orgPine64 Protocol Bot [I] <@Macer> ah ok. so you have to install synapse locally then connect to that 07:55:13
@p64protocolbot3:matrix.orgPine64 Protocol Bot [D] <@Electr0Lyte> @kubast2 python REEEALLY loves dynamic typing and wastes half its time reallocating memory 07:55:45
@p64protocolbot3:matrix.orgPine64 Protocol Bot [D] <@Electr0Lyte> I do know it won't be as fast as C/C++/RUST :haha: 07:56:13
@p64protocolbot3:matrix.orgPine64 Protocol Bot [I] <@Macer> don't most people describe python as just a scripting language run amok? 07:56:42
@p64protocolbot3:matrix.orgPine64 Protocol Bot [D] <@kubast2> I heard that for py4 they will introduce a more statting typing? 07:58:23
@p64protocolbot3:matrix.orgPine64 Protocol Bot [D] <@kubast2> Or was it aprils fools? 07:58:29
@p64protocolbot3:matrix.orgPine64 Protocol Bot [D] <@kubast2> python is the language to run youtube-dl 07:58:52
@p64protocolbot3:matrix.orgPine64 Protocol Bot [D] <@kubast2> That's it is main purpose :reeee: 07:59:07
@p64protocolbot3:matrix.orgPine64 Protocol Bot [D] <@kubast2> :haha: :baaa: 07:59:12

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