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16 Jun 2024
@p64protocolbot3:matrix.orgPine64 Protocol Bot [I] <a​ppuser> NDA 09:28:44
@p64protocolbot3:matrix.orgPine64 Protocol Bot [I] <a​ppuser> a reverse NDA you can not recall 09:29:01
@p64protocolbot3:matrix.orgPine64 Protocol Bot [I] <a​ppuser> must shred your copy 09:29:10
@p64protocolbot3:matrix.orgPine64 Protocol Bot [I] <a​ppuser> okay 09:29:13
@p64protocolbot3:matrix.orgPine64 Protocol Bot [I] <a​ppuser> understand 09:29:16
@p64protocolbot3:matrix.orgPine64 Protocol Bot [I] <a​ppuser> COVENANT SOFTWARE 09:29:43
@p64protocolbot3:matrix.orgPine64 Protocol Bot [I] <a​ppuser> if you can get me the nuclear weapons Vic it will look good on your resume to work on the chemoconfabulator 09:31:46
@p64protocolbot3:matrix.orgPine64 Protocol Bot [I] <a​ppuser> what the chemoconfabulator is ... 09:32:07
@p64protocolbot3:matrix.orgPine64 Protocol Bot [I] <a​ppuser> what the chemoconfabulator is is it can make any chemical 09:32:19
@p64protocolbot3:matrix.orgPine64 Protocol Bot [I] <a​ppuser> anything? 09:32:23
@p64protocolbot3:matrix.orgPine64 Protocol Bot [I] <a​ppuser> anything! 09:32:27
@p64protocolbot3:matrix.orgPine64 Protocol Bot [I] <a​ppuser> understand 09:32:34
@p64protocolbot3:matrix.orgPine64 Protocol Bot [I] <a​ppuser> COVENANT SOFTWARE 09:33:01
@p64protocolbot3:matrix.orgPine64 Protocol Bot [I] <a​ppuser> understand 09:33:03
@p64protocolbot3:matrix.orgPine64 Protocol Bot [D] <T​latoel> does this count as spam? 09:34:46
@sove:matrix.orgsoveit's offtopic 09:36:11
@sove:matrix.orgsove trying to get vic 09:36:51
@viktor.saenko6819:matrix.orgVictoriousnah, not interested09:37:31
@p64protocolbot3:matrix.orgPine64 Protocol Bot [I] <a​ppuser> Vic there was an openSPARC and like I said Cyclone V 09:40:08
@p64protocolbot3:matrix.orgPine64 Protocol Bot [I] <a​ppuser> ok that's enough 09:42:05
@p64protocolbot3:matrix.orgPine64 Protocol Bot [I] <a​ppuser> what it takes to win 09:42:31
@p64protocolbot3:matrix.orgPine64 Protocol Bot [I] <a​ppuser> Vic is not intrested 09:42:38
@p64protocolbot3:matrix.orgPine64 Protocol Bot [I] <a​ppuser> your quality will likely never be remembered 09:43:15
@p64protocolbot3:matrix.orgPine64 Protocol Bot [I] <a​ppuser> Solomon wrote of your victory 09:43:29
@p64protocolbot3:matrix.orgPine64 Protocol Bot [I] <a​ppuser> nobody will remember 09:43:49
@p64protocolbot3:matrix.orgPine64 Protocol Bot [I] <a​ppuser> heh 09:45:17
@p64protocolbot3:matrix.orgPine64 Protocol Bot [D] <t​inkerkris> People who vaguely "want a big rebellion" don't understand society, don't care for people they don't benefit from, and also want the rebellion to install them into power 11:24:14
@viktor.saenko6819:matrix.orgVictorioussometimes rebellion is actually needed to restore the order in society, but it has a high chance of making things worse11:35:20

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