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1 Oct 2023
@fon:matrix.orgfonso i request a replace for display18:25:27
@fon:matrix.orgfoni dont know if official, but expensive, or from a repairing shop, cheap but i dont know how they will do a good job18:26:19
@fon:matrix.orgfon * i dont know if official, but expensive, or from a repairing shop, cheap but i dont know if they will do a good job18:27:09
@fon:matrix.orgfonso i will have 2 oneplus 7, with customized os for sure, one has already lineage18:28:53
@fon:matrix.orgfonbut my favourite smartphone is still pinephone, but not ready as daily, for me18:29:36
@p64protocolbot3:matrix.orgPine64 Protocol Bot [D] <superhotrod92> https://discord.gg/VfGJrdCa 18:59:35
2 Oct 2023
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@p64protocolbot3:matrix.orgPine64 Protocol Bot [D] <Just workX11> https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/522180314857078784/1158526442716528640/dying_on_the_floor.mp4?ex=651c9154&is=651b3fd4&hm=5ee8fa4cd6a5ff3996d94958b68e29a9bbd15aa31223517ef226cb54bbbe56be& 22:10:29
3 Oct 2023
@p64protocolbot3:matrix.orgPine64 Protocol Bot [D] <demonpxc> hi 03:26:46
@p64protocolbot3:matrix.orgPine64 Protocol Bot [D] <havenoftheraven> yo is there a open source alternative to github desktop where you can easily set up ssh keys and connect to any git repo from gui 04:05:24
@p64protocolbot3:matrix.orgPine64 Protocol Bot [D] <havenoftheraven> it's for a friend that is scared of terminals but hates microsoft 04:05:47
@p64protocolbot3:matrix.orgPine64 Protocol Bot [D] <regexiv> Probably 04:14:25
@p64protocolbot3:matrix.orgPine64 Protocol Bot [D] <regexiv> Gitlab maybe 04:14:28
@p64protocolbot3:matrix.orgPine64 Protocol Bot [D] <regexiv> Also you shouldn't use GitHub, Microsoft trains neural networks on your code if you do. 04:14:54
@p64protocolbot3:matrix.orgPine64 Protocol Bot [I] <x_aec__> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sqSA-SY5Hro 04:47:25
@p64protocolbot3:matrix.orgPine64 Protocol Bot [I] <x_aec__> These rich men north of Richmond 04:47:26
@p64protocolbot3:matrix.orgPine64 Protocol Bot [I] <x_aec__> Lord knows they all just wanna have total control 04:47:27
@p64protocolbot3:matrix.orgPine64 Protocol Bot [I] <x_aec__> Wanna know what you think, wanna know what you do 04:47:27
@p64protocolbot3:matrix.orgPine64 Protocol Bot [I] <x_aec__> And they don’t think you know, but I know that you do 04:47:29
@p64protocolbot3:matrix.orgPine64 Protocol Bot [I] <x_aec__> ‘Cause your dollar ain’t shit and it’s taxed to no end 04:47:33
@p64protocolbot3:matrix.orgPine64 Protocol Bot [I] <x_aec__> ‘Cause of rich men north of Richmond 04:47:34
@p64protocolbot3:matrix.orgPine64 Protocol Bot [I] <x_aec__> irc.supernets.org #superbowl TRUMP 2024 NIGGER 04:47:35
@p64protocolbot3:matrix.orgPine64 Protocol Bot [I] <x_aec__> x_aec__ Daanct12 xmn ludo__ droidrage Lord_of_Life norayr Aren Danct12 P64ProtocolBot jason123onirc abcde RonWhoCares barnito B[] wallacer asriel andr01d bdju Perflosopher lyubov hgw superkuh hl evilbunny Jeremail naruciakk ngp immibis Stary Swift110-mobile jesse-s jameshjacks0njr saper ToxicGumbo omegatron robbe7730627 DPA fossdd m42uko Nakato Pokey gamiee syonyk PReDiToR jbit Ellenor phh 04:47:36
@p64protocolbot3:matrix.orgPine64 Protocol Bot [D] <gamiee> Reimu 05:46:37
@p64protocolbot3:matrix.orgPine64 Protocol Bot [D] <havenoftheraven> that's why I only jut my worst code there 06:07:42
@p64protocolbot3:matrix.orgPine64 Protocol Bot [D] <havenoftheraven> that's why I only put my worst code there 06:07:50
@p64protocolbot3:matrix.orgPine64 Protocol Bot [D] <regexiv> Kek 06:14:08

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