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20 Jan 2019
00:05:53@_discord_464344567496572929:t2bot.ioPine64Bot <RonWhoCares> The power supply is in one of the picture
01:08:33@_discord_464344567496572929:t2bot.ioPine64Bot <abnormal> cool
01:31:07@_discord_464344567496572929:t2bot.ioPine64Bot <abnormal> grandpop used to use acid to engrave on metals....
01:31:33@_discord_464344567496572929:t2bot.ioPine64Bot <abnormal> some ppl use mercury to do etchings
04:10:24@_discord_464344567496572929:t2bot.ioPine64Bot <RonWhoCares> abnormal: I think I have e-mail setup on the VPS
04:11:56@_discord_464344567496572929:t2bot.ioPine64Bot <bill-iview> good
19:30:50@_discord_535091127708286976:t2bot.ioPikto changed their display name from Wz to Pikto#1336.
19:30:52@_discord_535091127708286976:t2bot.ioPikto changed their display name from Pikto#1336 to Pikto.
19:39:01@_discord_535091127708286976:t2bot.ioPikto changed their display name from Pikto to Pikto#1336.
19:39:04@_discord_535091127708286976:t2bot.ioPikto changed their display name from Pikto#1336 to Pikto.
20:38:37@_discord_464344567496572929:t2bot.ioPine64Bot <RonWhoCares> hey gamiee
20:38:44@_discord_464344567496572929:t2bot.ioPine64Bot <RonWhoCares> Hi abnormal
20:38:48@_discord_166288516727308290:t2bot.iogamiee Hello Ron
20:38:52@_discord_464344567496572929:t2bot.ioPine64Bot <RonWhoCares> I am sewing the bibs for a bit
20:39:50@_discord_166288516727308290:t2bot.iogamiee Oh nice, how it's going?
20:41:31@_discord_464344567496572929:t2bot.ioPine64Bot <RonWhoCares> Not too bad
20:41:34@_discord_464344567496572929:t2bot.ioPine64Bot <RonWhoCares> But I had a really bad night
20:41:43@_discord_464344567496572929:t2bot.ioPine64Bot <RonWhoCares> I thought I'd do a bit of sewing to relax before headcing back to bed
20:41:58@_discord_166288516727308290:t2bot.iogamiee Ouch :(
20:44:47@_discord_464344567496572929:t2bot.ioPine64Bot <RonWhoCares> I am wondering if I felt a partial tear of my right thigh muscle
20:44:53@_discord_464344567496572929:t2bot.ioPine64Bot <RonWhoCares> I am going to e-mail the surgeon's offifde
20:46:18@_discord_464344567496572929:t2bot.ioPine64Bot <RonWhoCares> I am not aiming for a worst case scenerio though
20:46:24@_discord_464344567496572929:t2bot.ioPine64Bot <RonWhoCares> On a much lighter note:
20:46:38@_discord_464344567496572929:t2bot.ioPine64Bot <RonWhoCares> I think I will also need to buy this miter saw if my wood carvings begin to sell
20:46:49@_discord_464344567496572929:t2bot.ioPine64Bot <RonWhoCares> https://www.canadiantire.ca/en/pdp/mastercraft-dual-bevel-sliding-mitre-saw-12-in-0553535p.0553535.html
20:47:06@_discord_464344567496572929:t2bot.ioPine64Bot <RonWhoCares> For now a friend will cut the pieces for me so I can "test the waters" without spending tons of money
21:23:22@_discord_166288516727308290:t2bot.iogamiee Oh that's looks cool
21:42:32@_discord_464344567496572929:t2bot.ioPine64Bot <RonWhoCares> I want to make 8" x 10" wood art out of my photos
22:28:55@_discord_464344567496572929:t2bot.ioPine64Bot <abnormal> I see... expensive pieces....
22:30:26@_discord_464344567496572929:t2bot.ioPine64Bot <abnormal> how do I send a msg to a user that is not online at the moment?

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