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14 Jan 2020
18:32:41@freenode_wm-bridgebot:matrix.orgwm-bridgebot [telegram] <waldyrious> Yeah, good point. It's possibly outdated, too. In any case maybe it has useful links for further data collection
18:32:46@freenode_wm-bridgebot:matrix.orgwm-bridgebot [telegram] <amire80> Yes, that's what I wrote above :) (re @Thecladis: Get list of the former and find which ones of them do not have a corresponding uk article?)
18:33:00@freenode_wm-bridgebot:matrix.orgwm-bridgebot [telegram] <amire80> Can be automated with a bit of scripting.
18:33:13@freenode_wm-bridgebot:matrix.orgwm-bridgebot [telegram] <amire80> Come to think of it, such a script should be shared.
18:33:24@freenode_wm-bridgebot:matrix.orgwm-bridgebot [telegram] <amire80> And maybe someone already made one, but I'm not aware of one.
18:34:45@freenode_wm-bridgebot:matrix.orgwm-bridgebot [telegram] <Thecladis> Oh. I am in metro (only edge here) so messages did not load. (re @amire80: Yes, that's what I wrote above :))
18:46:38@freenode_wm-bridgebot:matrix.orgwm-bridgebot [telegram] <Tohaomg> Page view, unfortunately, does not give list longer than 1000 items (re @amire80: https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Research:Page_view)
18:47:17@freenode_wm-bridgebot:matrix.orgwm-bridgebot [telegram] <Tohaomg> But GapFinder will do for now, thanks. (re @amire80: There's also this tool: https://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/GapFinder)
18:48:22@freenode_wm-bridgebot:matrix.orgwm-bridgebot [telegram] <Thecladis> So we have all of those in ukwiki? (re @Tohaomg: Page view, unfortunately, does not give list longer than 1000 items)
18:50:25@freenode_wm-bridgebot:matrix.orgwm-bridgebot [telegram] <Tohaomg> Only a hundred is missing, and those missing are mostly about Indian cinema. (re @Thecladis: So we have all of those in ukwiki?)
18:51:08@freenode_wm-bridgebot:matrix.orgwm-bridgebot [telegram] <Thecladis> Well, it used to he popular in Ukraine :) (re @Tohaomg: Only a hundred is missing, and those missing are mostly about Indian cinema.)
22:47:17@freenode_wm-bridgebot:matrix.orgwm-bridgebot [telegram] <Maarten> It should be possible with Sparql. Take the list of most popular English Wikipedia articles. Feed this as a generator to sparl and get the items that don’t have an article in your favorite language.
15 Jan 2020
05:48:04@freenode_wm-bridgebot:matrix.orgwm-bridgebot [telegram] <Wittylama> excuse me for the slight interruption, but this is relevant to a reasonable portion of Hackathon people:
05:48:13@freenode_wm-bridgebot:matrix.orgwm-bridgebot [telegram] <Wittylama> Forwarded from Wittylama: Quick reminder about the call for grant proposals for WikiCite 'satellite events' held in the first half of 2020:
05:48:13@freenode_wm-bridgebot:matrix.orgwm-bridgebot [telegram] <Wittylama> - propsaosl for <$2k "local workshops and meetups" still open (until funds are all allocated)
05:48:15@freenode_wm-bridgebot:matrix.orgwm-bridgebot [telegram] <Wittylama> - proposal for <$10k grant applications for "events in association with professional conferences", CLOSES at the end of this month.
05:48:16@freenode_wm-bridgebot:matrix.orgwm-bridgebot [telegram] <Wittylama> details, criteria, and link to the (very easy to use) application form at: https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/WikiCite
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16 Jan 2020
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17 Jan 2020
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18 Jan 2020
16:06:59@freenode_wm-bridgebot:matrix.orgwm-bridgebot [telegram] <frognson> Thank you (re @siebrand: https://mediawiki.org/wiki/Developer_hub)
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20 Jan 2020
12:54:28@freenode_wm-bridgebot:matrix.orgwm-bridgebot [telegram] <frognson> Hi guys, I have activated reference preview feature on Wikipedia. Just wondered if this testing feature is not available on Wikisource - I think I don't have the reference preview feature when I'm in Wikisource.

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