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5 Mar 2021
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6 Mar 2021
@freenode_wm-bb_:matrix.orgwm-bb_ [telegram] <Yetkin> Problem fixed. Thanks for your interest. (re @psychoslave: Ok. Have tried to contact people that were involved in the original template/module creation? Like on the talk page, or looking in the history to contact someone?) 16:03:17
@freenode_wm-bb_:matrix.orgwm-bb_ [telegram] <The Guy> Hi, when will we have dark mode on wikipedia? 21:21:30
@freenode_wm-bb_:matrix.orgwm-bb_ [telegram] <edoderoo> every night it's dark mode on wikipedia? 21:22:34
@freenode_wm-bb_:matrix.orgwm-bb_ [telegram] <jhsoby> I'm not aware of any ongoing development on that… I think your best approach is a browser extension like https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/wikipedia-night-mode/idhghjodolinkdhibgfgfoceackpcjfl (haven't tried it, it was just the first google hit for "dark mode wikipedia") (re @The Guy: Hi, when will we have dark mode on wikipedia?) 21:29:01
@freenode_wm-bb_:matrix.orgwm-bb_ [telegram] <Thecladis> I've also seen up to half a dozen user scripts doing that, but haven't actually tested any 21:54:47
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@freenode_wm-bb_:matrix.orgwm-bb_ [telegram] <Ladsgroup> The app actually has a dark mode but the app is not great for editing in general. For readers though, it works. (re @edoderoo: every night it's dark mode on wikipedia?) 23:56:15
@freenode_wm-bb_:matrix.orgwm-bb_ [telegram] <Ladsgroup> https://tools-static.wmflabs.org/bridgebot/66991ea3/file_3452.jpg 23:57:23
7 Mar 2021
@freenode_wm-bb_:matrix.orgwm-bb_ [telegram] <psychoslave> You're welcome. What was the problem origin and how did you solved it? :) (re @Yetkin: Problem fixed. Thanks for your interest.) 00:01:51
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@freenode_wm-bb_:matrix.orgwm-bb_ [telegram] <Yetkin> The subpage where the module tries to load data from had the wrong content (data + some Lua code). In fact, the Lua module should expose some other error message instead of trying to "load" and eventually failing with a memory limitation. loadData method needs to be fixed here, I think. (re @psychoslave: You're welcome. What was the problem origin and how did you solved it? :)) 11:29:42
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@freenode_wm-bb_:matrix.orgwm-bb_ [telegram] <psychoslave> Good to know. Seems to be a pertaining feedback to improve the module development experience. Did you fill a phabricator task on this? 19:54:28
@freenode_wm-bb_:matrix.orgwm-bb_ [telegram] <Yetkin> No, I didn't 20:01:56
@freenode_wm-bb_:matrix.orgwm-bb_ [telegram] <psychoslave> Would you like help to do it? 20:25:05
8 Mar 2021
@freenode_wm-bb_:matrix.orgwm-bb_ [telegram] <Sterling> Forwarded from unknown: https://t.me/joinchat/9RQwj43zGN82MzVk 02:05:29

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