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28 Nov 2020
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@freenode_wm-bb:matrix.orgwm-bb [telegram] <amire80> pywikibot question: 10:12:23
@freenode_wm-bb:matrix.orgwm-bb [telegram] <amire80> I'm trying to run replace on a certain namespace: 10:12:24
@freenode_wm-bb:matrix.orgwm-bb [telegram] <amire80> python3 pwb.py replace -namespaces:0 -summary:"[[ויקיפדיה:עורך חזותי/nowiki/תיעוד ותיקון|תיקון nowiki]]" -search:"insource:/\]\]\<nowiki\/\>ים/" -regex "\]\]\<nowiki\/\>ים" "]]ים" 10:12:25
@freenode_wm-bb:matrix.orgwm-bb [telegram] <amire80> If I do it like this, I get zero results. 10:12:27
@freenode_wm-bb:matrix.orgwm-bb [telegram] <amire80> If I remove -namespaces:0, I get 45 results, but it includes User, and other namespaces I don't need. 10:12:28
@freenode_wm-bb:matrix.orgwm-bb [telegram] <amire80> What am I doing wrong? 10:12:30
@freenode_wm-bb:matrix.orgwm-bb [telegram] <amire80> Stop! I'm dumb. There really are zero results in the main space :) 10:16:50
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@freenode_wm-bb:matrix.orgwm-bb [telegram] <tshrinivasan> Hello all, seeing this very lately 10:54:52
@freenode_wm-bb:matrix.orgwm-bb [telegram] <tshrinivasan> https://osc.hul.harvard.edu/about/highlights/2012/04/harvard-publicly-releases-millions-catalog-records/ 10:55:02
@freenode_wm-bb:matrix.orgwm-bb [telegram] <tshrinivasan> Harvard Publicly Releases Millions of Catalog Records 10:55:13
@freenode_wm-bb:matrix.orgwm-bb [telegram] <tshrinivasan> are these data added to wikidata already? 10:55:33
@freenode_wm-bb:matrix.orgwm-bb [telegram] <frimelle> We worked on extracting references of Wikipedias across languages in the context of the Scribe project and add it to an API. If you are interested, there is a presentation on Tuesday about the work: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Blz4OAXypJe8yqMHFt4nQDufan2ZcmTWvHs5uXWi568/edit#heading=h.r4z1hkdvymam 12:22:29
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29 Nov 2020
@freenode_wm-bb:matrix.orgwm-bb [telegram] <Heintze> https://i.imgur.com/YMAVFic.png 11:28:23
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30 Nov 2020
@freenode_wm-bb:matrix.orgwm-bb [telegram] <Pete> 电报增粉,群发,私聊,炸群;更多咨询客服 : https://tools-static.wmflabs.org/bridgebot/e24941b5/file_1704.jpg 03:31:06
@freenode_wm-bb:matrix.orgwm-bb [telegram] <Tohaomg> Hello. Following weekend (December 5th and 6th) the Ukrainian Wikiconference will take place. It will be an opportunity to hear Denny Vrandečić talk about Abstract Wikipedia (in English, at 15:00 UTC in Saturday). You could watch this session in YouTube ( https://www.youtube.com/c/WikimediaUkraine ), or (if you register at wmuacon.wikimedia.org.ua ) join it in Zoom. 15:59:25

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