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28 Sep 2022
@tmz:libera.chattmz Cool. It's possible this was seen and fixed by the magical, hard-working sysadmins here. :) 04:57:04
@justin.zobel:kde.orgJustin Likely (in my limited expertise) just one of those random blips that breaks everything for a small time then fixes itself. Or some network failure during transit of the srcrpm 04:57:51
@justin.zobel:kde.orgJustin Could not execute build: database outage 09:12:27
@justin.zobel:kde.orgJustin o.O 09:12:28
@justin.zobel:kde.orgJustin Koji running rather slow? 09:27:42
@zodbot:libera.chatzodbot Eddie Jennings, Jr. is oncall. My normal hours are 13:00 UTC to 21:00 UTC Monday through Friday. If I do not answer or it is outside those hours, please file a ticket (https://pagure.io/fedora-infrastructure/issues) 09:38:17
@Penguinpee:libera.chatPenguinpee Eddie Jennings, Jr.: If you are around, could you take a look at koji? It seems to have some trouble and is not recovering by itself. 09:40:05
@Caterpillar:libera.chatCaterpillarhttps://koji.fedoraproject.org/koji/taskinfo?taskID=92393559 webpage is not opening. Do we have a problem with koji website?10:18:25
@Penguinpee:libera.chatPenguinpee Yes, I already filed a ticket in pagure and pinged oncall, but no response yet. It's the middle of the night in their neck of the woods. 10:20:26
@Caterpillar:libera.chatCaterpillarPenguinpee: thank you10:25:24
@knurd:libera.chatknurd joined the room.10:49:39
@austinpowered:fedora.imAustinPowered changed their display name from T.C. Williams to AustinPowered.11:10:33
In reply to @Penguinpee:libera.chat
Yes, I already filed a ticket in pagure and pinged oncall, but no response yet. It's the middle of the night in their neck of the woods.
Need a few on my side of the world to help with on call.
@Penguinpee:libera.chatPenguinpee Justin: And which side is that? The upside or the downside? :D 11:37:17
Download tenor_gif4625182091732261490.gif
@eddiejennings:fedora.imEddie Jennings, Jr.Yes, alas I was asleep for the ping. :(14:10:17
@Penguinpee:libera.chatPenguinpee Eddie Jennings, Jr.: https://xkcd.com/1495/ 14:32:58
@anthr76:mozilla.organthr76👋 Hi all. I'm trying to activate my fedorapeople webserver space (https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Infrastructure/fedorapeople.org#Accessing_your_fedorapeople.org_space) Though, after setting permissions I'm getting a 401 on https://anthr76.fedorapeople.org/ does this take time to propagate or am I missing a step? I curiously don't see myself on https://fedorapeople.org/ listed as a user FWIW14:39:15
@smooge:libera.chatsmooge.fasinfo anthr7614:46:18
@zodbot:libera.chatzodbotsmooge: User: anthr76, Name: Anthony Rabbito, Email: hello@anthonyrabbito.com, Creation: 2020-04-07T15:49:48, IRC Nicks: None, Timezone: US/Eastern, Locale: en-US, GPG Key IDs: 16742B67E1D1403F8E9F9C257B5EDD176B969A31, Status: None14:46:20
@zodbot:libera.chatzodbotsmooge: Groups: fedora-contributor, fedorabugs, go-sig, packager, sway-sig14:46:20
@smooge:libera.chatsmooge anthr76, the home directory needed to be chmod go+rx for apache to have permission to look inside 14:48:48
@smooge:libera.chatsmoogeI fixed that14:48:50
@smooge:libera.chatsmoogewith a chmod go+rx /home/fedora/anthr76 and the public_html now works14:49:21
@anthr76:mozilla.organthr76Got it. Sorry I did miss that. Thank you!14:49:58
@eddiejennings:fedora.imEddie Jennings, Jr.
In reply to @Penguinpee:libera.chat
Eddie Jennings, Jr.: https://xkcd.com/1495/
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