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27 Jan 2023
@zodbot:libera.chatzodbotdarknao is oncall. My normal hours are 0700 UTC to 1600 UTC Monday through Friday. If I do not answer or it is outside those hours, please file a ticket (https://pagure.io/fedora-infrastructure/issues)18:21:39
@mattdm:fedora.immattdmlogin timeouts -- getting: Gateway Timeout The gateway did not receive a timely response from the upstream server or application.18:21:56
@mattdm:fedora.immattdm(trying to log into commblog, but that error is from id.fedoraproject.org18:22:50
@mattdm:fedora.immattdmok, worked now. 18:23:15
@mattdm:fedora.immattdmso i guess intermittent, but that was happening for a few minutes there18:23:26
@darknao:libera.chatdarknao I didn't notice any outage on my side, and there is no monitoring alert ongoing 18:28:50
@darknao:libera.chatdarknaomaybe a network issue, not sure....18:29:18
@mattdm:fedora.immattdmok thanks for checking. it was at least down for a few minutes but not sure if more18:33:24
@linux-modder:libera.chatlinux-moddernirik, finally have time to file a ticket for getting ssh key added to the cloud instance respins* which pagure part shall I send the ticket request ?19:14:58
@linux-modder:libera.chatlinux-modderfeodra-infra or somewhere else19:15:06
@nirik:libera.chatnirik linux-modder: infra I guess... unless someone else with access can just add you? it's just a local authorized_keys file, it's not tied to anything...(as far as I know) 19:25:38
@linux-modder:libera.chatlinux-modder right, but I can never get on when nb who has access is on and it's been suggested to just run up a ticket for it 19:26:53
@nirik:libera.chatniriksure, feel free. I think nb has been busy of late. ;) 19:30:49
@daMaestro:libera.chatdaMaestro is the yubi key still the recommended hardware for fas? i'm using a software token currently but figured i should upgrade 21:38:51
@nirik:libera.chatnirik no. yubikeys won't work (well, you can run a desktop thing to do TOTP with them, but otherwise there's no way to enroll them) 21:42:31
@smooge:libera.chatsmoogewait.. I have a yubikey for my OTP in fas21:43:22
@smooge:libera.chatsmoogehow did that work21:43:28
@nirik:libera.chatnirik you're special smooge. 21:45:08
@smooge:libera.chatsmoogeoh ok21:45:28
@nirik:libera.chatnirik kidding aside, you can do it, but it requires you to run the ipa command from a shell on the ipa host... which isn't a good solution for anyone who doesn't have access. ;) 21:45:43
@nirik:libera.chatnirik the reason it doesn't work is because noggin doesn't expose the right info... ipa supports it fine 21:46:07
@daMaestro:libera.chatdaMaestrookay, good to know. i assume you could do the enrollment on any full ipa client? or does it have to be on the server itself?21:47:25
@nirik:libera.chatnirikgood question. I am not sure. ;) 21:50:50
@nirik:libera.chatnirik I think I had someone try from the web ui too... but it's possible that works now. You could try it? 21:52:56
@daMaestro:libera.chatdaMaestro cool, i'll buy some hardware and be a guinea pig 21:59:24
@darknao:libera.chatdarknao I don't think the webui allows registering a yubikey yet (via hotp) and you can't use the ipa command without joining the IPA realm first 23:07:16
@darknao:libera.chatdarknao one day, we'll have webauthn/u2f support, and that would be awesome 23:08:33
28 Jan 2023

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