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25 May 2020
@dieter:matrix.allmende.iodieter joined the room.20:54:28
28 May 2020
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@jibe-b:matrix.orgjibe-b Coucou ! Thanks guillaume_av for having invited me here. 12:46:15

Let's start with a protocol that may have similarities to the PAIR ontology: https://murmurations.network/ I just got the link, and here what they say at first:

The problem.

People often want to map the organisations in their sectors. But maps and directories which rely on people adding data to centralised databases are always out of date – because organisations move, change their web address or other details, and forget to update the directory.

The problems with centralised maps and directories include:

    •    Large amounts of manual effort required to identify and enter the information

    •    Difficulties sharing data between similar or overlapping maps and directories

    •    Difficulties keeping data up to date

    •    Organisations are required to update data on multiple platforms

    •    Fragmented, incomplete and outdated data frequently disappoints searchers

Centralised maps and directories can never be updated often enough to keep them relevant. Until now….

It will be discussed openly during one of the sessions on OpenCoop (11-12th June) https://open.coop/2020/04/02/open-2020-reinvented-networked-commons-initiatives/

31 May 2020
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11 Jun 2020
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13 Jun 2020
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@jegor:sibnsk.netjegor 21:50:16
15 Jun 2020
@carry:bau-ha.uscarry 17:33:43
17 Jun 2020
@carla:tchncs.decarla 00:45:46
19 Jun 2020
@jonas.s:matrix.org@jonas.s:matrix.orgwelcome aboard, juergen, werner, jegor, and edward - nice to "see" you here!13:17:37
20 Jun 2020
@patrice:tomesh.netpatrice 22:22:05
21 Jun 2020
@krateos:asra.grkrateos 23:17:36
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22 Jun 2020
@pjotr:ru-matrix.orgpjotr 08:37:58
25 Jun 2020
@mike:nerdsin.spacemike 22:08:30
27 Jun 2020
@andre:riotchat.deandre 22:55:20
30 Jun 2020
@scott:perthchat.orgscott 21:43:24
1 Jul 2020
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2 Jul 2020
@mopsi:ggc-project.demopsi 19:22:38
@konstantin:kde.orgkonstantin 20:08:08
3 Jul 2020
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@ancelin-av:matrix.organcelin-avHello back friends !!15:19:18
@ancelin-av:matrix.organcelin-avHow can i join another channel ? The tuto say "before register, click on URL matrix server". I missed...15:22:34
5 Jul 2020
@harald:netzgemeinde.euharald 10:08:33
@jonas.s:matrix.org@jonas.s:matrix.organcelin: try search for them10:46:43
@jonas.s:matrix.org@jonas.s:matrix.orgalso, in matrix they are called "rooms" (compare with irc "channels" and Jabber "multi-user channels" a.k.a. MUCs)10:48:41
In reply to @ancelin-av:matrix.org
How can i join another channel ? The tuto say "before register, click on URL matrix server". I missed...
Which room or topice are you looking for ? We might invite you in.

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