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24 Jan 2022
In reply to @rishab_coblox:matrix.org
i want to use :terminal mode in nvim but to do this i need to open nvim and them enter the :terminal command. I want to start in :terminal mode by default when I start nvim. Then I can set up my terminal emulator to run nvim on startup so nvim becomes my default terminal
nvim -c ":terminal"
In reply to @dhruv_sha256:matrix.org
nvim -c ":terminal"
amazing, worked
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In reply to @woodhardigan:matrix.org
Anyone here using neogit for magit-type experience? Any opinions?
love it
@chda:matrix.orgp00flike you can't rebase yet but it's still very good for common stuff04:39:09
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@dre:libera.chatdre is it possible to make it, if I yank text in one instance of nvim, it's available in all other currently running instances of neovim? 05:20:44
@dre:libera.chatdre like I use tmux panes and window/tabs a bit, if I go to one tab, I'd like to yy and go back to my other nvim window, and paste. 05:21:33
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@dre:libera.chatdre:set clipboard=unnamed05:49:35
@tfbio:matrix.orgtomseni have this working with :set clipboard=unnamedplus under X1105:54:39
@tfbio:matrix.orgtomsenit tells vim to use the system clipboard05:55:19
@gi-yt:matrix.orgArya (Migrated back to main hs)that works on sway (wl-clipboard)05:57:01
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@Baird:libera.chatBairdAnyone use neovim like an intellij replacement for java?06:02:08
@Baird:libera.chatBairdAlways had issues with huge projects06:02:13
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