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30 Mar 2023
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@ifiguero:matrix.orgifigueroRedacted or Malformed Event02:45:35
@ifiguero:matrix.orgifiguerolooks like it worked. I was curious about if it would do the job,02:45:39
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@ifiguero:matrix.orgifiguero Lol he was an actual spammer. So I guess we can say it works 03:28:35

makingaliasesisannoying: balaa:

Thanks for thr suggestions/info

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In reply to @dingus_:matrix.org

Sorry for the super late reply, I have a newborn and typed this question, then got distracted and forgot about it.

I'll probably start with docker because it seems like there is more documentation and search result hits for it, plus I bought a udemy course about docker.

Say I wanted to move everything to new hardware; would I need a system image to do so or could I just migrate docker configs and the database from a backup?

you should be able to migrate with the data volume and the configuration, yup, if you’ve set it up correctly
@ifiguero:matrix.orgifigueroI mean, if you doing standalones docker, you probably want to backup the volumes and then move them to the new node. 16:22:49
@ifiguero:matrix.orgifigueroI imagine that you should be able to do the same seamingly if you are in a swarm, and add the new node in the swarm, so then you deactivate the current node the services will just "pop up" in the newly available node16:23:39
@ifiguero:matrix.orgifiguerobut tbh never done it in production16:23:59
@ifiguero:matrix.orgifigueroalso, from what I read, the storage volumes are local to the node. So if you need a container in other node to access the volume then it will create one there that is not synced. That seems to be a difference between kubernettes and docker. 16:25:24
@dis:ev.olved.devDisNot really a difference. K8S natively offers localdir/emptydir (and technically hostpath but I agree its not "normal") which are node-local in various ways, but if you need multi-node access you need some sort of CSI bolted on that works with external storage. It just happens that everyone bolts that on early, ether cloud providers or democratic-csi or nfs or longhorn or...16:42:10
@nitrogenfixingtree:sundak.netnitrogenfixingtreedoes anyone remember running early builds of windows xp under codename longhorn17:44:07
In reply to @nitrogenfixingtree:sundak.net
does anyone remember running early builds of windows xp under codename longhorn
yes, I had a friend who as a fanboy and got to install it. Painstakingly slow. IIRC it was ditched and done from scratch for Vista.
@nitrogenfixingtree:sundak.netnitrogenfixingtreeoh you're right, maybe it was vista not xp17:52:57
@nitrogenfixingtree:sundak.netnitrogenfixingtreei just don't remember17:53:00
@ifiguero:matrix.orgifigueroI recall that longhorn tried to promote a filesystem that didn't have a hierarchical structure, just a S3 for files 17:53:04
@ifiguero:matrix.orgifigueroit was the reason why XP lasted long. XP was already due, but Longhorn was a failure and they had to extend XP to buy time and make everything again from scratch17:54:06
@nitrogenfixingtree:sundak.netnitrogenfixingtreei liked the styling of it, i thought it looked cool17:55:13
@nitrogenfixingtree:sundak.netnitrogenfixingtreesounds like a pretty standard microsoft debacle17:55:34
31 Mar 2023
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@ifiguero:matrix.orgifigueroHow many of you manage your secrets like this? https://www.cryptomathic.com/news-events/blog/crypto-periods-for-cryptographic-keys01:43:19
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