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2 Jan 2022
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4 Jan 2022
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22 Jan 2022
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27 Jan 2022
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1 Feb 2022
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7 Feb 2022
@_discord_690150061753368599:corepaper.orgJunte Hi Council-member 😀
would you be so kind to introduce yourself and set your on-chain identity?
@_discord_383902742147629057:corepaper.orgriley99#2082 changed their display name from riley99 to riley99#2082.21:05:14
8 Feb 2022
@_discord_690150061753368599:corepaper.orgJunte Hi Need4Speed! If you'd like to have your account verified you can ask @ OneKaos on Telegram or @ Sgaragagghu here or on tg. 14:32:39
@_discord_406525234888572933:corepaper.orgCryptoRazor Can we get more info anout what is going on in here? Saw some activity last week 15:21:16
@_discord_690150061753368599:corepaper.orgJunte What do you mean? There's a council member that elected himself and I would like to connect, that's all. 17:16:33
@_discord_690150061753368599:corepaper.orgJunte We had our first face to face meeting today! Yay! Sausage Dog, Moony, DB/ Eclipzz and me!! 17:17:21
@_discord_181806680428773376:corepaper.orgKaosOne https://tenor.com/view/wow-oh-wow-gif-18133860 23:13:24
9 Feb 2022
@_discord_690150061753368599:corepaper.orgJunte I’m going to make a Google doc with all the points and send out invites to you guys.
It will contain the future outlook for Kulupu.
New thread: Long time no see!

After the last Pelican Town upgrade the council needed to be reelected. Here we are with a new more active council! Yesterday was the first time ever that we, Sausage Dog, DB/ Eclipse, Moony and me ha...

@_discord_690150061753368599:corepaper.orgJunte Plus the community is welcome to join. You should have received an invite per email with the google doc link, Sausage.

Are people able to open the link on commonwealth to read it? Else I will copy paste the contents into commonwealth.
Comment on: Long time no see!

here's the content of the doc Wip

Kulupu Future Outlook

Analysis of the current situation

ridiculously low market cap

huge treasury without purchasing power, can only hold KLP

any development/ ma...

14 Feb 2022
@_discord_690150061753368599:corepaper.orgJunteRedacted or Malformed Event16:39:16
@_discord_690150061753368599:corepaper.orgJunteRedacted or Malformed Event16:40:56
@_discord_690150061753368599:corepaper.orgJunteRedacted or Malformed Event16:46:17
25 Feb 2022
@_discord_216336294358286336:corepaper.orgeclipse changed their display name from eclipse to eclipse#3894.07:21:25
@_discord_216336294358286336:corepaper.orgeclipse changed their display name from eclipse#3894 to eclipse.07:21:26
6 Mar 2022
@_discord_757219361093058622:corepaper.org远古记忆#5210 changed their display name from killd to 远古记忆#5210.17:31:29
15 Mar 2022
@_discord_506495374538702850:corepaper.orgScaleWeb3#7123 changed their display name from Julian🔥Blockchain-Comparison.com#7123 to ScaleWeb3#7123.13:46:59
6 Apr 2022
@_discord_414191085074776065:corepaper.orgLumin#8758 changed their display name from Lumin#3179 to Lumin#8758.10:45:30
@_discord_414191085074776065:corepaper.orgLumin#8758 changed their profile picture.10:45:31
22 Jun 2022
New thread: Increase Faucet

Hi people,

Wei made a very interesting pallet variables 10 months ago. Anyone can for instance propose to change the amount of people on the council or to increase how often the faucet can be used by...


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