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5 Apr 2021
@_discord_242032644232183808:corepaper.orgWei (sorpaas) Well I think we can. 11:35:37
@_discord_493156020613414912:corepaper.orgSepkuh Bls? 11:36:32
@_discord_205688502250242048:corepaper.orgsgaragagghu Yes I think come back to centralized pools will just lead again to dramas 🙈 11:38:54
@_discord_205688502250242048:corepaper.orgsgaragagghu * Yes I think come back to centralized pools will just lead again to dramas 🙈 11:39:23
@_discord_205688502250242048:corepaper.orgsgaragagghu It would be just an emotional choice now, imho 11:40:38
@_discord_205688502250242048:corepaper.orgsgaragagghu Not a long run good choice imho 11:40:49
@_discord_412391082475913226:corepaper.orgSwagga#6903 but there were no open centralized pools normal people could join that we knew about. only private ones ... but rather have that as a last resort 11:41:45
@_discord_242032644232183808:corepaper.orgWei (sorpaas) Or maybe we can scrape the requirement for historical block sync using light cache. If we say only support full cache for doing fast full sync, then the current system implementing dpool might also not be a problem at all. 11:41:51
@_discord_412391082475913226:corepaper.orgSwagga#6903 kinda like pruned mining 11:42:25
@_discord_242032644232183808:corepaper.orgWei (sorpaas) Or maybe we can get dpool now and worry about performance latter. There may be other fixes, like if we just change some RandomX parameters. 11:43:43
@_discord_412391082475913226:corepaper.orgSwagga#6903 i would say go for it. got nothing to loose 11:49:30
@_discord_205688502250242048:corepaper.orgsgaragagghu What are the drawbacks ? 🤔 11:52:19
@_discord_412391082475913226:corepaper.orgSwagga#6903 need more hard drive space i think 11:52:56
@_discord_412391082475913226:corepaper.orgSwagga#6903 but thats nothing really 11:53:40
@_discord_493156020613414912:corepaper.orgSepkuh I'm fine with that 12:15:35
@_discord_181806680428773376:corepaper.org•KaosOne• @room I remind you to make a decision in the kulupu treasury and at referenda. @Kulupu Council 20:10:32
@_discord_181806680428773376:corepaper.org•KaosOne• * @room I remind you to make a decision in the kulupu treasury and at referenda. @Kulupu Council 20:11:02
6 Apr 2021
@_discord_242032644232183808:corepaper.orgWei (sorpaas) Just wonder what would be everyone's opinion if we allocate say 5% of the block reward to the UBI experiment (so it becomes 20% to treasury, 5% to UBI, and 75% to miners). We're definitely over-paying miners at this moment (probably by a large factor, at least 2x to 3x, which if you want to confirm, just calculate the hashrate of Kulupu, calculate the expected USD reward, and use the same hashrate to calculate the expected USD reward if the miners mine on Monero instead). It won't devalue any of current coin holders' value (we don't change total supply). And I just think some form of simple wealth redistribution is an interesting experiment. 09:15:57
@_discord_205688502250242048:corepaper.orgsgaragagghu I'm fine with it, is interesting, with some kind of temporary lock 11:00:31
@_discord_690150061753368599:corepaper.orgJunte#5706 I think the clue is having no lock. A lock would require people to have a certain amount of KLP. The UBI should be equal to all, not depending on lock/ amount imo. It's also important that people need to reapply twice a year, to not fund inactive accounts.

I'm very supportive of the idea!
@_discord_205688502250242048:corepaper.orgsgaragagghu I meant to not let the coins spendable as soon as you get them - not a lock to get them. Just imho anyway 🙂 12:21:54
@_discord_690150061753368599:corepaper.orgJunte#5706 Sure that's fine with me, they could have a vesting time. Or be transferable gradually during the half year. Or they could be streamed, I don't know how the distribution during the term will be? 12:26:19
@_discord_242032644232183808:corepaper.orgWei (sorpaas) Okay let me draft a full proposal, with vesting schedule! 12:42:04
@_discord_400322343056048129:corepaper.orgDido Goode#8106 maybe they should get released weekly or monthly for the course of 1 year
then one has to reapply
7 Apr 2021
@_discord_311786888786870272:corepaper.orgrefiragon does anyone know what's the new referendum is about? 05:18:08
@_discord_242032644232183808:corepaper.orgWei (sorpaas) Runtime upgrade. 06:00:45
@_discord_311786888786870272:corepaper.orgrefiragon Thanks! 10:16:30
9 Apr 2021
@_discord_395515207121895434:corepaper.orgMoonstone#6499 changed their display name from Micheng to Moonstone#6499.09:39:12
@_discord_420468646876413952:corepaper.orghacklikRedacted or Malformed Event17:19:59
10 Apr 2021
@michael.:matrix.orgMichael Amoani changed their profile picture.12:46:42

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