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2 Apr 2018
07:51:27@saintromuald:matrix.orgAristotle Cajetan joined the room.
07:51:53@saintromuald:matrix.orgAristotle CajetanBlessed Easter to all of you.
07:52:17@saintromuald:matrix.orgAristotle CajetanI think there are ways in which you can be able to make chromiumos run on your computer.
07:53:20@saintromuald:matrix.orgAristotle CajetanI just wish there was a way in which we can be able to emulate chromeos, in vmware or something like that. But looking forward to having those chromeboxes man with 16 GB of RAM, and much more storage.
07:54:22@saintromuald:matrix.orgAristotle CajetanThat would really be something, can be able to run linux within chromeos much better, rather than some of the chrome devices which don't really have enough storage space to ever be able to do something like that. Even the pixelbook, is lacking in that regard.
07:54:38@saintromuald:matrix.orgAristotle CajetanAny fellow allo users here, just wondering.
07:55:05@saintromuald:matrix.orgAristotle CajetanI have a samsung chromebook pro, the earlier version because they have come up with more recently.
07:55:56@saintromuald:matrix.orgAristotle CajetanI had run chroot linux on it, but overall, I wish they would make it easier for people to get that chromeos responsiveness without having to go into developer mode.
07:56:46@saintromuald:matrix.orgAristotle CajetanOr some way you don't have to remind people you are in developer mode all the friggin time, or maybe just have a visual text saying so, before you login, but yeah having to press special keys all the time, kind of destroys the magic behind chromeos in the first place.
3 Apr 2018
14:09:10@sqz:matrix.orgsqz joined the room.
16:24:09@sqz:matrix.orgsqzaristotle: did you hear about the chromeos docker/vm-news already? It seems that we're going into that direction.
13 Apr 2018
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5 May 2018
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6 May 2018
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10 May 2018
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19 Jun 2018
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21 Jun 2018
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24 Jun 2018
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25 Jun 2018
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2 Jul 2018
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9 Jul 2018
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23 Oct 2018
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29 Oct 2018
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1 Nov 2018
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29 Dec 2018
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14 Jan 2019
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