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6 Dec 2023
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@_discord_887767525797019689:t2bot.ioszeiger This is the first codebase I've seen with -Ywarn-numeric-widen (and, of course, fatal warnings to make it extra annoying). What's the reason for this? Numeric widening to floating point types can be problematic but why would I ever want an error when passing an Int as a Long? 16:47:40
@_discord_583167330566275072:t2bot.iosethtisue I think a PR removing that would be accepted. 16:49:11
@_discord_583167330566275072:t2bot.iosethtisue a lot of cargo culting of compiler flags goes on out there. the commit message for the commit that added it is "Add recommended compiler flags" 16:50:08
@_discord_583167330566275072:t2bot.iosethtisue recommended by who 16:50:15
@_discord_583167330566275072:t2bot.iosethtisue * recommended by who... and why 16:50:31
@_discord_887767525797019689:t2bot.ioszeiger Huh, the existing code has lots of warnings that are reported as such despite -Xfatal-warnings 16:56:01
@_discord_583167330566275072:t2bot.iosethtisue looks like -Xfatal-warnings is enabled on 2.12 but not on 2.13 17:26:06
  def relaxNon212: Seq[Setting[_]] = Seq(
    scalacOptions := {
      val old = scalacOptions.value
      scalaBinaryVersion.value match {
        case "2.12" => old
        case _ =>
          old filterNot Set(
@_discord_887767525797019689:t2bot.ioszeiger Ah, right, I thought it was the other way around (which would probably be better at this point) 17:45:38
@_discord_721474407935246456:t2bot.iosom-snytt The recommended flags are -Werror -Xlint. 17:51:49
@_discord_887767525797019689:t2bot.ioszeiger If that was the default we could add an advanced flag to turn it off called -Yolo 20:12:11
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7 Dec 2023
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8 Dec 2023
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@_discord_632658164696743936:t2bot.iolrytz Seems -Ywarn-numeric-widen was added a long time ago in https://github.com/scala/scala/commit/fdfdd09d51 and basically left untouched and probably mostly unused. 11:23:17
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9 Dec 2023
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