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21 Jun 2021
@plusmid:matrix.orgplusmidAlso: The Gear2 and Gear2 Neo are identical except for the camera. So we would get support for both.08:44:41
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@fieryflames:matrix.orgJack plusmid: you're ooLunar? 14:02:19
In reply to @plusmid:matrix.org
Are you using the Mali drivers?
I haven't gotten that far yet, still trying to get the display to work properly. Was hoping to get the bootloader cmdline so i can take parts of it to try and get custom cmdline to work
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Hey, it's the person from a few years ago that tried to get aOS onto a Gear2 Neo. Good work Jack ! If I can help you with anything, let me know.
Just wondering, if you're ooLunar in your original post you said gear 2 neo (boad) is boad the codename for g2n and if so where did you find it?
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plusmid: you're ooLunar?
@fieryflames:matrix.orgJackOh, okay14:59:02
@plusmid:matrix.orgplusmidThe only codename I found was Rinato. Model is SM-3810.15:10:45
@fieryflames:matrix.orgJackYeah same here, no idea where oolunar got boad15:11:19
@plusmid:matrix.orgplusmidCan you send me a link to their post? Can't find it.15:14:09
@plusmid:matrix.orgplusmidAre you FieryFlames?15:15:59
@fieryflames:matrix.orgJackI think i might have gotten atleast some of the bootloader cmdline15:16:02
@fieryflames:matrix.orgJack plusmid: Is your watch running tizen & past setup? 15:25:45
@fieryflames:matrix.orgJackI got the cmdline from android wear port, but i'd like to compare tizen's15:26:09
@plusmid:matrix.orgplusmidYes, I've even got my self-compiled kernel running.15:26:13
@fieryflames:matrix.orgJackDoes the display work?15:26:29
@plusmid:matrix.orgplusmidYes, but it's the old (original) kernel.15:26:57
@fieryflames:matrix.orgJackOh you're using the kernel samsung released right15:26:58
@fieryflames:matrix.orgJackDo you think you could get me the cmdline from tizen?15:27:12
@plusmid:matrix.orgplusmidyes, so it's not very useful15:27:16
@plusmid:matrix.orgplusmidI think so. Remind me how I get to it?15:27:39
@fieryflames:matrix.orgJackI think you'll need to use SDB https://developer.tizen.org/development/tizen-studio/web-tools/running-and-testing-your-app/sdb make sure your watch has USB debugging on & use sdb shell to get a shell, then cat /proc/cmdline i think15:28:40
@plusmid:matrix.orgplusmid Downloading Tizen Studio... Please hold the line... elevator music 15:32:35

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