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30 Oct 2019
19:57:23@zyk:librem.onezykthey let me do most of it from home
20:04:02@rtwx:matrix.orgnigel Nice. A friend is a wakeboarder and had a place at Mangakino, he loved working remotely and went to Auckland a couple of days a week instead of only going to Mangakino on weekends as a holiday home.
Cool if you can do it.
20:10:59@zyk:librem.onezykahh that's pretty neat
20:11:05@zyk:librem.onezyki don't do anythign that exciting, lol
20:11:11@zyk:librem.onezykbut it's pretty cool to be home with the kids most of the time
20:11:38@zyk:librem.onezykwfh certinaly has its challenges though
20:12:28@zyk:librem.onezykwhat do y'all do for work?
22:11:54@idanoo:matrix.m2.nzidanoo That's awesome. I'd love to work remote most of the time out of the city
22:12:19@idanoo:matrix.m2.nzidanooI do cloud infrastructure/platform work
22:18:06@zyk:librem.onezyk idanoo: nice
22:18:30@zyk:librem.onezykI work for an MSP doing sysadmin type things
22:19:21@idanoo:matrix.m2.nzidanooAh nice I did that for a bit
22:19:27@zyk:librem.onezyk so does themantiss , although not the same MSP
22:19:43@idanoo:matrix.m2.nzidanooI worked next to @xurizaemon:matrix.org for a few months
22:20:31@zyk:librem.onezyksuch a small indurstry here
22:20:45@zyk:librem.onezyki'm sure we move in similar circles
22:24:15@themantiss:matrix.orgthemantissugh, people and computers
22:24:55@zyk:librem.onezykin my experience it's normally the people that give you the problems
22:25:07@zyk:librem.onezykmy machines do what they're told
31 Oct 2019
00:17:39@rtwx:matrix.orgnigel I’m a forklift mechanic currently. And yes people still make the most issues with the machines lol.
Auto sparky by trade, wired up racecars when I lived in Auckland and do the odd hotrod these days.
00:21:51@themantiss:matrix.orgthemantisscool man. I used to be a parts bitch at repco/BNT back in the day, trying to keep my hands on cars sometimes. tiny little garage at the mo, about to stick a motor on a stand and rebuild it just for shits and gigs
00:24:51@rtwx:matrix.orgnigel I’m about to sell off all my car stuff and buy camera stuff 📸
94 GSR Lancer striped out for club racing, and a KP61 Starlet shell on hold for a rainy day that’ll never come. Kinda moved on from that scene now
00:29:01@mitchellbk:matrix.orgMitch You'll have to drop a link to that KP61 shell in here when you go to sell it, I've been thinking about doing a 4age conversion project...
00:33:23@rtwx:matrix.orgnigelWill do when we make a move on it for sure
01:18:40@zyk:librem.onezykahh cool
01:19:00@zyk:librem.onezyki never really got the engine bug, not sure why
01:19:59@zyk:librem.onezykmy old man is currently building a couple of fire-breathing cafe racers out of old Ducati Mille 1000s
01:25:03@zyk:librem.onezykm.video Event
3 Nov 2019
23:07:16@themantiss:matrix.orgthemantissshameless promotion for movember, throw in some change if you've got it but also call someone you haven't called in a long time for a yarn and tell em I sent ya because that's what it's all about mobro.co/themantiss

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