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26 Mar 2019
00:08:41@idanoo:matrix.m2.nzidanooheard metaname is good/simple, does it well
02:27:20@rtwx:matrix.orgnigelGood to know, I have one domain in crazydomains and one still in freeparking but if I can find somehting cheap/simple/reliable that would be good
04:49:39@fyoung:mana.nzFergus YoungHave been using 1stdomains, they seem to have been largely okay in my own experience
04:52:42@idanoo:matrix.m2.nzidanooYeah I did a bunch of research, I'll probably keep crazydomains as a registar and just use separate nameservers
07:19:21@rtwx:matrix.orgnigelI have one on namecheap and they've been great, but struggle for a reasonable one for .nz
07:23:17@idanoo:matrix.m2.nzidanooYeah.. I found 1st Domains / CrazyDomains to be the cheapest
07:38:59@fyoung:mana.nzFergus YoungUsed to use CrazyDomains, but recalled I baulked after reading their privacy policy some years back, transferred the couple of domains I had with them out and then closed my account with them. It’s possible they’ve improved their privacy policy / practices since then.
07:39:32@rtwx:matrix.orgnigelprobably not.
07:39:41@fyoung:mana.nzFergus YoungAt the moment, using 1st domains for the .nz domain names and using namecheap for .com
07:40:00@rtwx:matrix.orgnigeljudging from the fact you need t pay to unlock features
07:40:09@rtwx:matrix.orgnigelI'll check out 1stdomains then
07:57:21@idanoo:matrix.m2.nzidanoo Yeah Fergus Young I do have concerns about that
08:14:47@fyoung:mana.nzFergus YoungPossible thoughts about getting more people on to Matrix...
08:15:14@fyoung:mana.nzFergus Young Contemplating posting tramping trips and other social events to a matrix room and having friends check the room for details if they want to join in.
08:15:41@fyoung:mana.nzFergus YoungIn effect using FOMO (learned the term from my friends) to encourage them into Matrix. 🤔
08:20:55@idanoo:matrix.m2.nzidanooHa! Yes!
08:20:58@idanoo:matrix.m2.nzidanooThat's perfect
08:21:12@idanoo:matrix.m2.nzidanooI actually just got back from Abel Tasman a few weeks ago
08:30:54@idanoo:matrix.m2.nzidanooSo. Many. Wekas.
08:32:31@fyoung:mana.nzFergus YoungThat’s a Cool shot!
08:34:07@fyoung:mana.nzFergus YoungAbel Tasman is still on my list to do. Will probably do along side Queen Charlotte one of these summers
08:34:30@idanoo:matrix.m2.nzidanooIt's pretty crazy. I learnt the hard way not to overpack
08:41:29@fyoung:mana.nzFergus YoungYep, like wise. Started out with carrying a rather excessive 23kg pack for a one night trip into the Kaimais (Waitawheta Hut). Eventually, (at least for the Great Walks) was able to get everything i need into a large day pack.
08:44:02@idanoo:matrix.m2.nzidanooOh damn, I was only around 14kgs but it destroyed my shoulders

Contemplating posting tramping trips and other social events to a matrix room and having friends check the room for details if they want to join in.

Brilliant. Yeah keep it subtle, I’ve found pressuring people gets the opposite result, but if the FOMO kicks in... 😁

09:32:27@rtwx:matrix.orgnigel idanoo: cool pic
19:20:26@idanoo:matrix.m2.nzidanooIt's more building a bigger community with things people want
19:21:41@rtwx:matrix.orgnigel Yeah

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