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3 Jan 2020
04:10:30@idanoo:matrix.m2.nzidanoothen finish it
root@m2:/media/Shared# zpool status
  pool: tank
 state: ONLINE
  scan: none requested

	tank        ONLINE       0     0     0
	  mirror-0  ONLINE       0     0     0
	    sde     ONLINE       0     0     0
	    sdh     ONLINE       0     0     0
	  sdb       ONLINE       0     0     0

errors: No known data errors
04:11:10@idanoo:matrix.m2.nzidanooI'm fascinated by zfs lol
04:11:15@idanoo:matrix.m2.nzidanooAlways have been too scared to touch it
04:11:24@idanoo:matrix.m2.nzidanoobut figured out how it all works, and basically can addd cache drive to the raid
04:11:27@idanoo:matrix.m2.nzidanoowhich is sweeeeeeeet
04:11:43@rtwx:matrix.orgnigelAh excellent
04:12:14@idanoo:matrix.m2.nzidanooAnyway now to get ready to go out at 6 for dinner! Just got it back onlien in time haha
4 Jan 2020
00:42:31@idanoo:matrix.m2.nzidanooAlright, having some huge fun with ZFS
00:43:05@idanoo:matrix.m2.nzidanooBasically learned a huge lesson.. set your config flags before you copy over 2TB of data
00:43:16@idanoo:matrix.m2.nzidanooNow to rebuild it all WITH compression enabled šŸ˜‚
5 Jan 2020
07:12:06@gohome:mana.nz@gohome:mana.nz joined the room.
7 Jan 2020
07:20:33@gohome:mana.nz@gohome:mana.nz left the room.
17:08:35@idanoo:matrix.m2.nzidanooThat was a wild ride
21 Jan 2020
20:40:23@idanoo:matrix.m2.nzidanoo changed their profile picture.
25 Jan 2020
07:50:58@idanoo:matrix.m2.nzidanoo It's weird.. I really like riot but there's just not enough people here haha
07:51:09@idanoo:matrix.m2.nzidanooAlso put some CFW on my switch
07:51:30@idanoo:matrix.m2.nzidanoo Having fun playing games I'd never buy lol
07:53:56@rtwx:matrix.orgnigelšŸ˜† haha
08:02:14@fyoung:mana.nzFergus YoungRedacted or Malformed Event
08:02:36@fyoung:mana.nzFergus Young

It's weird.. I really like riot but there's just not enough people here haha

I concur. Really like Matrix. Hoping it will eventually become mainstream in due course.

08:03:36@fyoung:mana.nzFergus Young I've gotten some family on it and it's been working extremely well for us. Been trying to figure out other ways to raise awareness of it. šŸ¤”
08:16:44@idanoo:matrix.m2.nzidanoo Ah yes, it's matrix not riot heh
08:18:13@idanoo:matrix.m2.nzidanooYeah I just have these two channels pretty much. I just have too much other crap already. IRC, discord, slack, WhatsApp, messenger
08:19:13@rtwx:matrix.orgnigelYeah Iā€™m in the same boat. I got my wife to use wire, but the notifications can be a bit flaky. Iā€™m not sure whether to push another change...

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