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26 May 2020
04:15:56@2020wp:2020wp.modular.im2020wpI read somewhere that like 4 nazi submarines escaped to antarctica and turned up empty 3 weeks later in argentina
04:16:23@2020wp:2020wp.modular.im2020wpi read that book by lytton about inner earth that one was cool
04:16:25@roosegardereloaded:matrix.orggridbreaker That's odd
04:16:37@2020wp:2020wp.modular.im2020wpand the baron trumps marvelous underground journey
04:17:03@2020wp:2020wp.modular.im2020wpi like richard shaver's books
04:17:14@2020wp:2020wp.modular.im2020wpive only been able to find like a quarter of them online though
04:17:42@2020wp:2020wp.modular.im2020wpif anyone has a link to a complete list or pdf versions of Richard Shavers books that would be much obliged
04:20:11@oceanus:matrix.orgoceanus I'm now a great ice baller
04:20:57@darthpainus:matrix.orgDarth Painusmore like
04:21:00@darthpainus:matrix.orgDarth Painusdisgrased
04:22:50@2020wp:2020wp.modular.im2020wpthat cross is evil also
04:23:13@2020wp:2020wp.modular.im2020wpsomething about the bent cross i think\
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12:41:22@dude_mon:200acres.orgDude_Mon [200]IMG_20200526_083930_327.jpg
12:41:28@dude_mon:200acres.orgDude_Mon [200]IMG_20200526_083942_489.jpg
12:41:50@dude_mon:200acres.orgDude_Mon [200]The Jew has successfully kept this information hidden for 2 centuries. Take the Dandelionpill
13:16:46@electrum:matrix.orgelectrummy great grandma told us about how they ate a lot of dandelions during the great depression to survive
13:43:05@getrektcrew:matrix.orggetrektcrewIt also helps for hemroids cuz of the regenerating effects on the arteries
13:43:32@getrektcrew:matrix.orggetrektcrewAll parts are consumable. Root leaves flower

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