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14 Sep 2022
@_discord_803622754154053682:t2bot.ioUnimid i looked up what michealangelo used to make david and it said carrara 16:37:46
@_discord_482730889525067776:t2bot.ioNolcoz Ahh okay okay 17:12:57
@_discord_482730889525067776:t2bot.ioNolcoz I can try and do something for that later 17:13:07
Download grk_brk15_f.png
@_discord_482730889525067776:t2bot.ioNolcoz In the mean time you can use this texture in the wad as a placeholder if you want 17:13:40
@_discord_803622754154053682:t2bot.ioUnimid ok :) 18:48:12
Download 20220914_145238.jpg
@_discord_803622754154053682:t2bot.ioUnimid sorta like this but with seams so parts look seperate (like the large metal textures in quake)
im making it half built so no hair needes
@_discord_803622754154053682:t2bot.ioUnimid *needed 18:54:20
Download unknown.png
@_discord_203960834886598656:t2bot.ioPyroGXPilot unijorse 18:57:53
@_discord_803622754154053682:t2bot.ioUnimid thanks 19:02:05
@_discord_482730889525067776:t2bot.ioNolcoz Whats that texture from? 23:27:17
@_discord_203960834886598656:t2bot.ioPyroGXPilot its one of mine 23:32:35
15 Sep 2022
@_discord_944354526738137118:t2bot.ioMissLavenderšŸŒˆ do we have permission to put this under bsd3 04:04:44
@_discord_203960834886598656:t2bot.ioPyroGXPilot go ahead 20:42:49
@_discord_482730889525067776:t2bot.ioNolcoz Nice 21:49:33
16 Sep 2022
@_discord_803622754154053682:t2bot.ioUnimid found a perfect rock for the texture i want
will "scan" it in l8r
@_discord_482730889525067776:t2bot.ioNolcoz Ohh, forgot to say but there are rock textures in the medival wad if you wanna use some. Is where I got the ones I used in the greek maps I made 21:57:15
@_discord_803622754154053682:t2bot.ioUnimid ok 23:05:36
18 Sep 2022
@_discord_803622754154053682:t2bot.ioUnimid do we have a wad with just all the textures? 02:49:05
@_discord_482730889525067776:t2bot.ioNolcoz Not really. There are all just on seperated by theme 02:50:28
@_discord_309408702530846730:t2bot.iomatrix-appservice-discord-t2bot 05:25:52
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20 Sep 2022
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23 Sep 2022
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24 Sep 2022
@_discord_774315760302030880:t2bot.ioBelpher the man#0097 changed their display name from Belphy#0097 to Belpher the man#0097.16:31:42
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28 Sep 2022
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