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17 Oct 2021
@_discord_337627255708712970:t2bot.ioJerry where would i lob this? 21:22:30
@_discord_337627255708712970:t2bot.ioJerry i dont have librequake atm but i know assets are normally stored inside the .bsp 21:22:46
@_discord_482730889525067776:t2bot.ioNolcoz#5701 The map? Just put it in the id1 folder, on the maps folder 21:33:08
@_discord_482730889525067776:t2bot.ioNolcoz#5701 And in game you can just load it by typing in the console "map [name file for the map]" 21:34:09
@_discord_337627255708712970:t2bot.ioJerry ahh ok 21:36:21
@_discord_337627255708712970:t2bot.ioJerry and i can just run this with quakespasm alone? any expansions i need or nah 21:36:31
@_discord_337627255708712970:t2bot.ioJerry like do i need LQ 21:36:42
@_discord_482730889525067776:t2bot.ioNolcoz#5701 Nah, you can play it with vannilla quake 21:40:08
@_discord_337627255708712970:t2bot.ioJerry Jesus this is fantastic 21:40:38
@_discord_337627255708712970:t2bot.ioJerry Only thing I'd say so far is, if you push the button at the start to activate the elevator and you miss it you're waiting for quite a while 21:41:21
@_discord_337627255708712970:t2bot.ioJerry Ah may be stopid 21:41:36
@_discord_884558577338028033:t2bot.iowither changed their display name from wither to wither#0143.21:42:03
@_discord_884558577338028033:t2bot.iowither changed their display name from wither#0143 to wither.21:42:05
@_discord_337627255708712970:t2bot.ioJerry My shambler just got yeeted out of existence 21:44:40
@_discord_337627255708712970:t2bot.ioJerry * My shambler just got yeeted out of existence 21:44:45
18 Oct 2021
@_discord_803622754154053682:t2bot.ioMr. Unihorse its a bit dark in places 14:03:39
@_discord_803622754154053682:t2bot.ioMr. Unihorse namely the lifts 14:03:40
@_discord_803622754154053682:t2bot.ioMr. Unihorse i do like the jump on that deathknight 14:05:36
@_discord_803622754154053682:t2bot.ioMr. Unihorse i also like how you have to strafe while following the meat boxes 14:10:03
@_discord_803622754154053682:t2bot.ioMr. Unihorse 10 14:12:11
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19 Oct 2021
@_discord_690561623051468861:t2bot.ioRoby Lla https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/900010324042866688/900118231950446602/675e1d67995248d65e59124915564d1b267a4151_hq.jpg 20:31:32
@_discord_690561623051468861:t2bot.ioRoby Lla https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/900010324042866688/900118258093522974/e9533344c53cd7aecb8f7f5bfbe8da222d6a3707_hq.jpg 20:32:11
21 Oct 2021
@_discord_852607715183165470:t2bot.ioJongus changed their display name from Jongus to Jongus#5331.23:08:19
@_discord_852607715183165470:t2bot.ioJongus changed their display name from Jongus#5331 to Jongus.23:08:20
22 Oct 2021
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@_discord_336558645645017090:t2bot.ioancientdamned changed their display name from ancientdamned#6722 to ancientdamned.13:32:22
23 Oct 2021
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