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25 Jul 2020
@tasso:ostavrosnika.comآناستاسيوسI'm not a guitar player. I have no technique. But it's still fun.19:40:30
@tasso:ostavrosnika.comآناستاسيوسFretless, so you can play notes that aren't in 12TET19:40:52
Download mxc%3A%2F%2Fostavrosnika.com%2FwyXPSjIuzRlcVNvTZnTYrcje.jpg
@tasso:ostavrosnika.comآناستاسيوسI tried to do some classical Iranian whatever on it. It's not easy listening or anything, but still fun19:43:20
@tasso:ostavrosnika.comآناستاسيوسDownload mxc%3A%2F%2Fostavrosnika.com%2FOyRRWhaSLVdIkWCnHGFBMoSa.oga19:43:57
@mntr0:matrix.orgmntr0 (janny for jesus)leeet19:46:50
28 Jul 2020
@patricia:chat.weho.stpatricia 05:39:04
30 Jul 2020
@richard:converser.eurichard 18:39:31
25 Jul 2020
@mntr0:matrix.orgmntr0 (janny for jesus)you should jpin the based irooni discord19:47:09
31 Jul 2020
@josefa:bau-ha.usjosefa 18:16:23
2 Aug 2020
@josef:netzgemeinde.eujosef 17:12:21
@paul:asra.grpaul 17:27:42
3 Aug 2020
@nemela:utwente.ionemela 18:43:24
4 Aug 2020
@tasso:ostavrosnika.comآناستاسيوسRedacted or Malformed Event18:11:53
@tasso:ostavrosnika.comآناستاسيوسEven though the information doesn't exist, Fox is already trying to pin the Beirut explosion on Hezbollah https://www.foxnews.com/world/explosion-lebanon-capital-beirut18:12:28
Download Screenshot_20200804-111048_Brave.jpg
@tasso:ostavrosnika.comآناستاسيوسThat's a big explosion. I'm surprised to hear them say only 10 ppl were killed18:24:03
@tasso:ostavrosnika.comآناستاسيوسthe number is 50 now20:15:11
@tasso:ostavrosnika.comآناستاسيوسand over 2,000 injured20:15:36
5 Aug 2020
@tasso:ostavrosnika.comآناستاسيوسlooks like the number is up again17:35:05
@tasso:ostavrosnika.comآناستاسيوسover 100 dead, and over 4,000 injured17:35:21
6 Aug 2020
@mntr0:matrix.orgmntr0 (janny for jesus)israel did it12:09:04
8 Aug 2020
@kamilla:fairydust.spacekamilla 09:03:04
18 Aug 2020
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23 Aug 2020
@alex:ru-matrix.orgalex 19:02:57
24 Aug 2020
@mntr0:matrix.orgmntr0 (janny for jesus)https://youtu.be/4w5p18EcKT412:42:59
1 Sep 2020
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