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18 Jan 2021
@juliardi:matrix.orgrd07 joined the room.13:05:58
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19 Jan 2021
@jokowi:matrix.orgjokowi joined the room.03:27:21
20 Jan 2021
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22 Jan 2021
@reez_q11:matrix.orgbash$ left the room.23:19:52
25 Jan 2021
@Vulphere:matrix.orgVulphere in the Matrix changed their profile picture.17:06:45
28 Jan 2021
@wahyu:privacytools.iowahyu joined the room.12:17:30
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30 Jan 2021
@ajengfera:matrix.orgMs. joined the room.00:35:31
@ajengfera:matrix.orgMs. left the room.00:42:51
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31 Jan 2021
@adijayainc:matrix.orgadijayainc joined the room.07:44:48
11 Feb 2021
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19 Feb 2021
@testing12345test:matrix.orgjuzttesting joined the room.09:56:32
@testing12345test:matrix.orgjuzttesting left the room.09:57:05
23 Feb 2021
@liltorty:matrix.orgCarrot lover joined the room.12:34:25
@liltorty:matrix.orgCarrot lover changed their display name from liltorty to Carrot lover.12:35:15
2 Mar 2021
@jullianza:matrix.orgjullianza joined the room.15:31:54
11 Mar 2021
@topimerah:matrix.orgredhat left the room.22:00:15
17 Mar 2021
@therandomuser1234:matrix.orgtherandomuser1234 joined the room.16:44:35
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19 Mar 2021
@yosben:matrix.orgyosben joined the room.15:51:07
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14 Apr 2021
@yumashell:matrix.orgyumashell joined the room.21:40:26
@yumashell:matrix.orgyumashellHalo, orang Indonesia nih di matrix 21:40:44
18 Apr 2021
@nurjamal_:matrix.orgNippon Pein joined the room.07:40:43
25 Apr 2021
@yumashell:matrix.orgyumashell left the room.13:26:14
2 May 2021
@moragans:matrix.orgmoragans joined the room.15:21:55
4 May 2021
@moragans:matrix.orgmoragansIndonesia mana suaranya01:39:52

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