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28 Dec 2020
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@ndradev:matrix.orgndradev Join utk share keindahan alam indonesia di #indonesia.nature:matrix.org 05:48:31
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@topimerah:matrix.orgredhat changed their display name from topimerah to redhat.21:07:08
1 Jan 2021
@rzlx:matrix.org@rzlx:matrix.org changed their display name from rzlx to Rizal.18:34:06
2 Jan 2021
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6 Jan 2021
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@rizkicp4:matrix.org@rizkicp4:matrix.orgRedacted or Malformed Event23:13:29
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@rizkicp4:matrix.org@rizkicp4:matrix.orgRedacted or Malformed Event23:14:40
7 Jan 2021
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8 Jan 2021
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11 Jan 2021
@null444:matrix.orgqwerty changed their display name from null404 to qwerty.11:42:30
13 Jan 2021
@juliardi:matrix.org@juliardi:matrix.org pindah ke room #indonesia:matrix.org aja 15:02:59
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14 Jan 2021
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15 Jan 2021
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16 Jan 2021
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@wahyup:matrix.org@wahyup:matrix.org changed their display name from wahyup to whyup.12:15:07
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18 Jan 2021
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19 Jan 2021
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20 Jan 2021
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22 Jan 2021
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25 Jan 2021
@Vulphere:matrix.orgVulphere in the Matrix changed their profile picture.17:06:45

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