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3 Sep 2019
15:58:02@mikkaworks:matrix.orgmikkaworksJust went almost 100% raw/fruits about a month ago. This shit is just amazing - all parameters are up, not depressed any more, never tired, never hungry and my erections are off the charts lol
18:32:27@v7e:matrix.org@v7e:matrix.orghow much do you weight? how much do you eat a day?
18:35:18@v7e:matrix.org@v7e:matrix.orgthis one is a troll imo
4 Sep 2019
05:37:24@mikkaworks:matrix.orgmikkaworks I've actually gained muscle and lowered my fat percentage
05:38:18@mikkaworks:matrix.orgmikkaworks I just eat when I'm hungry as much as I can, maybe around 2-3 kg not sure
05:39:34@mikkaworks:matrix.orgmikkaworks And my body's water content has gone up from 50% to 54% now.
05:40:26@mikkaworks:matrix.orgmikkaworksShould be at like 70% for best health
6 Sep 2019
08:43:18@kevinsarpei:matrix.orgKevin Sarpei
Als Antwort auf @mikkaworks:matrix.org
I've actually gained muscle and lowered my fat percentage
mikkaworks: Got any good recipes to share?
7 Sep 2019
04:03:50@matroid:matrix.org@matroid:matrix.orgAny australian to confirm whether the Lord of the Fries chain is all vegan? They are misleading on the website.
04:05:42@justin:matrix.jagieniak.netArlasI just know that David Hamilton is vegan and starts a vegan burger chain
10 Sep 2019
15:20:13@0ptr:matrix.orglasse joined the room.
11 Sep 2019
02:41:56@matroid:matrix.org@matroid:matrix.org left the room.
13 Sep 2019
05:58:28@saegor:matrix.orgx joined the room.
06:00:44@saegor:matrix.orgxhello ! do you know a good french chat about veganism (on riot or somewhere else) thank you
07:23:47@v7e:matrix.org@v7e:matrix.orgsaego i believe there aren't bigger channel than this one
07:23:59@v7e:matrix.org@v7e:matrix.organyway look at french servers
08:40:06@saegor:matrix.orgxthank you v7e
14 Sep 2019
17:33:51@y0ho:matrix.orgyoho joined the room.
15 Sep 2019
01:40:50@copenhagen_bram:chat.weho.stElon Satoshi joined the room.
01:43:38@copenhagen_bram:chat.weho.stElon Satoshihello!
01:43:48@copenhagen_bram:chat.weho.stElon Satoshifunny, I was just wondering if there were any spanish vegan chatrooms
01:45:01@copenhagen_bram:chat.weho.stElon Satoshi i come from #freenode_##vegan:matrix.org sup?
07:38:17@matt_mods:matrix.orgmatt_mods Hello
18:48:24@v7n:tedomum.netToughest Peasant joined the room.
18:48:47@v7e:matrix.org@v7e:matrix.org left the room.
17 Sep 2019
23:28:28@islandalpha:matrix.orgIslandAlpha joined the room.
23:33:43@islandalpha:matrix.orgIslandAlpha changed their display name from islandalpha to IslandAlpha.
18 Sep 2019
20:11:57@copenhagen_bram:chat.weho.stElon Satoshihi
19 Sep 2019
14:13:01@saegor:matrix.orgx changed their display name from saegor to x.

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