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14 Jan 2020
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15 Jan 2020
11:32:13@cyberia:cybre.spacecyberiaI got a jar of that lotus/biscoff/speculoos spread and I for the life of me cannot stop eating it straight out of the jar with a spoon
11:32:42@cyberia:cybre.spacecyberiaevery time I go in the kitchen I'm just like oh go on treat yourself
11:32:58* @cyberia:cybre.spacecyberia can have a little biscoff spread, as a treat
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14:22:26@heavyday:matrix.allmende.ioレインI ate something made with palm oil the other day and now I feel really guilty.
14:34:48@krkc:matrix.orgkrkc I've been meaning to look into this "sustainable palm" stuff to see if it's all marketing b.s. or not. I mainly don't buy stuff with palm oil because it seems like a lot of things that contain it also contain a laundry list of other unhealthy sounding additives (I don't do mock meats very often)
14:36:01@heavyday:matrix.allmende.ioレインWell, palm oil is mainly used by companies looking to use the cheapest ingredients, which usually means "extremely unhealthy."
14:37:34@heavyday:matrix.allmende.ioレインNot 100% related, but rapeseed/"canola" oil is the other really cheap oil, and there was recently a recall on hummus here...
14:37:53@heavyday:matrix.allmende.ioレインApparently, most of the hummus in the entire country was contaminated with some pathogen or other.
14:38:41@heavyday:matrix.allmende.ioレインAfter reading through the list of contaminated products, I quickly noticed every single brand of hummus used rapeseed oil, and all the ones not on the list used either olive oil or sunflower oil.
14:39:10@heavyday:matrix.allmende.ioレイン (In addition to the tahini they almost all used, of course.)
14:39:55@heavyday:matrix.allmende.ioレインBasically, yeah, I'd say avoiding cheap oils is a quick shortcut to protecting your health.
14:39:59@heavyday:matrix.allmende.ioレインRule of thumb or whatever.
14:42:56@krkc:matrix.orgkrkcWhich country? I just bought hummus the other day 😳
14:44:16@heavyday:matrix.allmende.ioレインUK. This was some weeks ago, anyway.
14:44:34@heavyday:matrix.allmende.ioレインPretty sure it's been sorted now.
14:51:35@krkc:matrix.orgkrkc Well crap, I'm guessing this Tesco's Finest is one of the ones on that list. I'm hoping they removed the affected batch from their shelves after the news broke.
14:54:53@krkc:matrix.orgkrkcBut it had whole chickpeas mixed in, it looked so premium! haha
17 Jan 2020
07:41:40@leth:matrix.orgleth Sustainable palm oil certification is sort of green washing but at the same time it's the best we've got. And unfortunately since palm oil is so extremely widely traded all over the work one might argue that it's better to support a half-arsed certification to help improve the industry progress. Consumer habits in rich countries have very little effects on the third world market (where most if the palm oil is sold anyways) while a big certification backed by multinational companies can effect both the industry and the legislation in countries where the oil is produced. It's a very sad situation.
18 Jan 2020
20 Jan 2020
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21 Jan 2020
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22 Jan 2020
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23 Jan 2020
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24 Jan 2020
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