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18 Dec 2018
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20 Dec 2018
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23 Dec 2018
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24 Dec 2018
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09:02:57@salvamucche:matrix.orgsalvamucchegood news https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2018/dec/22/worlds-first-no-kill-eggs-go-on-sale-in-berlin
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25 Dec 2018
In reply to @faber:matrix.org
hi, do you have suggestions for nice recipes I can prepare on weekends for the week?
If you like spicy stuff, we make Biryani except that we substitute meat with soaked Soya Chunks.
27 Dec 2018
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2 Jan 2019
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3 Jan 2019
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10 Jan 2019
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12 Jan 2019
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14 Jan 2019
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20 Jan 2019
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30 Jan 2019
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7 Feb 2019
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16 Feb 2019
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17 Feb 2019
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21 Feb 2019
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