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13 Oct 2018
18:47:14@faber:matrix.orgfaber set a profile picture.
19 Oct 2018
01:57:21@afv:matrix.orgAndré joined the room.
10:09:57@faber:matrix.orgfaberhi, do you have suggestions for nice recipes I can prepare on weekends for the week?
12:00:51@doe:matrix.orgdoe I don't cook from recipes a ton but things that are easy to make in big batches then save are good.
12:01:28@doe:matrix.orgdoeI like making lots of pasta and tomato sauce with a bunch of veggies, and then just saving it
12:02:07@doe:matrix.orgdoeRice and beans with some other veggies like tomatoes and carrots and peas is also a good one
12:03:07@doe:matrix.orgdoeOr veggie stir fry
12:03:13@doe:matrix.orgdoeMmm, veggies
13:28:50@faber:matrix.orgfaber what i'm doing now is cooking a bunch of buckwheat and then make salads with fresh/canned veggies, but after a while it gets dull.. I tried doing the same with rice, but it won't hold well with time (buckwheat can last about a week, without tasting like crap, like rice after a day).. maybe I can try preparing some tomato sauce and freeze it
14:23:29@doe:matrix.orgdoeYeah i highly recommend tomato sauce. You can get creative and put things like tempeh in it
16:16:37@faber:matrix.orgfabermmh interesting, I may give it a try!
26 Oct 2018
10:34:54@afv:matrix.orgAndré removed their display name André Ventura.
28 Oct 2018
22:46:54@afv:matrix.orgAndré set their display name to André Ventura .
30 Oct 2018
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31 Oct 2018
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6 Nov 2018
12:13:13@tobi:im.kabi.tkTobi changed their display name from Tobi to Tobi(Matrix).
12:14:44@tobi:im.kabi.tkTobi changed their display name from Tobi(Matrix) to Tobi.
12 Nov 2018
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12:41:08@afv:matrix.orgAndré changed their display name from André Ventura to André.
18 Nov 2018
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24 Nov 2018
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2 Dec 2018
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8 Dec 2018
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11 Dec 2018
15:34:03@trashpandalov3r:matrix.orgtrashpandalov3r joined the room.
12 Dec 2018
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14 Dec 2018
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18 Dec 2018
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