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18 Jun 2020
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20 Jun 2020
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21 Jun 2020
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22 Jun 2020
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@v7n:tedomum.netRoughest Peasant #defundpolice hi angel_tune 20:06:00
@v7n:tedomum.netRoughest Peasant #defundpolicewhat did you eat for dinner?20:06:04
@angel_tune:matrix.organgel_tunei guess chips20:28:18
@angel_tune:matrix.organgel_tuneyikes is this antifi here20:28:31
@v7n:tedomum.netRoughest Peasant #defundpolicewhat's that20:29:10
23 Jun 2020
@tofumonster:matrix.orgtofumonsterwow, thats so sweet. The vet where I had to put my dog down a few weeks ago sent me a hand written sympathy letter i the mail. <3 02:20:37
@apetresc:matrix.orgapetresc Sorry for your loss tofumonster 12:01:19

apetresc: thanks, I tried to help and save her three times this year but, she was too fargone and the emergency room vet couldnt help this last time. She was about 11 and had a heart condition. Although, her spirit will live on through my whole house. I'm just glad the emergency vet helped out too during all this COVID 19 mess because I was panicked crying when I was taking her to the emergency vet I forgot my mask and had to hurry and look for mine.

I gave her a good life though, she was an older dog from the shelter, felt even though shes older I would give her the best life since she had been through alot before she was with me.

@leth:matrix.orglethTime shared together in love is always a great thing.14:17:38
@tofumonster:matrix.orgtofumonster leth: indeed it is. I started working on a slideshow video/collage in final cut pro x for her to always cherish the memories. 14:18:56
@leth:matrix.orglethCherishing memories of shared love is a very beautiful thing. And can in a sense be a continuation of that love. Appreciating that is beautiful.14:24:15
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26 Jun 2020
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28 Jun 2020
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29 Jun 2020
@solipsicle:matrix.orgsolipsicleanyone have success with feeding their cats a vegan diet? I've been afraid to try since it sounds error-prone, but I hear there are ways to pull it off well09:02:20
@mrrawmampf:matrix.orgManu (Stgt)Our two cats do very well with it 😊👍đŸŧ we got them as babys and there are here since 1 year. They are very healthy and have a lot of power09:13:50
@mrrawmampf:matrix.orgManu (Stgt)They get dry food all the time and wet food once in the morning09:14:46
2 Jul 2020
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