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2 Nov 2019
3 Nov 2019
12:03:37@wire:monsieur-wire.dewire invited @whatsapp_4917643702127:monsieur-wire.deJudy (WA).
12:30:40@wire:monsieur-wire.dewireHey everyone
In reply to @wire:monsieur-wire.de
Hey everyone
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4 Nov 2019
04:07:13@greta:chickee.netGretahi wire!
04:07:24@greta:chickee.netGretado you use wireguard by any chance?
04:07:44@greta:chickee.netGretaI can't get a point-to-point wireguard connection working :(
10:03:15@wire:monsieur-wire.dewireNo I did use it once but I don't have a usecase for it yet. How do you use it. Do you run the wireguard server by your self?
10:04:55@greta:chickee.netGretaI tried to connect to my home server from my laptop for hours
10:05:19@greta:chickee.netGretait was sending the keepAlive packets ok. and each could ping the other, but i couldn't access anything outside
10:05:54@greta:chickee.netGretaI am subscribed to AzireVPN, and it works flawlessly
10:06:48@greta:chickee.netGretaon both my phone and laptop. had a custom kernel on my old phone, and built the kernel myself on my laptop to include wireguard support
10:07:09@wire:monsieur-wire.dewireHmm strange. But I think I can't help you with that. Cause lack of experience. 😅 Maybe you can find a room on here for this question.
10:07:43@greta:chickee.netGretagood idea, I think I'll take that advice
10:08:32@wire:monsieur-wire.dewireDark route seems to be a good room for it. But maybe there is another room specific for wireguard.
15:45:23@greta:chickee.netGretagood playlist
16:23:47@wire:monsieur-wire.dewireThat song is really cool 😁
19:05:08@lauramondolibero:matrix.orglow-key foxWe're a group of vegans who organize on riot. We're the Vegan Justice League. We created a lobbying organization called Agriculture Fairness Alliance. Today we made Veg News.: https://vegnews.com/2019/11/lobby-groups-propose-program-to-congress-to-transition-animal-farmers-to-plant-based-agriculture
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7 Nov 2019
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18:55:19@v7n:tedomum.netRoughest Peasant changed their display name from Toughest Peasant to Roughest Peasant.
13 Nov 2019
12:38:15@heavyday:matrix.allmende.ioレインi like vegans
12:38:21@heavyday:matrix.allmende.ioレインthey're comfy and easy to wear
13:55:31@heavyday:matrix.allmende.ioレインhey, you know my super-cool vegan? my vegan is different from regular vegans. it's like my vegan is in the top percentage of all vegans, you know?
18:44:00@v7n:tedomum.netRoughest Peasantu drunk?

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