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12 Mar 2017
18:27:35@ratot:matrix.orgratot changed the history visibility to "world_readable" from "shared".
18:28:27Room Avatar Renderer.
18:30:07@ratot:matrix.orgratot set the room topic to "The best browser out there".
23 Mar 2017
09:49:53@Negzi:matrix.org@Negzi:matrix.org joined the room.
09:55:58@Negzi:matrix.org@Negzi:matrix.org left the room.
24 Mar 2017
16:42:36@ratot:matrix.orgratotchanged room power levels.
16:43:04@ratot:matrix.orgratotchanged room power levels.
15 May 2017
02:22:07@LNDDYL:matrix.orgJimmy Young joined the room.
02:45:13@LNDDYL:matrix.orgJimmy Young set their display name to Jimmy Young.
25 Jul 2017
04:12:07@CST:matrix.org@CST:matrix.org joined the room.
04:12:12@CST:matrix.org@CST:matrix.org left the room.
15 Aug 2017
17:26:01@ylavoie:matrix.org@ylavoie:matrix.org joined the room.
17:26:57@ylavoie:matrix.org@ylavoie:matrix.org left the room.
16 Aug 2017
00:58:33@Noetic:matrix.orgNoetic joined the room.
24 Oct 2017
03:49:03@Noetic:matrix.orgNoetic changed their profile picture.
2 Nov 2017
08:49:34@teej:matrix.org@teej:matrix.org joined the room.
09:27:26@teej:matrix.org@teej:matrix.org Google Chrome is one of many different web browsers.
12:31:49@ratot:matrix.orgratotit is indeed, thank you sir
23 Dec 2017
21:21:25@pinsel:matrix.org@pinsel:matrix.org joined the room.
9 Apr 2018
19:42:42@iov48:matrix.orgiov48 joined the room.
31 Jul 2018
16:22:22@teej:matrix.org@teej:matrix.org left the room.

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