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This room is for discussion of standards utilized by the Cosmos network & interchain ecosystem, questions/answers, and coordination of ICS-related social activity like calls. Please take substantive discussions to appropriate issues in https://github.com/cosmos/ics or create new ones if necessary.1 Servers

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29 Mar 2019
@cwgoes:matrix.orgcwgoes changed the room name to "Cosmos Interchain Standards" from "cosmos-ics".22:32:59
@cwgoes:matrix.orgcwgoesYou can track progress on the first specification milestone - "IBC Preliminaries" - at https://github.com/cosmos/ics/milestone/2, expected mid-next-week.22:36:50
30 Mar 2019
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1 Apr 2019
@jekamas:matrix.orgjekamas joined the room.11:38:19
3 Apr 2019
@vasiliy.shapovalov:matrix.orgvasiliy.shapovalov Hey cwgoes can I get on a call tomorrow? 08:51:28
@vasiliy.shapovalov:matrix.orgvasiliy.shapovalovNevermind, got it figured out16:54:12
@cwgoes:matrix.orgcwgoesWhat are you working on?17:13:40
@cwgoes:matrix.orgcwgoesI appreciate your insightful comments on ICS issues :)17:13:46
@vasiliy.shapovalov:matrix.orgvasiliy.shapovalov Thank you! We're working on gaming in cosmos, in stealth mode currently. Most tangible result so far is bls beacon in tendermint, almost finished with dkg currently 17:16:52
@vasiliy.shapovalov:matrix.orgvasiliy.shapovalov Seamless ux for nft transfer/sale is a prerequisite for our success so that's a part of IBC I'm thinking a lot about 17:18:21
@vasiliy.shapovalov:matrix.orgvasiliy.shapovalov I'm a little surprised how all those projects building on cosmos don't show up a lot for ICS discussion. It's the single part of cosmos ecosystem that can require all-zones social consensus for upgrade 17:20:24
@cwgoes:matrix.orgcwgoesA DKG in Tendermint sounds phenomenal - I'm sure we'd welcome an upstream PR (if / when you are ready). I think the ICS process will build consensus over time, we're just starting out.17:23:54
@vasiliy.shapovalov:matrix.orgvasiliy.shapovalovyeah, it's a cool one. we use it for pure application-grade random but it can be used for validator sortition, sharding etc17:33:27
@vasiliy.shapovalov:matrix.orgvasiliy.shapovalovwe're going to open source soon-ish17:34:04
@vasiliy.shapovalov:matrix.orgvasiliy.shapovalovupstream PR we'll need to discuss because DKG makes things a lot more complicated, has a bit different security assumptions and I don't think vanilla tendermint needs all that complexity. Some kind of feature toggle will be needed we haven't yet implemented17:52:16
@cwgoes:matrix.orgcwgoesFair enough! Looking forward to reading it in any case.18:20:54
4 Apr 2019
@vasiliy.shapovalov:matrix.orgvasiliy.shapovalovEthan was killing it with dramatic background music15:37:40
@vasiliy.shapovalov:matrix.orgvasiliy.shapovalovLike a conference call from Skyrim15:49:41
5 Apr 2019
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8 Apr 2019
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9 Apr 2019
@vasiliy.shapovalov:matrix.orgvasiliy.shapovalov There's apparently a more popular group in telegram @ibcprotocol 17:33:18
@jackzampolin:matrix.orgjackzampolin its pretty new vasiliy.shapovalov 17:49:09
@cwgoes:matrix.orgcwgoesAlas, Telegram seems to be the Schelling point for crypto discussions, despite its lack of privacy or decentralization.22:22:08
@cwgoes:matrix.orgcwgoesWe need a coordination mechanism to all agree to atomically switch to a better chat platform.22:23:10
@jackzampolin:matrix.orgjackzampolin cwgoes: I think we might need a chat platform to coordinate that 🤔 23:27:39
10 Apr 2019
16 Apr 2019
@cwgoes:matrix.orgcwgoesI've written up a high-level description of the IBC protocol architecture, on which feedback or questions are welcome - https://github.com/cosmos/ics/pull/7011:48:15
18 Apr 2019
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