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22 Jan 2020
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24 Jan 2020
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26 Jan 2020
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27 Jan 2020
12:19:10@EricGrahamMacEachern:matrix.orgEric Graham MacEachernima_19ffbbc.jpeg
12:34:44@Ruff_Wizard:matrix.orgRuff WizardWow... cool
30 Jan 2020
02:12:54@EricGrahamMacEachern:matrix.orgEric Graham MacEachernima_afe05b4.jpeg
1 Feb 2020
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2 Feb 2020
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6 Feb 2020
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10 Feb 2020
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16 Feb 2020
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24 Feb 2020
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25 Feb 2020
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27 Feb 2020
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1 Mar 2020
00:34:10@danielp3344:matrix.orgDaniel Peterson joined the room.
14:02:28@danielp3344:matrix.orgDaniel PetersonHow is one supposed to keep sugar from getting all crumbly when making candy?
14:03:37@danielp3344:matrix.orgDaniel PetersonI tried to make saltwater taffy yesterday and it tasted great, but it had a texture a lot like a sugar cube.
14:03:49@danielp3344:matrix.orgDaniel PetersonThis seems to happen every time...
15:55:00@meryllelogram:matrix.org@meryllelogram:matrix.orgRedacted or Malformed Event
15:55:06@meryllelogram:matrix.org@meryllelogram:matrix.orgRedacted or Malformed Event
2 Mar 2020
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11 Mar 2020
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12 Mar 2020
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16 Mar 2020
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22 Mar 2020
In reply to @danielp3344:matrix.org
This seems to happen every time...
If you find out, please report back. I would be curious about this too
15:38:48@danielp3344:matrix.orgDaniel Peterson ssorbom: Maybe I'll try again now that I'm stuck at home...
15:46:25@aaron:aaronklemm.meaaronI’m expecting bread baking to have a real Renaissance right about now.
15:47:25@sscripko:matrix.orgsscripkopeople have been asking very basic questions in my cooking streams lately, it might be a few weeks until they get up to baking bread en masse

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