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20 Nov 2020
@uelen:riot.firechicken.netuelen changed their profile picture.08:17:34
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@sorunome:sorunome.deSorunome nom 16:32:53
@jomat:asra.gr𝚓𝚘pumpkin risotto16:33:23
@slavi:devture.comSlaviInteresting idea16:35:04
@Nebukadneza:ghostdub.deNebukadnezaand pinenuts in the salad …16:35:33
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@jcalonso:jcalonso.comjcalonso left the room.16:36:07
@jomat:asra.gr𝚓𝚘not peanuts, roasted sunflower and pumpkin seeds16:37:24
@Nebukadneza:ghostdub.deNebukadnezaah, i wrote pine (not pea) nuts … looks very similar when roasted, sorry16:38:01
@Nebukadneza:ghostdub.deNebukadnezapine seeds?16:38:06
@Nebukadneza:ghostdub.deNebukadnezawhats the right english term?16:38:14
@jomat:asra.gr𝚓𝚘ohh! i read peanut :-) sorry :-)16:38:18
@jomat:asra.gr𝚓𝚘and yes, there are indeed some pine seeds, too :-)16:39:15
In reply to @Nebukadneza:ghostdub.de
whats the right english term?
dunno, english isn't my mother tongue :-)
@jomat:asra.gr𝚓𝚘 lol, you have a .de tld, we also have a mostly german speaking #hunger:asra.gr , but it's about the pictures, isn't it? :-) if someone want's to join, a slight content warning: there are also carnivores in there 16:44:35
@Nebukadneza:ghostdub.deNebukadnezaeven more cooking channels? 😂16:46:22
@jomat:asra.gr𝚓𝚘yeah, we have dogs, art, food, plants, cats, nerds, movies, podcasts, lockdownraves and probably quite some other common stuff i forgot :-)16:50:04
@jomat:asra.gr𝚓𝚘(for example memes, comics, drugs…)16:50:48
@Nebukadneza:ghostdub.deNebukadnezaHuu OK - i think I'll stick with food for the time being17:01:30
22 Nov 2020
@kevin:kde.orgkevin joined the room.09:38:35
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@jomat:asra.gr𝚓𝚘risotto with roasted white mushrooms (champignons) and radiccio.16:48:51
@slavi:devture.comSlavinice! and what's the salad?16:58:28
@jomat:asra.gr𝚓𝚘the salad is gone. we call it "vogerlsalat", had to look up the translation: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Valerianella_locusta :-)17:34:47
@jomat:asra.gr𝚓𝚘with pumkinseed oil and lemon juice17:35:31
@gudishvibes:privacytools.ioMobile Desktop Shill changed their display name from Forkman to Mobile Desktop Shill.19:43:36
@CromFr:matrix.orgCromFr (Thibaut CHARLES)IMG_20201122_210708__01.jpg
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@CromFr:matrix.orgCromFr (Thibaut CHARLES)Juste cooked some chakchouka !20:13:07
@CromFr:matrix.orgCromFr (Thibaut CHARLES)(The spelling is probably different depending on your language)20:13:29

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